Process when starting a new painting

hello hello hey hello hello! on this
video today I want to share with you a bit of what goes behind when I’m
starting a new piece, usually before starting in the actual paper that I’m
going to be painting I do a bunch of freeform work on my sketchbook this is
one of my favorite parts of my creative process as usually it’s very raw it’s
very free, I take my sketchbook with me wherever I’m going maybe nature maybe a friend’s house, maybe the train and just the fact that they´re tiny
sketchbooks it makes me feel free, makes me feel I can just play around. I
like to work on a few pages at the same time, I really like to try out different art
supplies, maybe something I have in my studio that I haven’t used for a while
or maybe I’ll hit the art supply store and grab something that I haven’t tried
before. these usually brings a lot of inspiration to me. I also like to work
with some texts: maybe the music that I’m hearing really inspires .e when I was
working on this few pages in my art studio I was listening to a song by DJ
Koze and Jose Gonzales called “music on my teeth” and in this case a phrase by
Alan Watts that was mentioned in this song was what really inspired me to work on
this blue background painting and what really detonated what would be my new
painting, usually I developed more around this painting. I may not put this on the actual painting, as this isn´t a sketch for it, but I just
start doing a bunch of different work around how I’m feeling, how this is
making me feel, like the energy that I want to bring around this piece. sometimes I also play with my
magnifying glasses to see my paintings from another perspective to maybe slow
down a little this process, to always remember to enjoy the process and not
only think about how the painting will look at the end. this is the part where the pallet that
I’m going to work with kind of develops. I develop the vibe that I’m
feeling around this painting and you know, sometimes things might
change when I’m working on the actual piece but I feel these little ones are
also paintings and pieces that are finished by themselves. When I’m painting
I’m also imagining how this painting moves. they’re always
moving, they’re always dancing, they’re always creating themselves so I’ve
started to do some digital animation around my paintings too, just to give the
observer kind of the idea or the feeling that I get when I’m painting them. every single dot is a whole universe,
it’s a whole planet in itself but then looking from far away it’s also just a
tiny little dot, just a little atom, and I can’t get enough of sharing this
with you guys, I feel it’s so mesmerizing all the energy and all the information
that is required in order to create everything around us and within us if you’re creating something I hope that
you never forget the importance of the process, the importance of having fun and the importance of doing things that resonate with your heart thank you so much for watching and I’ll
see you on my next video, bye



    Te admiro mucho, saludos desde Colombia.

  • A tal Íris


  • HowAboutLife

    So wonderful 🙂

  • Drea Duque

    Hay algo en tus pinturas y tú arte que es único y especial. Supongo que es esa conexión que siento que tienes con la naturaleza 🙂 un abrazo desde Ecuador ?

  • Siobhan Smith

    Caro thank you so much for sharing! So inspiring to me! ♡

  • Nina Namaste

    I love the color palette if you sketchbook! Did you use gouache or acrylic paints?

  • Isabel Peláez

    Me inspira mucho verte trabajar!! Me encantan tus letras de molde.

  • Bam Boo

    Your channel is a joy. Thank you!

  • Karine S

    Your internal world gives me such inspiration, that I started to doodle and express my feelings and thoughts through art. Thanks so much for these beautiful videos.
    It would be cool if you give us a tour of what paintings and brushes, and other art supplies you use. Blessings ✨?✨

  • Catherine Lamb

    Thank you for sharing your process! I've wondered how you create your art. Please do more of these, they are inspiring and we get a little more insight into your art process and who you are. I've been a fan of yours since the beginning. Your videos have really evolved to show your incredible artistic depth.

  • Michele Pastele

    When viewing your art, I feel like I've entered into another dimension/reality that I really find refreshing, like a vacation. This is hard to explain, but I find your work extraordinary.
    I tried signing up for your skill share discount a day or two after you showed it, but
    it wouldn't let me do it and said it was 'expired.'

  • AltHairedStudios

    Lovely video! Really enjoyed seeing you create & your beautiful pieces!!!

  • Kim Davis

    May I ask, please, what brand of gold paint do you use? ??

  • Moshe Finkelstein

    José Gonzales is a swedish too. I lived 7 years in the same town as him, I saw him few times. But beware of Greta Thunberg, she’s a dangerous hitman, able to do the beheading. George soros pay her for propaganda purpose.

  • Melissa Hancock

    What specific tools are you using with the goache? Like specific brushes, dotting instruments, etc…

  • A Hood

    Did you design your own hand tattoo? It’s so pretty!

  • Mollie

    Thank you for this ! You have inspired me to take things less seriously when pen hits paper and just let things flow, and to get myself into that state of mind by discovering rather than diving straight in! Xxxx

  • Causeitsallthisgood

    Loved this! Thank you for sharing your process ✨

  • Lea Christin

    you have NO IDEA how inspiring it is for me to watch this!!! I want to make art all the time..but there is so much resistance within.. I always find explanations why to not start NOW.. any tips? <3

  • ed hr

    That's what I need to work on, focus more on the process rather then the end result, great video !

  • Rishipriya Acharya

    This was so weirdly beautiful & peaceful to watch! I love things tht are different ♥️ Keep Creating!

  • Cecile Gorski


  • Lucy Martinez

    I love this! This is awesome, you are awesome 🙂


    ¿Como puedo ser más creativa? Aún no encuentro esa chispa ?

  • • Sofia •

    Amazing! ??♥️

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    "Soy el mar" . . . me encanta ??

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    Hello by Erykah Badu! ? hehe! You're adorbz! Thank you for this lovely video!

  • Maurice Powers

    I love everything about your video your art, the Alan Watts, the magnifying glasses and the animation. I don't know how I found you I thank YouTube sent your channel to me but I'm an artist and I certainly will be subscribing…. thank you so much!!?

  • Davinia

    You are so inspiring! You make me feel peaceful. The tone of your voice is so comforting

  • Javi H

    Tu arte es hermoso ? También me encuentro pensando de que el proceso es más importante de que el resultado y que lo disfruto más que ver un dibujo completo.

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    Love this video. You are amazing ????

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    Hola Caro. The digital growth is beautiful. Everything is alive and breathing, including our art. Xox

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    Would be nice to watch you draw/paint a big wall mural ???

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    I love it love it love it. Amo tu arte y amo que uses la misma canción que use en uno de mis videos! ??

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    So beautiful 🙂 I feel the same way creating!

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    This is the first video of yours I've watched. I'm in tears.. So moved in so many ways. Thank you so much ???

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    Loved this video! So inspiring! ? Thank you!

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    Thank you so much for making this video. I really needed it today. I was feeling bad focusing too much on the outside and forgetting what is important. Please continue to make more videos. Con mucho amor

  • Hanneke Teunissen

    Interesting – decatenated (unchained) = unleashed!

  • 鄭宇倫

    I have a question for you.
    Can you tell me what kind of chair do you use? The back of the chair seems to design in the front of the chair. It’s seems cozy while doing works at the table. Where can I buy that kind of chair ?

  • Alejandra Arroyo Luza

    Gracias por compartir tu sentir en la composición y recordarnos lo importante que es la experimentación como proceso❤ Más videos así! Me encanta un abrazo enorme Bella!?

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