Realistic Drawing – MIA Shelter Dog

She is MIA, a 50 Kg shelter dog. According to her photographer, Emma O Brien, she is a lap dog. Get more info about her by following a link inside description area. Next video, I am going to test my luck by posting a speed or realistic drawing video inspired by one of main character of Netflix series “Stranger things”. Keep this channel in your subscription tab if my action plan steals your interest and see you again soon. Enjoy This video


  • Vilma Terra


  • Trinie L

    #1 dog

  • Chris Ri Art

    Beautiful dog drawing !!! Cute one

  • Karen Freedman

    Love! Love! Love this!!❤️❤️❤️

  • anna gaines

    WOW!! have wanted to draw all my life, i am 73, but look at Grandma Moses, wasnt she in her 80's,,, I have the book on drawling on the right side of the brain so it can be taught, they teach it at the university in columbus ohio i always thought you had to be born with this talent so i never knew, ones that can draw cant understand why others cant, at least that is what i've been told, but I'm still trying, wish i could sit down and draw like you, this is a wonderful gift you have,,thank you i will keep on watching and trying to learn thanks for sharing, looks so easy


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