Revealing the Tricks Behind Hitman’s Level Design

(keyboard clacking) (tense spy music with clock ticking) – [Narrator] In Hitman, the stars of each game are the destinations. Each location in these games has been meticulously handcrafted to provide the ultimate death maze for 47 to plan his assassinations. In our last video, we explored the design of the simulations that
play out in each level, but today we’re going
to take a closer look at the levels themselves. How they’re researched,
planned, and executed. For Hitman, the overall story and set of locations are decided on by a small group of development leads. And then, each of these
locations are given to what they call a track team. Each track team is
responsible for everything within that location, from
the design of the level, to the targets, opportunities,
even down to items that are unique to that level. – So, we basically,
everyone goes into a room, that would be, sound
designers, environment prod, level designers, go into
a room and brainstorm, put Post-its on the whiteboard, or, “Okay, here’s a bunch of stuff, let’s try “and condense into something
that we are comfortable with.” So, if we had Mumbai, it’s all about “Okay, what are the expectations “going into a level in Mumbai?” And try to meet that, but
also then having something new and unexpected on top of that. And, what are the type of targets that could fit in this environment? But, we liked the idea of having targets that are in their own habitat, where they feel comfortable being, ’cause then that can help us make sense of what they’re doing. Yeah, so, it’s all coming from
the location and the targets, and it needs to kinda fit together. – [Narrator] To explore
the design of these levels, we’re going to talk to three designers who are responsible for three tracks. Mattias, who was the lead on Mumbai, Marta, who was responsible
for half of Miami, and Mette, who worked on Hitman 2’s first DLC level, the Bank. But before we get into the nitty gritty, I wanted to know how each of
them researched their location. – We do a lot of online research. We did talk about doing a
little work outing to a bank, (laughs) but we thought
it would be too weird. to just walk around, look
at everything in the bank, take notes, and stuff like that. We got a little, maybe we
can’t do that (laughs). It’s a little hard to find like
a map of a bank (chuckles). – [Interviewer] I wonder why. – But, (laughs) we tried, and we tried to look at the different classic formations you would have. So it seemed like, in these old banks, you would either have a
big ship in the middle, whatever you would call it, we ended up calling it the Teller Ship, or you would have it at the side. And, because we have spend a lot of time analyzing the levels in
season one, we discovered that you kinda need to
give the player flow, and when they start, you don’t
want them to feel watched, you just want them to be
able to just do their thing and just take it in, and not have like a wall of bankers
just staring at them. So, we thought, “Okay, we’re
gonna have the Teller Ship “in the middle so you can walk around “and just take your time.” – For Mumbai, we actually went to Mumbai We did a research trip there and just went right into the slums, and figured out how does that look, how does it feel, how does it smell? And we actually came away with a way different
perspective on how it is, because it’s actually a part of the slum that is a big part that’s
actually not that bad, and kinda bring that into the game instead of just going all
depressed and everyone is in rags. And then it’s all about
the details: signage, how does the pavement look, what kind of walls do they have? So, we wanna bring that in. And then, it’s not about
recreating an exact location that is in Mumbai, it’s about
finding what feels like Mumbai and building our version of that. Nothing like that exists,
like it would be weird. But when you’re in there
when you’re playing it, it kinda feels natural, in a word, it kind of flows together. So, it doesn’t feel that
off when you’re there. But that’s just up to the level design and the environment art
are working together to make a space that feels believable, but still actually very gamey, in a sense. – [Narrator] Marta worked
on the opening level of Hitman 2: Miami, a
level that was so big that the design responsibilities
were split in two: one designer working on
the expo center and park, while Marta did all of the race event. To help research her design, Marta watched a lot of Formula One, while one member of the
team attended a race. To her, it was all about
aspirational spaces. An event like a race course
is full of public areas for attendees to explore. But setting up enticing areas outside of a regular attendee’s reach would help pull the player in certain directions. – When we had to build the race track, it was mainly like “What
stands out in a race? “And what everyone wants to see?” So, it’s not that we want
to copy exactly one race. We knew that the location
was supposed to be Miami. And then we just took the
most important elements. So, we knew that we needed a
podium, we needed a racetrack, a garage, ’cause we knew we wanted to do something with a pit stop. ’cause it’s like the iconic thing, it’s the moment where everything happens is during the pit stop, where everything can go wrong, especially. If you think traps,
right, you’re kinda like, “Ah yeah, I can totally
tamper with the car. “That’s the only moment it
is free and you can do it.” Then, it was more like,
“Okay, we need a crowd. “Where do we put the crowd? The stands.” And you have the VIP
area for special people, and of course, there’s the logistic part, like what do they do the trucks
that carry out the stuff? So, it was basically like
taking all those elements, making sure that we had
some gameplay for it. – What they expect is so important. It’s kinda what drives us, as well, and what inspires us, too. We know that people would expect when they walk into a bank, and we really want to give it to them. We also want to add an
element of surprise. And, what’s so interesting
about spaces like banks or shops or airports or whatever, is that you know how
some of it looks like, but you’ve never been behind stage, right? So, you kinda wanna make sure that the players get that, too. A lot of people have been inside a vault, but then have probably
seen a vault, right? What’s in the movies, and stuff like that. Expectations is super important. – [Interviewer] And is it important that they sort of are in
that backstage access? – Yes, yes yes, yeah, it’s essential. You want to give players a
look at what they expect, also because then we
don’t have to teach you. If we have like a spaceship
as a location, right, or like an alien world, then we need to explain everything to you, but having the expectations
means that players know “Okay, well if I do this,
this is going to happen.” We do our best to try and
give them that experience. It feels awesome, as a player, that like, “Yes, that actually worked.” – We wanted to go to Mumbai and like, “What are the things we can do?” We want contrast, we
want the rich in there, we want the poverty, we want trains, and we want all of that’s
India, all those flavors. And then, we need to figure
out “Okay, how do we make it “interesting to traverse
from one end of the map “to the other end of the map?” And, we did a lot of different things. There’s a lot of ways to
drag the targets together. But, we also have these sky walks, which is a very, very
present thing in Mumbai. These are kind of just
like horizontal elevators, where you can just slip
through from one end to the other end, kind of like a shortcut. – [Interviewer] So, one of
the things I found interesting in Miami is that, when
you walk in, the lines. It’s like the only level you can get away with doing that, or something? – Yeah, yeah, ’cause
they do that to events, they try to make everything look clear, so that you know where to go. So, we kind of thought it was a good approach to use that, but we can’t use it everywhere. That’s a thing, like I
remember we had a similar talk for Hokkaido, at a point. There’s a balance that we need to find that is like, “Is it too much
in your face, or is it okay?” And I think, in Miami, it works
fine because it’s an event. – [Narrator] Each level
in Hitman is different, but many of them riff on
established design concepts. Mumbai, for instance,
contains a reverse fortress, where the target is an unknown civilian walking around a public space. Miami contains one target in a fortress, and another on the race track, who then turns into a roamer
if the race comes to a close. While the bank contains the
quintessential fortress, a director who rarely leaves
her highly secure office. It’s also the responsibility
of these designers to do a lot of work to let you
know where these targets are and how you might get to them, like, say, having the director’s office overlook the area you started. – We were hoping that the clock would draw your attention eventually. We wanted to just get
in, and it’s also why she’s starting pretty
far away from the clock. But, when you’re closer and you look up, it can fit pretty well with
her just standing there and looking down at you, and you can see the whole window panel
lighting up in his thing, so you’re like “Hmm,
this is an opportunity.” We also have this little magazine thing. ’cause that’s also something
that people like to do, like blend in in a public space, it’s like you’re just sitting and reading a newspaper,
or just hanging out. So, we had this magazine made, where there’s an interview with Athena, and the person interviewing
her is describing her office and describing her trophy, and
how pointy it is (chuckles). And it’s just like,
we’re just trying to put these little hints in there. – I had this design philosophy that the first time you go in there
and you try to find that, it will not be comfortable and it will not be easy
to find your way around. But, the more you play it,
the more you get to know it. If you play it a lot, and you master it, you will feel satisfied. That ties into knowing
who the Maelstrom is. And, you can see the
players who play it a lot, they’re like, “Ah, I really like this,” because they feel clever figuring it out. And the players who don’t play it a lot, they feel lost in the level,
they didn’t get to master it, it’s claustrophobic, they don’t know, “I’m getting busted by these guards.” There’s a quote from one of the forums, I can’t remember, but, “I started hating Mumbai, but
now it’s my favorite map.” – I think the hard part, when
we have these big events, is there’s a lot of movement,
there’s a lot of expectations, and there’s a lot of ways you
can destroy them. (laughs) So, each time you create
something, you also need to make sure that there’s a fallback to it, right? ’cause you are getting
people to disappear. So, we kind of played around with, “Oh, so, who’s gonna win by default?” And, initially, it was
supposed to be Sierra. But then, we were like,
“Ah, but we want the players “to be more active about it, right?” So, you have to make Sierra win, so having Moses disappearing or doing something to
him will make her win. And then, what happens
if nobody goes on stage? And then, you have to make sure that there’s a
fallback to that, as well. So I think, the announcer goes like, “Huh, I guess somebody’s missing.” Yeah, it branches so much. The part that’s very difficult to make is when it branches so much, because you put a lot of elements
that needs to be together, and you take one out, and
then everything pfft. (laughs) We tried to put ourself in
a position where we say, “What does the player expect
when they play a race? “Ah, they want to shoot the car.” There was, I remember,
somebody made a video about throwing a bomb on the racetrack, and it took him like six tries. It was during an E3 I think, so it was still in production, kind of. And I was watching it. I was like, I knew you could do it, but you have to really time it correctly. So I was like, “Oh my
god, is it gonna happen?” And at the last moment, it did. I was like (sighs in relief) “Okay, safe.” – [Narrator] The track teams
aren’t just responsible for the look and layout of each level, but the characters that
populate them, too. Everything from ambient
NPCs to those starring in the locations’ mission stories. So much of the identify
of each level in Hitman comes from these narrative opportunities. So, I asked our three friends which ones they’re most proud of. – Well, I think that’s an obvious one, which is the Kashmirian. The Kashmirian is this assassin; he’s there to kill two
of the targets, actually. You as Agent 47, you can
obviously take advantage of this. So, the Kashmirian, he’s
not the perfect assassin. He didn’t really know
how to use the sniper, he’s scoped it badly, and
so you can help him out like in behind the back from
him, and then he will, okay. And then you can make the target pose in front of him, and he snipes him. You can pull the strings behind the scene to make him do his job. And then when he does that,
he will actually eventually meet up with the final target,
which is the Maelstrom, which you need to find. And you can actually take his
disguise and do it for him, or you can follow him and
see them have the meeting. And the main reason this
opportunity was made was to give the players
a handle to go through the entire level without
actually being too lost. So, people who find it,
they will go to the middle of the level and they
will get the nice view of one of the targets,
then you will actually go into the tower and lead
into that fortress, and then it takes you
back, and then it takes you to Vanya and to one of her spaces. You get to explore that
and get to know her, and then it actually takes
you all the way into the slums and all the way down into where the Maelstrom has his hideout. So, it is actually a
storyline to ease the player into the game and into this
very, very congested and dense location. (gunshots) – In the beginning, we had the vault, we knew where we had the vault. We weren’t sure what to
put in there. (chuckles) And, there was actually at a time where Fabian was the target. So, it was Fabian and
Athena you had to kill, and then, we weren’t sure
what to do with the vault. Maybe it was a one-time thing, you had to go down and get
something, and then that was it. And then, we had huge discussions, because we were like, “People
are gonna expect a cool vault, “and they’re gonna expect
something nice to find in there.” It was also suggested,
“What if it’s empty?” and that was like the thing, you know. And it was like, “That’s
just disappointment. “We can’t do that either.” We ended up going, “Okay,
Fabian is no longer a target. “The vault is the object that
we need to put focus on it.” But then Tobian suggested,
“What if it’s an optional? “Like, you either do the vault…” ’cause we were afraid of
the virus in Sapienza. Which, people weren’t really happy with. They liked the level and
they liked the targets, but they didn’t like that
we forced them down here to take the virus every
time, and I totally get it. So, that was the idea, like, “Okay, let’s have
the vault as a thing, “make sure there’s different
ways of getting into it, “and then have the option of retrieving “the backup discs instead.” And it was actually Michail’s
idea that you actually take the data core, that
you can’t bring it anywhere, ’cause now everyone’s gonna
see you with it right? – [Interviewer] Big glowing briefcase. – Yeah, yeah, we actually
talk about having sound emitting from it, and just
like, “Aaah, what should I do?” I thought that was such a cool thing. And I just saw a play through
where people were throwing flash bangs to get out of the teller hall. It’s like, “That’s really creative, “I didn’t even think of that.” – [Brad] Go go go go go,
right you’re gonna need this– – [Co Player] You need to
throw one at the front door. Throw it now, throw it now! Throw it, throw it! Okay, now sprint! Sprint! Yes! You got it! They’re all blind! Oh my god, Brad! Yes! – [Brad] Oh man, I’m never gonna make it! Aah, they’re gonna shoot me! – [Co Player] Just get out, just get out! (Brad cries out triumphantly) (Co Player laughs) This is the best game ever made. – [Brad] Look at them,
they’re walking the wrong way. – So yeah, I think it’s cool
to mix it up a little bit, try some new things, and I think players embrace it really well. They’re very creative. You can throw almost anything at them and they’ll find a way to do it. It’s cool. – We wanted a disguise,
we wanted a mascot. And, (laughs) it ended up being a flamingo because we were in Miami, so we kind of themed it in that way. But, what I really liked about
it was the whole interaction with the mascot, ’cause
you’re kind of helping him out at the beginning, and you’re like, “Oh, I’m looking for my keys,” and then you kinda figure
out, oh you want those keys, but you’re kind of the guy who knocked out the poor ex-mascot
and are trying to do… So, you kind of have to
investigate a little bit. – I really like that we have, again, these little stories that
we got in the IT department, and we have the job interview. ’cause those were things
that are easily cutable, like going to a job interview is this weird social construction, right? And it was actually Marta’s idea that someone should really
put this in a level somewhere, and it was a pretty good fit for the bank. So, I’m really happy we got that in. I love how it changes, as well, that we managed to get
different themes in there. So, the vault area feels
very, very different from the teller hall, and the CEO floor with the wooden panels
and stuff like that. I’m so happy we managed
to get that in there, ’cause again, it was a fast production, it was a really fast production. So, we were actually
afraid we couldn’t have that kind of aesthetic fidelity. – [Narrator] Mette only
had just recently finished work on the bank, and offered to show us what a completed level looked like. Each location in Hitman
runs on two major tools: a level editor, which
can be used to manipulate actors and objects, and a graphU, which gives each actor their loop and the logic that drives
their decision-making. – [Interviewer] So, what’s the
spinning clacker board doing? What’s that? – So, it’s just telling
me that this is an act that’s going to play at a point. So, this is a graphU, where I can see the different actors, and I
have the different dramas. For instance, we have this guy, and he’s mopping and fixing stuff. (chuckles) – [Interviewer] Literally
mopping and fixing stuff. – Yeah, and these are his two acts. Like, sweep floor, middle work. So, it’s like a very, very
tiny little drama situation happening over here. – [Interviewer] So, is there
an actor that has something more complex going on,
like is the journalist that’s behind you here–?
– Yes. – We have the journalist over here. A little bit more complex
than the janitor, of course, because she has a lot of different dramas. She also has this moment where
you can give her documents and she needs to call her editor, and she’s gonna have the stock crash. So, yeah, it’s a little bit more complex. And then, we have these priority notes telling the system that
her being on the tablet is more important than her
having this phone call. So, when this is done, she’s
gonna go up here instead. Yes. And a target… Let me just show you Athena instead. She’s a little bit more… – [Interviewer] These are
their starting positions at the level–
– Yes, yeah. This is where she would start. This is her secret room,
where she’s normally watching the board meetings. Her system looks like this, so her setup. And then, we can go in,
and there’s these smaller little packages of dramas in here. This is her looking at the stock screen, finding out that it’s crashed. – [Interviewer] So, how
many different dramas would she have, or…? – Well, she has what we would
refer to as her core loop. Which, would consist of, I dunno, it could be like five acts or something. So, she would sit at her desk,
go check the stock screen, go look down at her peons
working on the floor, go and watch these guys in here. And, she actually has these little… She will go and look to check if someone has placed her vodka. (both chuckle) And then we have what we
call these pullout moments, where you can say,
“Okay, if I placed vodka, “or I start “this distraction over here,” we have this record player. And then, she’s gonna
go to the record player, then notice her nice trophy, and then she wants to just linger there and look at her trophy and
talk about how cool she is. And this is like a check. So, this is, it’s part of her
core loop to use her computer, and if you tamper with it, she will check it in her core loop. You know, the pullouts
will just pull her out no matter what she’s doing, is the idea. – [Interviewer] How do you count, for say, if you pull her out of her core loop and she’s at like stage two,
but then it makes more… Does she always go back to that one stage if she’s going back to her loop? Or does she pick it up somewhere
else that makes more sense? – Yeah, that’s often the hard part, is like, “Okay, if I trigger
two things at the same time, “which is the most important? “When will she discover it?” And that’s when we try to use logic, and we just try to go, “If I was the CEO of a company, “what would be the most
important thing to me? “That I don’t have WiFi, or
that the stock has crashed? “Probably, the stock. “But, when that’s over, and
I go to check my computer, “then I discover that
the WiFi isn’t working, “and then I’m gonna do that. “Or, the vodka is less important.” We try to go like, “What
would the player assume “would happen in these situations?” And then, we try to do that. – [Narrator] The final
flavors of each track are the unique outfits and items
that populate the location. To streamline this
process, and to make sure that players don’t have to
relearn the game for every level, both systems are wrapped
around standardized rules. The objects, regardless of how they look, generally fall into certain categories, while the outfits work
off of a tiered system that the track team can
customize for each location. – We have archetypes of items. And so, one step for the level designer and environment artists, or
the track team I would say, is to figure out, “Okay,
what type of items fit “in this level that is “the same as a knife?” Or, “What can you throw here? “Okay, in Columbia, we have a brick, “but it’s a cocaine brick, right? “It’s the same thing.” So, it’s just wrapping another fantasy on a lot of the items. But then, it’s also, we
have very specific ones. That comes from the opportunities. And then, we have quest items that are very specific to mission stories. We have the outfit system. That’s just basically the same. And that’s just the level designers deciding the rules for each. For the guard, you’re gonna
be allowed here and here. If you’re a chef, you can go here. You can carry a knife. That’s mainly, we just
wrap different fantasies around on each level. And then, we have very specific ones for mission stories, as well. This outfit is gonna unlock
this thing, very specific thing. Now you’re a barber, so now you
can shave people if you have a razor, as well. So, that’s the key to that thing. Or, it’s a key to an area. It’s obviously a tool
that we use all the time. It’s a core Hitman thing, right? – [Narrator] Each track
team will work on a level for a year or more, which
causes a rather unique situation where often designers on one track won’t play another track’s location until they’re nearly finished. Marta started at the company
working on ambient characters in Sapienza, a job perfectly
suited to an Italian national. And after spending most of
the development of Hitman 2 working on the race in Miami, she’s now been given the
responsibility of the game’s second DLC map: a tropical island. – I enjoy playing my
levels after a long time that I have not touched it, ’cause when you’re working on it, you’re kind of like, “Oh,
this sucks, and (groan).” You’re so used to it, it becomes like, you don’t have a really good
reality on the level anymore, so you need other people to play it. So, everything else
becomes super exciting. Now that you have had Mette before, and she was always working on the bank and I was testing her game before, and I was like, “Oh, this is way better! “It’s not fair! “People are gonna hate the other one!” ’cause you just lose, completely,
objectivity at a point. – [Interviewer] So, when do you know if a level’s good or bad? – When it comes out and
people vote. (laughs) So, we’re kind of like… Each time we finish something, you get ideas of other stuff, right and then you want to do those. But, it’s not always as easy,
because it’s a team effort, right, so it’s not only
your opinion that counts. But, you can influence some
of the decisions, right, so you can try. – [Interviewer] Sapienza,
Miami, and now a resort. You’re getting all the sunny ones. – Yeah, the tan, fake tan. (laughs) – [Interviewer] It’s a shame,
it’s a wonder 47 is so pale. (laughs) – We had an idea, actually,
like if you spend too much time under the sun, you become red. (laughs) I dunno if it’s gonna
happen, but… (laughs) Because we have some HIPS,
or I dunno how we call them, hide in plain sight, or
role-playing type of, you can lie on the sun bed, right? So, if you spend too much
time, you could get sunburned. We’ll see. (beep) (a faint conversation is just audible) (tense music) (door opens) (beep) – Bad connection. No, no, no! (groans) (fabric sounds) (body fwumps into fabric bin) (door opens) – [Guard] The bank was actually being run by some super-secret group, y’know. (conversation is no longer
audible after door closes) (TV static) (footsteps) – Nothing to report. – Yeah, me neither. (crowd is heard cheering
and whistling from outside) (crowd cut off when door closes) (radio chatter) (victim chokes) (radio chatter gets louder) (keyboard clacking)


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