Prototyping Motion and Material Design – Designer vs. Developer #23


  • Mustafa Kurtuldu

    Special thanks to Nick Butcher for appearing in this episode. IF you have any questions or comments, please feel free to add 🙂

  • Paul Newton

    Too much high level theory with jargon that's mainly accessible to people that already know most those things. So about prototyping motion…how? what tools? what's the workflow like? Daily struggles? Do you just code everything in a big syntax timesink? Use something like flash to make animation in a proprietary format but export to code/gif/video? How do you test something so visual for consistency? Does the designer know enough code to get it into whatever is the flavor of the month framework or is the dev teams problem?

  • David Vieira

    Best episode so far!

  • Henry Postulart

    Over the decades of the web, designers and developers have struggled through the evolution of various details of their respective crafts. From typography through image formats and palette specifications there’s been a growing synchrony of objectives, understandings and tool development. Motion, it seems to an old veteran like me, is just another stage in the ongoing process of understanding and mastering our crafts to better serve both our users and our employers. Nothing new here, just more ways to do our jobs more effectively.

  • Smith Shelke

    This is so true! When spent so much time developing a transition in code, I don't feel like throwing it away, even though the transition doesn't make much sense.


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