Reverse Weeding Vinyl

today we’re going to go over the process
of reverse weeding you’ll need your decal that you want a weed transfer tape
or in this case I’m using contact paper a squeegee and scissors
this particular decal I cut from I’ve cut out a whole sheet of them and I put
my contact paper on the whole sheet so I’m going to show you what I do when
it’s time to get going cut your design off away from your sheet and make sure
you use your squeegee to get to ensure that the vinyl is firmly connected to
your contact paper really wide on there especially the detailed pieces reverse
weeding comes in extremely handy when you’re doing things with fine detail and
what this does is it reduces the amount of loss in little teeny tiny vinyl
pieces this particular design does not have that many small parts but there’s
enough before it should be a huge pain if I lose them this is what I’ve been
doing with this particular design I’m doing the full cup and each one each one
of these damask patterns goes on individually and I have to fit it so
where it needs to go now we’re not gonna talk too much about this cup because I
didn’t plan ahead so you could see some imperfections like I had where I had to
move things over and play with the placement but next time I will
definitely be doing a little better in my planning so
here’s what we do once you squeegeed your final and your
contact paper you’re gonna peel apart your carrier from the vinyl and here
what I like to do is pull a little just to loosen up the small parts and pieces
from the edges of where the cut is this helps with making sure there’s nothing
connected to the large part of the vinyl that you’re going to be cutting off that
you’re pulling away what I’m doing fine detailed work I also like to increase my
blade depth usually by one point so that I’m absolutely positive that I’ve
completely cut through that actual vinyl layer even going through the the carrier
sheet is okay because you want to make sure you’re not going to be weeding and
pulling up pieces that are connected to the part you’re weeding once I do that
I’m sure it’s not perfect which is actually good because we all mess up and
at least you all know that I mess up too so I’m sure I’ll have pieces come up and
we’ll talk about how to fix that as we go along so all you do is peel start
peeling your vinyl way from your car of your contact paper and hopefully it all sticks but once
I’ve got it started pay very close attention so you’re to the small parts
as you go sometimes when there’s pieces that have
curves like this I’ll go in with my tool and just help it out help lift it up and I don’t force it up I go right under
this area that’s lifted I just go under there and roll it on enroll my tool
under whatever tool you’re deciding to use should be fine as long as it works
for you but this is the process then you check your design go back and
if you miss any pieces or some things ripped off make sure you can rectify
that situation if you’re interested in this vinyl or
the contact paper I’m using I will put the information below on where you can
get it and that’s it now I’m gonna go and figure out where exactly to put this
on the cup thanks for watching


  • Kamesha Reid

    Where did u get your design from.

  • Wendi Croft

    What was your setting with this vinyl?

  • amigatete224

    You are a freaking genius!!! Tnx for the tips!!!

  • Inforprest micro-informática

    Its a good idea,but its wrong tatchs with the fingers um the stiky saide the vinil.

  • Tieg Grayson

    You just saved my day!

  • Lina Tovar

    What kind of machine do you use to do that

  • Linda Schmitt

    Stop yawning

  • Sharon R

    Holographic vinyl is the 2nd hardest to weed…glitter is the worst. Nice method, but touching the sticky side isn't great.

  • bekktek

    Where can I buy this cup from you?

  • Patricia Bryar

    Thank you!

  • Linda Russell

    Great help! I can see where stretching will be so much help! Beautiful cup!

  • Karen Holt

    Jessica thank you for doing this video! I trying to do a vinyl seating plan and this is help me a greatly.

  • Connie Mcqueary

    Amazing. Thank you!

  • Marci Lechowicz

    Did it bother anyone else that she left a piece? Beautiful cup btw!

  • Everything Guinevere

    Riiight. Your reasoning for stretching it! Right on. I have been doing this method for a while, after I saw my cousin do. I will add the stretching. Man, now I may be able to keep some of my fine print ( font) words!!


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