Realistic Flying Monkey Sculpture!

hey everybody norm here at once their
Clues a 20-19 always once stop by Pat McGee’s booth Pat how you doing great
great you got some new stuff this year this I think is one of the most striking
things it’s flying monkey tell me about the making of this well flying monkey
kind of evolved from I do a little line of small little collectible heads and I
had this monkey head when I sculpted it a couple years ago it was high the
intention of putting a body on it so I only really saw the heads I always
wanted a flying monkey I love The Wizard of Oz I love flying monkeys so this year
I finally had the time to kind of piece this thing together but with their tiny
heads what’s so cool is that they you have a lot of hair on them yeah you
really go all out with making the hair kind of creepy and glory in the way
they’re attached is it’s a fun store as a glue no it’s all glued and it’s like a
fur transfer and yeah that’s kind of the one thing we do that mass-production
can’t do is although they’ll find hair work and that gives me a little
advantage and I love hairy free fuzzy stuff and you know and just what’s all
over this guy exactly and then to adding a body of this because so much of it is
hair how much are you sculpting versus how much you know you’re not just the
hands and the feet i sculpted special for this and then the bodies just all
formed you know I’m recovering in with hair so it’s just got a little bit of a
little bit of detail and some paint that you can see underneath some of the fur
but you’re painting the fur as well yeah then we’ll paint the first so there’s
like a white fur on the belly especially dyed blue fur on top and
there’s a little brown in the back and then we’re airbrushing it to kind of
blend them all so they kind of feel natural together and then real taxidermy
wings that’s so cool and also looks like almost styled in this certain way yeah
it’s very spicy a little mohawk and little yeah give a little character when
you add firts is it a standard fur that you use or so it’s a like moe hairs and
it’s all synthetic hairs for the most part and they come in patches that you
can cut outcomes like fabric yeah ok so there’s a process where we go transfer
it on and put glue and then stick it on and cut it and style it and paint it it
really accentuates the traditional sculpting you do on the faces
yeah that’s yes the element with the hair is you’re essentially sculpting
with the hair so when you stick the hair on it’s not done now you got to kind of
move it around and you think of it as a sculpture in its own and totally some
other display pieces you have here so another yeah another new one is we
have this oversized skull I have it in a translucent resin where we have a light
you can see in here and it can put different colors into it with
translucent teeth just to give it like a stylized effect on a base kind of like
an art piece and then I have another style same same sculpture but just a
traditional look at a bone colored skull as well I just thought to be something
different you know SIA oversized go like this so tell me about the making of this
is this so this this is actually started as a small skull that was scanned and
then digitally printed to this size and then once we had the print in foam we
came in and put the surface detail all over the top of it traditionally with
clay and then did the traditional molds from there and then Adam cast is it one
giant mole there was a multiple pieces a jar it will detach all the teeth are
separate molds and then the head is like a on this is a four-piece mold so that’s
a even of this yeah that’s a really big piece Wow
and it allows you then to cast it in different materials for translucency and
opaqueness and in color right yeah and it just allows for ease come open it and
take it apart is that something you’re doing a little more of now taking
digital pieces and augmenting with your traditional lately lately yeah I need to
do more of it but this is the first of a few absolutely seems like it’s the
future but especially when we’re you’re blowing something up bigger and bigger
and bigger yeah it really helps with control
that absolutely one thing that we always loves it you trust your kids up every
year EOS tomb and he teases what you will be doing this year what you end up
doing last year for a son was oh yeah last year actually last year they were
these kind of creepy scarecrow guys and I was here before that they were minions
this year they’re mostly gonna be in charge of their own costumes now they’re
getting a little older so I’ve seen some of their drawings but I don’t want to
reveal anything yes we’ll have to catch up with you outside a monster please – a
commonality awesome it’s great chat with you back there

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