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Welcome to Astronomy: State of the Art.
This is a course about the state of the art in astronomy, and what we’re learning
about the universe. My name’s Chris Impey. I’m a professor of astronomy at the
University of Arizona. I got my graduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, which is where I’m from, and I’ve been at the University of
Arizona for twenty seven years, enjoying the clear skies and large telescopes we have. This course will tell you what’s going
on in the world of astronomy, from planets to cosmology. It’s intended for people who don’t have
a background in astronomy, but have always been interested in those discoveries that you read
about online and in the news, virtually every day. Over a series of seven weeks, we’ll travel
through the universe learning about what large telescopes are
being produced. We’ll explore the solar system, prospects of life on mars and
even in the outer solar system. We’ll learn about the world of exoplanets, where there are now more than three
thousand worlds beyond the solar system, some of which may be habitable. We’ll also discover stars, and what we’re
learning about the new and exotic collapsed late stages of stellar evolution. In the realm of galaxies we’ll learn about
efforts to find the first light in the universe—within half a billion years of the
big bang, and current efforts to understand dark matter and dark energy Finally we’ll look at life in the universe. With a backdrop of many habitable exoplanets, what are the
prospects that we’re alone in the universe? Join us on this exciting journey as we explore Astronomy: State of the Art

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