Portrait #10 – How to draw a portrait from a photo

We’re going to start marking where’s the top of the head and where’s the bottom of the head. Every drawing has a purpose. You may have it really low intentionally, but that’s making sure the point is what you want. For this purpose, I’m going to just put the top of the head there and I’m going to try to draw it like an egg shape. Somewhere over here. After you draw a shape, you have a better sense of whether or not you want to keep that small. If you think it’s too small,
you’ll feel free to make it bigger. Just very loose suggestions of how you divide the page. I’m happy with this. This is good. So this is the chin. And this is the top, and I can see the
hairline starting over here. From her hairline to the eyebrows, from the eyebrows to the nose, from the nose to the chin and just divide it into three equal spaces. So this is good. This is the hairline. I’m just going to put a quick mark and here. That’s good. Now I’ve just divided it into one, two, three. I can see that, actually, this is a little bit higher, and the forehead is a little bit shorter than this portion. Okay. The second thing we want to find out is the width of the face and whether or not it’s actually in the right proportion
with the height of the face. I’m going to measure the width of the face from here from the left to the right. Just a little bit more than three inches on the paper. And then I rotate it. Do you see that from here to the other end? It’s just at the top of the eyebrows. So, if you get the top of the eyebrows to the width of the face, and then the width of the face and the height of the face would be in
the correct proportions. And let’s take this. And mark it. And this is the width of the face. If I’m going to keep this to be the left, then the right will be right here. I’m going to come down from here. Now, I can start drawing the shape of the face. Like that. And the eyebrows here. I’m going to draw
the line. It looks like her face is tilted a little bit that way. The line that connects to the eyebrows is a little bit going up in that direction. The same is for the eye and
as well as the nose and the mouth. In the similar directions. Okay, and we
are going to do the eyebrows. It’s only the guidelines. You’re probably going to let it go after. And that’s the nose. So you want to really look at it. Should it be a little more higher or a little bit lower? And the upper lip is right here. We’re going to find out where the eye is. The eye is about here. I can see the eye is about here. Okay, about there. But what is the width? I’m going to take a look at the eye from this side to here and then the space between two eyes, and then there’s this eye on the right side. Looks like it’s here. Between the two eyes, the space is a little bit wider than one eye. And because this eye is closer to you and
this eye is a little bit further away from you then this eye is a little bit smaller than the other eye. They don’t always look the same size, okay? And it looks like I got it right. Okay, in
that case, I’m going to draw a little shape the shape of the eye
and draw the shape of the eye right here. Okay? And then I compare the space
between two eyes and the width of the nose and I can come down here, almost
like a vertical line coming down here that is the left side of the nose and on the
other side of the nose and from the corner coming down here, a little bit
wider than that corner. Now I know this is the nose. What about the corner of the
mouth? It’s a little bit wider than the nose. It’s right here, and on the other side, it’s
about here. And the next is pretty easy. Okay, let’s find the narrow triangle shape right here. Can you see a narrow triangle? And there is a shadow along the side here. I’m going to blend in the
value, and the shape over here on the chin is darker here. And there is a shape over here. And what about here? It has a shape over here. And there’s a shape over here. Do you see a shape over there? And have a little shape down here. And this should be going a little bit more
to the right before coming up. I’m going to use my hand or the blender to
blend it, and that’s pretty easy to do. Ran that a little bit. That’s a little bit too much, but anyway, the mouth here is a little bit darker. Just use my finger to blend the value in. And blend the value in here. That’s a little bit too much, and use my clean finger to push that out. And oh, don’t forget that. I just use my finger to blend that value in here. And I’m going to draw the eyebrows.
This one is a little softer. All I see are the value, and the shape, and the size of the shape, and the value of each area. And I’m going to just come in here and finish the eye. Shift that in, and this eye, oh no, a little
bit more, move this to the left. Going to blend in to there. Ooh, scary, no? You can finish the shape, and I can add a little suggestion to the other side of the eye. And that should be softer, so make it a little lighter right there. Okay, and then come here. Inside this big shape, there’s a little triangle over there. Let’s add it to it. So, one thing I want to emphasize here is: We’re always starting from big shape to smaller shape, not the other way around. And that’s why we are finding a little shape over here and then adding a little shape over there. And I’ll put that. See another shape over
here? We just add a little shape over there. And a little line here showing
she’s smiling. This side is a little bit darker than this side because it’s in the shadow side. And this has a little shape down here. A smaller shape and a dark shape. Remember, we’re not drawing a person. It sounds confusing, but we’re drawing shapes. And we’re drawing a shape on the paper and make the people think about a person. A little shape here, a little shape over here, and I’m going to use an eraser to take out some light shapes. So the eraser used for creating light shapes and I’ll go over here and take that out a little bit. That’s it. And the rest is easy peasy. Okay, what we’re going to do is draw the hair. Divide that. Ugh, I forgot the ear. I’ll have the ear starting from here because it’s a curved line coming around. That is the bottom of the ear. I will not be able to draw much of the ear because most of the space is already covered by the hair. And take a look at where the neck starts, okay? And I’m going to have this side a
sharper by creating a contrast. Maybe not so much. I want to break that shape, and I’m going to create another shape here. And then where does the shoulder start?
The shoulder starts from here and on the other side.


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