Prismacolor Colored Pencil Review

Marissa Reviews Prismacolor Pencils! I was given Prismacolor pencils for my birthday and have fallen in love with them. Here’s why… I’m showing the difference by comparing Prismacolor Pencils to Crayola Pencils. Here is the Prismacolor Pencil in PC 921 Vermillon Clair. This is the Crayola pencil in Orange. I’ll do a light stroke first, and then a hard stroke second using both pencils. It is very uneven and patchy. I’m pressing very hard and it still isn’t filled in all the way. Now for the Prismacolor Pencil. It goes on easily and smoothly. With very little pressure I get full coverage. This is Crayola in Golden Yellow. Inconsistent and patchy. This is Prismacolor in PC 915 Jaune Citron. Goes on smoothly and effortlessly. Why I picked such a light shade is beyond me. πŸ™‚ This is Crayola in Sky Blue. This one had more streaks and scratches in it…something Prismacolor doesn’t have. I had to press super hard! This is Prismacolor in PC 903 Bleu Franc. So easy! Now how about some mixing and coloring over top of one another. First, Prismacolor. These are hard colors to blend. Trust me. Even so, the line of where one color begins and the other ends disappears. Now Crayola. The line isn’t disappearing. How do they respond to being colored on top of each other? Prismacolor does it really well! Ok Crayola, let’s see what you got. Now that’s just sad. Ok, how about colored paper? Well, here’s black paper. Let’s see. Crayola. Prismacolor. Well, I think that’s pretty awesome! But what about the other colors? Crayola. Prismacolor. The Prismacolor Pencils just POP off the black paper leaving you with no end of possibilities. So, I think Prismacolor Colored Pencils have won this round. They are super smooth and easy to use. They may be a little more expensive, but are well worth the price. Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoyed it. Let me know if you get some. : )

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