Rat Rod Satin Black Paint from Eastwood

Rat Rod Black Paint Some projects with its car, motorcycle, or
truck deserve a smooth Satin Black Finch. Is that what your project needs, we will check
out East Woods Rat Rod Satin Black. This activated single step acrylic urethane is a better choice
in leaving in primer or using rattle cans. It features exceptional long term durability
with UV and chemical resistance as well as resistance to scratching and marring for normal
wear. Simply mixed with activator and no further reduction is required. It goes on smooth and
provides complete coverage in two coats. Is it eastwood.com for all the paints and products
you need to do the job right.


  • Eastwood Company

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  • lucus1959

    I was into this before it was cool. I called it Velvet black!

  • MisterFuturtastic

    do you have any other colors for this paint?

  • Eastwood Company

    Are YOU an Eastwood Guy?  Check out this video from Eastwood to find out:  Funny & Romantic Dinner for Two – Are You An Eastwood Guy?

  • Chris Billington Hughes

    Do you have a distributor for this product in the UK?

  • Rompe Todo

    I ordered this last night#21857 satin black with hardener, Do you guys have a video of best way to spray on this paint??
    Iv'ed watch most of all your videos from dents to applying body filler to sanding down and painting, never done this before but I'm refurbishing a 2003 dodge dakota quad cab
    for my daughter with mud tires to customs headlights(angel eyes) off road bumpers but only a body lift not suspension. I wanna say that satin black with a little detail of glossy pink is gonna look sick(At least in my vision) PLEASE!!! let me know I would like to see a video from you experts before I start this project. Oo let me not forget to mention I will be using Harbor Freight spray gun, I know thats what you guys don't want to hear but this is a one time project what ever is left over for paint ill be using it for my 14ft jon-boat converted to a bass boat With that being said I going to see if you have EASTWOOD logos to advertise for you guys….
    Thanks For Your Videos There Are Great And Very Very Helpful, Oo please let me know if theres a video of the best way to spray this paint on.(satin black)


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