Recycling | Baroness von Sketch Show

Okay, what do we got here? Garbage, garbage,
recycling, recycling. Keep tidy, help the planet, ooh. Woman:
Oh excuse me, you can’t recycle
coffee cups. But it’s paper. Yeah they break the
machines or something. Oh. Sorry planet. Oh well. (lively instrumental) Okay, cup in the garbage. Lid in recycling. You are welcome planet. Um, you can’t actually
recycle black plastics. Oh but it had the little
recycle symbol on it. Yeah, apparently it
breaks the machines. Sooo? Sooo do you want to
break the machine? No. My bare hand?
-Yeah. Think of the animals. Woman:
Oh god. Oh- You ever seen Planet Earth? This is what it’s
all about, okay. Oh god. I got it.
I got it. Yeah, bring it on up,
bring it on up.
(woman grunting) Are you happy? So happy. Have a great day, cheers. Great day. Ah, I’ve got to sterilize
my whole body, ugh. (cracking) People of the street, I am going to put
my coffee cup, which is non-recyclable, even though it’s
made of paper in the garbage, and my lid, my red plastic lid
in the recycling, and I hope that that
is acceptable to all, speak now or forever
hold your peace! Garbage, oh god. Recycling. Oh my god, wasps! I’m allergic. No, really planet? Really? Ow, I just wanted to recycle. I just wanted- Man:
Ah, no, man, look at this it’s
going to break the machine. God, when are people going
to learn how to recycle? She clearly belongs
in organics. Ah man.

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