Red Line EZ 50 Powder Coating Gun Review and Demo

All right, we get requests to review the red line EZ50 powder coating gun, this is one of two red line guns. You have the EZ50 and the EZ100. The main difference between
them is the kV output, that the unit delivers. The 100 gives you 100kV
and this gives you 50. kV or Kilovolts is what allows
product to wrap to a surface so with the higher kV unit,
you’re going to get better wrap, which translates into less powder waste. This unit, is a little more
cheap than the other one, as far as price. It’s $375
or the other one is $600. Again the wrap can help
you with material savings, you will see it as we spray here, that some of that over spray, that you might get with this unit, would be reduced with the kV100. We’ll go ahead and show it to you. What you get with it, you
get one cup in this unit, the 100 comes with two. It does have a powder
to air mix controller and then it does have kV adjustment here, obviously the higher the
kV, the better the wrap, so you do want to tend
to leave that up high. It comes with a couple of
different nozzle types, that you can use. It’s
not a very buildable gun, so once you do run into
issues with the unit, its pretty while considered
to be done at that point. That’s the main difference, between this and a very expensive unit, like for the Wagner Unit that we carry. Those are roughly $4250
but they’re re-buildable, from the electric cascade
to the tips and nozzles, everything in there is replaceable. There’s a lot more limitations
on replacement parts, but for smaller use application, for occasional powder coating,
even a small job shop, this gun gives you a fair
amount of control of the spray and the application of
powder and its priced well. The cups are nice,
especially for smaller runs, that will let you quickly
change out between your powders, with minimal effort and you can get a multitude
of these cups for $7, so that will let you
change colors quickly. So, you do have to plug it into the wall, there’s a special adaptor
for the United States and then on the air line, you have to have one
inch to a quarter inch, which is a standard U.S. air connection, if you’re using this United
States to adapt it to the gun. So that’s a one eighth inch fitting, but once you’re there, then you can go ahead and use the unit. It does have these electric plates, you want to keep your hand
bare to help you stay grounded. You also want to make sure
your shoes are conductive, to allow you to ground to the ground and then connect the actual unit, back by the wall to a grounding source, as there is a grounding cable provided we’ll show that to you here.
And that’s a grounded cable. So my products grounded and then we’ll show you how
the unit will function here. (sprays) So I have it on a rich powder mix, with about as much
electrostatic as I can get. (sprays) You can hear a little bit,
there’s some charge going on and that’s because this unit,
allows you to control kV’s but not kV’s and micrograms independently. And so with a higher end unit,
those will offset each other, or be adjusted by you, to compensate for issues
with grounding out, or faraday cage areas
a lot more effectively. That being said, for the price
point you can control it, by dropping kV’s and get into
some of your cornered areas pretty effectively. I’m on a pretty rich
powder mix at this point, so ill cut it back to show
you what that looks like if I significantly turn down the powder. And then slowly crank it up. You can see, it gives you a pretty good
variety of how much powder I can supply out of it. The lower kV’s contributed
a little bit to the waste, so high kV would help with that. But overall it’s a great unit. For the price it’s very effective. For occasional powder use, some might try and take the next step, in their powder coating journey, not wanting to go with
a full hopper fed unit, this would be a great next step. Or even just touch up work
and occasional small parts and products that you
may be powder coating. This red line EZ50’s great for that and so that’s kind of how the unit works, you need an air line, you need the electric
controller to be plugged in, but they all come with the unit and that’s kind of how
the red line EZ50 works and you can see here, as I powdered this, I’m using a gray to black powder and I am getting a fair
amount of wrap, even around. So kV does well and it
works well for what it is and applies the powder
relatively smooth and evenly you do have control over it,
with the air adjustment valve.

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