Recensione Impastatrice Kenwood XL Titanium KVL8300 KVL8320S – Test e Primo Impasto Pizza Napoletana

Hi guys and welcome back to my
channel! In this video I’ll show you my new stand mixer: a Kenwood XL Titanium! But
before starting, Remember to subscribe my channel
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and leave a comment When my 9 years old Kenwood Prospero
got broken while it was kneading by making my kitchen smelling
like some burned plastic My desperation become
unamanageable, as I had to finish my dough and start to
think how to replace my beloved Kenwood as soon as possible
I definitely needed a stand mixer good enough to manage my pizza dough
and my wife’s cakes. After few days spent on Amazon to look for the best mixer
between a KitchenAid and a Kenwood
the last one won the battle for its specifications: 6.7 litres bowl
1700 watts powered electronic controlled speed
back-lighted panel and Thermoresistent glass made mixer cup
Bargain or disappointment? Once I opened the 18 kilos box I soon found a small
bag with some manuals and a couple of tools: a small wrench
and a silicon spatula The manual recommended to sign-in
to Kenwood website, in order to be entitled to get access to some exclusive tutorials
and to claim a recipes book. Then I found something else
something that suprised me: the K beater and the kneading hook
Differently from the old Prospero, those hooks are stainless steel made
very heavy and big! In that moment, I realised the difference
between a regular mixer and one with a 6,7 litres bowl! Then I found
a rotating spatula, a rubber-made Whisk and the super-heavy glass-made mixer cup
While I was unpacking the mixer I was wondering where the regular whisk was
and I found it already plugged and ready to be used.
So, the mixer weight is about 10 kilos and compared to the old one
I had soon the feeling that was a way more solid product, something
on another level The old mixer was plastic-made
this one, instead is pure metal which guarantees more stability while
using it. From an aesthetic point of view, I’d say
it is very similar to the majority of the Kenwood mixers but differently from them
it comes with a button which turns on/off the light on
the bowl. The plugs for the optional accessories, are in the usual
positions, but unfortunately they aren’t same as Prospero, then I couldn’t use the
old accessories with the new XL Titanium mixer.
The speed knob shows different levels of speed. “Slow Start”
and range between 1 and 6 and finally “Max”. There also is a “Rapid
Speed” mode which you can use by rotating the knob anticlockwise.
The manual recommends to use the minimum and “1” speed in case of pizza dough making
and not to exceed, as the other speeds should be used for other categories of dough (something
lighter) for sure not pizzas! The lever
on the back of the mixer allows you to open the top area of the mixer in
order to remove hooks and bowl very easily. Back to the whisk
I got the same impression of the K-beater and the hook: solid, heavy and huge
The bowl as well gave me the same impression, and in general the full
mixer looks like a top class product but obviously
not comparable to the professional ones but anyway helpful at home
but even in the context of a small cake business
as it works very well for cakes, cookies and cupcakes
— I bet you are curious to see
how the mixer works… but before that I’d like to ask you to support me: thumbs up
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Subscribe my channel and tap the bell not to miss my next
videos and finally, remember that I’m on Instagram as @gigiopizza and on
Facebook as Impasto in fuga (“Runaway dough”) So, I decided to test
my mixer with one of my “famous” dough: 65% hydration
20 hours fermentation 1076g of flour, 700g of
water, 35g of salt, 48g of sourdough and 10g of soia
oil. I initially used the the k-beater which I replaced later with
the regular hook. I got really impressed by the mechanism
to plug and fix the hooks – a system which improves the stability
the manual advices to start by adding water and then adding
some flour which actually is my technique as per my recipes. Conscious of the
mixer power, I added cold tap water, 19-20°C temperature
to prevent the dough to heat during the kneading process
then I… tried to add some sourdough starter which I sticked everywhere
and finally I turned the mixer on, minimum speed. Remember you need to click the
on/off button first, otherwise the mixer won’t start working. Please note the
light which is brightening the bowl it looks like a visual special effect!
Then, after few seconds, the sourdoug was already melted and so
hI started adding some flour. In order to show you every detail
of the mixer, I removed the bowl cover which comes with a “door”
to be used to add the ingredients. I added half bowl of flour
in a “rainy way” and at this point I got suprised for the second time. In few seconds
the flour was fully melted and creamy, ready for the salt
in my previous video-recipes, I showed to let the mixer going for 6 minutes
to give the time to well melt the flour! Then I addes the salt
and in one minute I added the rest of the flour. When the dough looked
consistent enough, I finally add some oil. At that point, I had to swap the hooks
and I found that a bit difficult, as the dough was too heavy and didn’t allow
to open the mixer to safely remove the hook. But thanks to a spatula I removed the dough from the k-beater
so I replaced it with the kneading hook and I continued to knead. I was a bit nervous
about the final result as I wanted to understand if it was necessary
to continue by handp for a long time as I used to to with Prospero
After 5 minutes, the dough looked like this and honestly, it didn’t
look encouraging… So I kept going for extra 5 minutes and
once the dough started twisting around the hook, I realised it was done and ready to be
turned into a ball My question was: should I hardly knead by hand
like in the past? Let’s see how it went The dough in the bowl wasn’t
smooth enough. I moved it on the table and after only
1 minute of kneading by hand, the dough looked consistent
but not smooth as I like. [Music]
I let it rest covered with a humid shred for about 15 minutes
and not the usual 20 minutes and this is the result… I cut it to see how the inside looked like and
effectively there were a lot of holes which always is a good sign that happens
after a vigorous hand-kneading which didn’t happen this time!
The mixer did it! I closed the dough and let it rest for extra
5 minutes – 20 minutes in total then I made 7 dough
balls, 260g each. [Music]
After 20 hours fermentation, the balls were ready to become pizzas
I know you are curious to see the results: these are few pizzas cooked in my Ardore oven
the balls were sufficiently elastic and I could stretch them with no effort. No issues, no breaks and
the crust looked very big and full of holes even thought I decided to stretch it like
Pizzeria Michele – pizzas bigger than their plate “carriage wheel” style
Finally, I’d say I’m very happy about my new mixer
even thought I’d wait to make more dough in the next weeks, possibly smaller batches
In the meantime I can confirm that the stand mixer worked very
well even to make cakes and cupcakes. Speaking of which, let
me know if you’d be interested to see the mixer working for desserts
or even recipes of cakes by leaving a comment.
Anyway, as I the old mixer was totally different, I will have to review the
dough kneading timing, according to the new power and range of speed.
My opinion is pretty positive it’s clear that the Kenwood XL is a
high-end product… Aesthetically speaking I preferred KitchenAid but
I got more accessories and better performance by paying same as for a KitchenAid
As instance more accessories and the 6,7 litres bowl made the difference
Am I happy about it? Yes I’m. Do I suggest to buy? Yes I do but only if you want to make cakes as well. If
you are looking for a mixer for pizza/bread dough only you should aim diffent mixers
more expensive because very similar to the professional mixers
used in pizzerias. So guys thumbs up if you liked my video
otherwise [buzz noise] leave a comment to let me know what you
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every secret for a perfect home-made Neapolitan pizza. I’m on Instagram as
@gigiopizza and on Facebook as Impasto in fuga (“Runaway Dough”)
It’s time to go as I have to knead for my next videos. See you next time!


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