Preval Sprayer And Jar System Duracoat

Hi guys, [inaudible 00:00:02] here, just wanted
to share with you guys a little project I’ve been working and something you guys might
be considering doing yourself but have been reluctant to try. What you’re gonna hear is my Mossberg shotgun,
which I’ve decided to spruce it up a little bit and give it a two-tone look, something
real simple, not changing the whole color of the gun. We’re just trying to spruce it up a little
bit and make it look a little nicer, get the look I was looking for. So I decided to just DuraCoat some items myself
and try it at home and see how it works. So I DuraCoated the forend and the stock. Not a real big project, but I think it makes
a dramatic look in the weapon on how it looks. It looks, I think, pretty nice. So when my gun’s sitting in rack with a whole
bunch of other guys, mine will stand out. Definitely makes it look a little more attractive. Not that really the plastic parts need any
protection, but I wanted to try out something to see how easy it is to apply this product
myself and to just do something to make my firearm look a little nicer. So I bought a DuraCoat kit. Actually, I bought a kit…a DuraCoat…four
ounce of DuraCoat and Magpul Flat Dark Earth with what you see here and it comes with necessary
hardener for the four ounces. Applying the DuraCoat was extremely easy. That part is extremely simple. All of the work is in the prep, pretty much
like anything. You’ve gotta get the part clean, degreased
and the surface needs to have a tooth. Best way to do that is to media blast. If you can’t media blast then you can mechanically
with sandpaper or Scotch-Brite, you can roughen the surface so the DuraCoat will adhere very
well to it. So the surface has to have a tooth, it has
to be very clean. Other than that, applying the product was
extremely simple. And what I used to apply the product, I wanted
to try the Preval Sprayer, which is a self-contained sprayer. It has a cylinder of propellant, it pretty
much works like a high quality automotive spray can. It comes with the propellant, it comes with
a glass jar, which has measurements in ounces and milliliters on it. Very nice jar. Comes with a pickup tube with a little strainer. Basically, insert the pickup tube into the
unit, put your product in the jar and basically screw it on. Actually rather simple. I just make it look difficult. Okay. And I was little concerned that this would
spray the DuraCoat and how would it look, so I purchased some DuraCoat reducer, which
they need their own special reducer if you need to thin it down, but this sprayed the
DuraCoat absolutely beautifully. Once I put the product in here, I basically
took a piece of cardboard, sprayed it on some cardboard to charge the system so it got all
the air out and to see what kinda pattern I had. And it sprayed fantastic, like a high quality,
you know, spray can. I was able to achieve either a wet or dry
look based on how fast I moved and how far away from the work I was spraying. Now this is vented, it does have vent so you
are limited how much you can turn this. You can only get maybe to a 45 degree angle. So when you set your work up to paint it,
make sure it’s in a location to where you can get to it without having to tilt this
radically, otherwise you will spill your product outta here and you may lose suction. So as long as your work is, you know, in a
situation where you don’t have to turn this radically, this thing worked fantastic. Extremely happy with it. I was real curious to see how this would work. I purchased two of these to try it out and
to have a spare one in case something malfunctioned. And this is basically a throwaway unit. It’s 12 bucks. Twelve bucks is what I paid for this from
Midway, USA. So this allows you to apply the DuraCoat without
having to thin it, without needing an air compressor, an airbrush, any kinda spray rig. This allowed me to apply the product and do
it in a very professional manner. So this Preval Sprayer for 12 bucks actually
worked fantastic. Like I said, the DuraCoat itself, I bought
a four ounce DuraCoat. It comes with the hardener. They recommend mixing the hardener to the
DuraCoat anywhere from a 12 to a 14 to 1 ratio, maybe 12 to 1 being ideal. Basically, I just used the whole product,
made it easy. There’s a metal ball in here. When you get your DuraCoat, shake it till
you hear the metal ball rattle and then shake it for an additional three minutes. And basically all I did was took my one container
of hardener which is enough for the four ounces. It’s a half ounce of hardener, so don’t have
to buy extra hardener. Plus the hardener only has a six month shelf
life, so don’t think you’re gonna stock up on this stuff. I recommend if you’re gonna do this, buy it
as needed, don’t stock it up because it will go bad on you. Once this was shook till I hear the ball,
shook additional 3 minutes, I poured the hardener into here, this container, and then shook
it for about 30 more seconds. And then I just poured that right into the
sprayer and then proceeded to apply the product right to the parts. Obviously, the firearm was completely disassembled
and the parts were hung up on wire so I had easy access to them. On this I did four coats because I really
wasn’t worried about any tight tolerances here and these are high-wear areas, so I wanted
to make sure I had a good amount of product on here so it will last quite a long time. So I put four coats on here. I did about five to seven minutes of time
between coats, let the solvent flash off, and it did four coats, and then let sit overnight,
and then I reassembled it. Obviously, the DuraCoat hardened with time. In two to three weeks it will actually get
to full hardness, so I was very careful putting it back together. If you don’t have put it together right away,
let it sit for a few days and then put her back together, and the chances of you screwing
it up are very minimal. And then within about two to three weeks,
it should be immune to most of your cleaning solvents and everything. It should be a pretty hard finish. So it will take a few weeks to get the full
hardness. But if you’ve been considering trying some
of this at home, on some small projects, but you don’t have a compressor, you don’t have
an airbrush, you don’t have a fancy paint spray rig, the little Preval Sprayer for the
DuraCoat, actually I can’t recommend it high enough. It worked fantastic. It laid down a beautiful smooth job. I don’t know if I can get this close enough
to the camera so you can see the finish on it. I laid it on kinda wet, so I wanted…I got
more of a satin type finish. But you can see here, this looks almost like
it came from the factory that way. I am extremely happy with the quality of the
finish. I got no runs, no grips, no errors. It was very simple, I laid the coats on, let
if flash, and then did another coat. Like I said, I did four coats on this because
there’s not real tight tolerances here, I didn’t worry about putting everything [SP]
back together. And this is real high-wear area here. I got high-wear here where my sling goes. Obviously, I’m gonna wait a little while to
put the sling on to give this more time to harden before I put the sling on it. But extremely happy with the DuraCoat product
and like I said, the Preval, I think that’s pronounced right, Preval Sprayer is a fantastic
little spray rig for 12 bucks. It’s basically an aerosol can that you control
whatever you want to put the contents in. And for DuraCoat, I gotta say it works fantastic. Fantastic results. I could not been happier. I don’t think it coulda applied it any better
than it did. So let me know what you think of the color
of my shotgun. And if you’ve been thinking about trying to
DuraCoat some small items like that, just remember, the prep is all the work, the spraying
was the easy part. And, you know, you gotta get a tooth on the
product, and if you’re able to media blast it, you’ll have fantastic results. So thanks for watching.

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  • David S.

    Looks nice! Would I need a separate unit for each color I’m using if let’s say I want to paint multicamo? Or can u clean and reuse same unit between colors? Also if I understood correct, that one unit was enough to do your gun in video? Tyvm sir


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