Review of the Bug-A-Salt, a bug killing weapon.

Okay, I’m going to review the Bug-A-Salt.
Its a gun that shoots salt that is supposed to kill bugs. Here’s how you fill it up with
salt. This is its ammo, if you will. To pump it up, slide this lever, and take off the
safety like this. before shooting bugs, I thought I’d get an idea of is power by shooting
a piece of thick card stock. It made a small dent, but otherwise nothing. So next I tried
a regular sheet of paper. Again, it made a dent, but that was all. I tried a piece of
foil. it left a lot of tiny dents. I decided to try again keeping the foil stretched tightly.
This time it penetrated through. Ok, time for some bugs. I tried this little
beetle bug I found. It knocked him several feet away, but overall he seemed fine. I tried
one more time. Again, he seemed annoyed but otherwise unharmed as he goes about his business.
Next I tried this wasp that was trying to build a nest inside my power strip in my garage.
It knocked him for a loop, but he was also unharmed. Next I tried this fly I found in
my kitchen. Wow. It actually worked well. He died almost instantly, as you can see here.
Next I tried a couple of spiders. here’s the first one, and the second one. Neither spider
was hurt by this. So I found this tiny grasshopper. As you guessed, he was not hurt. I tried one
more time, but again, he was not hurt. Al right, so what are my final thoughts on
the bug-a-salt? Well, I think its a great idea! I love the idea of being able to shoot
at bugs without worrying about damaging my property with a projectile. um, in practice,
doesn’t work so well as you can see in the video, um, works well against flies, but I’ve
tried a variety of other insects, no nothing. I tried a bunch of june bugs. I shot one of
them about 20 times. I didn’t get it on video because it was too dark outside. I want to
show you something else that really irritates me about this design, its this safety thing.
Every time you pump it up, you have to disengage the safety. It re-engages it every single
time. And I can’t tell you how many times I went to shoot a bug, and I had it just in
my aim. Pull the trigger, nothing happened. Then I have to take back, pull the stupid
safety back, and by that time, the bug has moved or whatever. Really, really irritating
that the safety resets itself every single time. But anyway, as you can see its not particularly
effective against wasps, I certainly wouldn’t try attacking a wasp nest like this, you’re
just going to wind up getting yourself stung. In fact, that’s another disadvantage I have
to tell you about. There were at least two or three occasions in my video where I was
shooting spiders or wasps. the spiders actually came back, I mean it actually hit the spider
and blew the spider off the wall and back onto me. That’s why the video ends so abruptly
on the spider videos because I had to brush the spider off of me. And when I shot the
wasp in my garage, that wasp came after me. I had to take off running. If I’d had another
camera setup you know about 50 feet away, you’d have seen me hauling butt with this
thing in my hand. Because it was not real pleased about getting knocked four feet away
from where it was but otherwise it was unharmed. So I guess my final review is if you like
shooting flies, this is probably the device for you. If you need to kill any other kind
of bug, don’t waste your money. Send me some comments, tell me what you’d like to see in
the next video. If you happen to live in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area and you want to do a
joint video sometime, let me know that as well and I’ll see you next time.

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