Preparation for spray painting house exterior.

In this video by ABN Painting we are working
on exterior of a house we pressure washed it a day before now we doing all masking and
some minor repairs. This is near the front entrance. We covered all objects that will not be painted
using a combination of paper and plastic. Brick pavers will be covered with tarps later
on when we are ready to spray paint this section. Using masking paper we masked off gutter. Usually we spray paint those but these gutters
are brand new and the customer asked us not to paint them so we are not going to be painting
gutters this time. We replaced weather strips around garage door
as the old ones were damaged. Masked off natural stone and covered the area
that we will be spray painting with tarps. On the side of the house we masked off electric
meter, gas meter, part of the block wall and using elastomeric patch we filled some of
the hairline cracks around windows. Usually frame around window is made of plastic
or metal and we mask that portion of the window on most of the houses. However on this house all the window frames
have been painted already, so we are going to mask just the glass portion of the window
and spray paint the rest. Near the foundation of the house we scraped
some of the paint that was loose and applied elastomeric patch to scraped areas. On the back patio where stucco meets the floor
we run 12 inch masking paper and covered the rest of the are with tarps. Using masking paper and green tape we covered
the shades. Our first choice usually to take them down
but this particular type would be a little hard to put them back on so masked them instead. We set our paint sprayer using a tarp so if
there is any drips or spills from the paint buckets the tarp would catch everything. We masked of the gutters that are on the back
of the house. One side of this house has fake grass and
we run 12 in masking paper along the edges of the grass and then we put tarps on top
to catch any potential over spray. We covered AC unit and we also masked off
part of the hose that goes from the ac. After we were finished with preparation work
we spray painted body of the house and after it had time to dry we used accent color for
front door. We used the accent color for all lights. Using a brush and a mini roller painted trim
fascia by hand.. And after we are done with clean up and touch
ups this is the look of the house.

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