Red Line EZ 100 Powder Coating Gun Review

– All right, today
we’re gonna be reviewing the Red Line EZ 100 Powder Coating Gun. There’s a Red Line EZ 50 as well, and the primary difference between the two is this is a full 100 kV capable. So when you jump up to
even a higher-end equipment like the Wagner Sprint
unit, they have 100 KVs, but they also have
independent control of kVs and micro amps. This unit allows you control only kV, but the extra power, the higher kV setting is particularly important if you’re gonna be doing multiple coats, and don’t wanna run into the
issues of back ionization. That occurs because as you dry,
apply, each subsequent coat you should be able to reduce the kV, or you should reduce kV, and that helps to deal with
back ionization issues. So the 100 kV unit here, the Red Line EZ 100, over the 50, will allow you to apply multiple coats a little more effectively. Plus the 100 KVs will
allow for better wrap, so that helps keep your transfer
efficiency a little higher. It’ll keep your powder waste down. The gun is a little more expensive. It’s about $599.00, versus the $374.00 for the EZ 50. It’s also a gravity feed, as you see. It does have controls for
air-to-powder ratio mix, and then it has your
kV setting on the back. It does come with a power
adapter for the U.S., and then it’s also capable
of overseas standards. You get a few nozzles in the bag for a variety spray pattern types, depending on what you’re doing. So it’s comes relative… ready to spray about any size pattern and shape that you would need it to. And the extra cup’s a nice feature. But the cups can be purchased anyway for either gun. We’ll go ahead and show you how it performs. All right, so I’m gonna use the gun on a full 100 kVs. This is your kV adjustment, this is your air-to-powder mix adjustment. We’ll go with full kV
so you can see the wrap. To compare the two you can watch the EZ 50 video, and just see the
difference between the two. (clicks and whirs) So you can see I’m hardly
getting any overspray. That’s because of the
high wrap this gun offers. (clicks and whirs) The adjustment seems a little more, I like the gravity feed, it tends to be a little
easier to adjust I think. (clicks and whirs) And so, you can see at 100 kVs you get very good wrap. We got hardly any waste. And then in corners where there’s faraday, you could drop kV, and get in there appropriately. So, the gun’s pretty versatile, and does a good job for a price point that’s
slightly above the EZ 50, but is a step below some of your other higher,
more expensive units, Wagners, or Dima units, things like that. So it’s a great option for a higher wrap, a little more versatility with multi-coat then a 50 kV powder-coating gun, but still at a price that
won’t break the bank. So that’s the Red Line EZ 100. If you have any questions, you can leave them in the comments below. This is available on our online store.

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