Professional Artist Tries 90s Rainbow Art Sponge Toy

This video is sponsored by Squarespace you need a domain website or online store make it with Squarespace. Hello Echo just in case you’re new here So a few months ago a youtuber that I watched called MEC does it bought a bunch of those? ridiculous Rainbow paint set things from the 90s I have so many vivid memories of watching the stupid commercial with the rainbow paint set and I wanted one But I was a poor child and my mother did not trust infomercials But now I’m an adult and I can do what I want I have my own money turns out they just sell them on Amazon open this freakin box I know that things are never as good as they look in the commercials But when Mac was painting with this he looked real bad, but he does comedy not art So I want to know what this can do in the hands of someone who has like a handful of skill in the art department So we’re gonna make some rainbow art. I’m very excited about this. Okay, so these came out in May of 2000 So this wasn’t the 90s. This was like the beginning of the 2000s This is a product that binds the 90s kids to the 2000s kids. Here we go Okay, so here is the fancy box lets have a look and see whats inside *box rufflings* Pretty kid-friendly, whoo. There’s the brushes All right how to use the rainbow art Wesson this ones with room temperature water Both sides of the sponge can be used dampen the brush on the wet sponge apply the colors by rubbing the brush back and forth Blocks at a 45 degree angle be sure that you have enough color on the brush surface About rainbow art this excellent tool teaches young children early Strategies of color and design as well as making everyone an artist. That’s a bold claim patented in the United States in 1994 rainbow art is the only product where you can simultaneously Pick up several colors on one brush without mixing. The colors rainbow art is non-toxic fast drying and completely water-soluble So it is a watercolor. Okay, cool wheres my water let’s Does this come out ? oh it just comes out nice. Okay, cool. Let’s start here if you like. The sponge isn’t actually absorbing any of the water I’m also going to actually be using a watercolor paper because I have it and hopefully that will make this come out. Okay? All right I guess it looks like four, so they’re kind of having you do it like halfway. Let’s try that I don’t do these four because these ones look like the strongest I’m really mixing it in there. Okay? Ready Oh That’s nice not as vibrant as I would like it to be but still not bad So I just want to do like a circle like they do. Oh, you definitely have to refresh your paint between Strokes, that’s kind of cool though Really is just watercolor though Honestly, it kind of sucks that it’s patented cuz I really want like a professional watercolor company to do this Although they give you a lot of watercolor. How much painting do they think I’m going to do? Fancy It is kind of fun I don’t why I’m doing so many watercolors recently, let’s just do two colors. I Feel like the trick is that you really really have to mix the water in the Red is taking over the yellow. This is a problem Honestly, I’m kind of having fun with this I don’t even know what I’m doing This watercolor is surprisingly Hardy like it’s turning into some really intense paint Some colors are the biased leg Set close enough to the oh it’s upside down. Oops. They’re about that. I mean, that’s so close. I Feel like this is only good for like super abstract stuff Okay, there’s one so I going to see if i can blend his out Kind of the trans flag now, I want to break it. This isn’t really a ring Now it’s pride colors Yeah Sherbert I’m having a lot of fun with this. I underestimated this product. Okay. Where is Noah? Let’s see how it handles with washi tape That’s probably good the colors in it’s alright I’m trying to make this as vivid as it’s possible Look at that. Okay. I have one more sheet of Okay, I think that one accidentally mixed that it’s okay That is really cool that was surprisingly therapeutic Not as much of a waste of money as I thought it was gonna be the Internet art community could do So much with this, why do we not all have rainbow arts sponges? I used up two rolls of washi tape playing with this I think the conclusion of this video is that we should all buy rainbow art sponges and also check out square space square space has An all-in-one platform where you can create beautiful websites without having to install patch or upgrade anything Ever if you’re not a professional web designer, or you don’t know how to code Squarespace is great because they have a wide variety of templates you can start with and they’re continually updating their templates on offer and they Have an online store system so that you can manage your products orders and inventory more easily Which can be really great If you want to have an independent website for your Commission’s I wanted to make a website example for this video But I was really busy. 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