Review of My Live Sketch : Made by Asad Asghar.

Hello Everybody! Welcome back to my channel, this is your boy Geeks hunt. and today i have decided to review this sketch or color painting, whatever this is. It’s amazing, made by Asad Asghar for me. And as i have told you guys in my Snapchat story that Asad Asghar will be with me, SO (To Asad) Come over here boy! Asad: Assalam-u-Alayikum Everyone! Thank you Ihtesham. Ihtesham: how are you? Asad: I’m Good, What about you? Ihtesham: I’m Also Good. SO This is the sketch right here, which we are going to review today And uh, i am going to post a full resolution photo of this sketch on my facebook. You guys should check it out, Or on my Instagram So you can see how amazing this is, how much hardwork he has put in it and it’s a live sketch which is probably a really difficult thing. Even for him. Asad: This was uh, my uh, Drawing pencils sketch, which i have done with color drawing pencils And uh, the reason it became a bit difficult for me was because Ihtesham was moving a lot. He was not Static at all. So, Ihtesham: (Not my Mistake) xD Asad: At every jerk, i had to tell him that Ihtesham look at me, Set Your Angle, So he was not a very good model. *ROASTED* (Sed lyfe) Asad: So uh, Hopefully i am not saying much but he was not a good model *Laughs* actually. (BLACKMAILING CAUGHT ON TAPE) Ihtesham: Tell People that i am good model or it won’t work like that. *LAUGHS* Ihtesham: So i am going to ask Asad right now that what technique and what material he has used to make this amazing sketch Actually, the paper was Cansen sheet, it comes in colors and without colors, plain So, i’ve used


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