Rabbit Sculpture : Making a Rabbit Sculpture Head

O.k. so let’s see how we do that, we take
a piece of that slab that it was here. The same kind of thickness little bit thicker
here but doesn’t matter. Let’s see how we do that, get a piece off like that and try
to wrap this up, like this. In order to make it like, I can see it totally empty but like
hole. Later we will connect this hole to that hole and then it’s going to, the air, is going
to pass through, that’s right wording. We want to fire this piece, then we are going
to put this thing on there. Sometimes it’s better to squeeze the clay
from the main mass of clay then adding the clay. If you add the clay the clay, become
weak in the join or union parts. If you just try to pull the clay out from the main part
of the body, it’s going to to be much more stronger and have better support. In fact,
the handles of the jars some they do separately but not really. Some of the ones they do it
just let them just flow because then the clay, the structure of the clay is getting in the
way of the molecules of the clay they are much more stronger. That’s what I am trying
to do and try to explain you here. Now we are going to try to make like bunny look-alike


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