Rainworks – Rain-Activated Art

Woo! My name is Peregrine Church I make things that make the world a
more interesting place Like a rainwork. Rainworks are pieces of street art that only
appear when they’re wet and they’re messages or images designed
to make people’s rainy day a little bit better. Seattle is associated with rain it’s fair to say and rainworks all it needs to be is
wet so it’s sort of the ideal Seattle art. So the stuff that makes rainworks is
biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and completely non-toxic. The essential
ingredient when making rainworks is a super hydrophobic coating. Ok let’s see how it works on the “NeverWetted” pants and shirt. So you want me to start on the shirt, alright? [Peregrine] That is a chemical that when you put it on a surface will prevent that surface from getting wet What! Woah! What! [Peregrine] I was just browsing the internet one day and stumbled across a viral video, and the video showed these really vivid images of red wine pouring
off a white shirt and chocolate syrup pouring off white shoes and people getting buckets of water thrown on them and they’re like totally fine and I’m like “woah, that’s super cool!” What can I do with this? [Peregrine] It’s a spray-on substance so it made sense What if you sprayed it through a stencil? So if you put it on concrete well ideally it’d be
invisible instead of the concrete getting dark the water would just roll right off it And it will stay light-colored. The contrast can be used to create an
image [Peregrine] The very first one I did said “Stay Dry Out There” and had a bunch a rain drops falling on it. It was on a bus stop. And now there’s about 25 to 30 rainworks out there There’s a lily pad and pond with frogs hopping between them in Ballard There’s “I Heart Rain” in UW At 4th & Bell it says “Worry is a Misuse of the Imagination” There’s “Today’s Weather: Rain” in Fremont There’s “Proud To Be Rainy” in Capitol Hill There’s hopscotch at the junction in West Seattle And we want to make way more. I mean it’s gonna rain no matter what so
why not do something cool with it!

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