Rittenhouse JD9-C Gun Repair Video

Hi, noel from Rittenhouse. Today we are going to talk about JD-9C and the GreenMaster. JD-9. O.K. A couple of different between the JD-9C and the GreenMaster. One is the writing on handle if you see made in Japan for Hudson that is the JD-9C the original. Plus it has the Garden Hose fitting already on it. And if you get the less expensive one just has Hudson written on this bar. Plus there is no fitting on the end so you will need to order a garden hose fitting or a quick coupler end. What ever you require for the end of your gun. This is the garden hose connection that you would thread into the end. Tighten up like so. And basically they’re both the same gun. They all, they both use the same parts for the repair of them. The same basic nozzle, Whirlers, seals and any other part you may require to repair the gun. Okay with both guns GreenMaster or the JD-9C you can use the same parts and come up with the same configuration. Now in front of me you may see the parts on the table here This is for a deep root root feeding kit. Consisting of tubing, adapter for the tubing, step plate, parts for a “T” handle, and the tip. I’ll show you how to change that over later. Plus we have a different array of nozzles that can be used. They go from extra small to extra-large. Take a look at our web page you’ll be able to see the difference. Now also we have a couple brass wands. You can get these in different lengths straight or curved with the right adapter you can extend the reach of the JD-9 or GreenMaster gun. A few parts this will go on the tip will take your nozzle off. You’d add this. These nozzles would go on the end of the wand. and you can come up with several different configurations. uh… so the other thing you’ll find on the website is a complete repair kit. consists of the uh… main seat. some packing, some “O” rings. There are a couple other pieces that uh… I don’t have with me right now. But I will show you inside the gun is the uh… stainless steel shut off valve. Which if it’s bent for the cost of a gun may want to just replace the whole thing. Taking them apart and rebuilding them. If you get this apart off easy enough it may be worth it to you it may not. Your decision. Online you can find all the parts that you made for the uh… JD-9 or the GreenMaster gun. You’ll see exploded views similar to this online. We do stock all the parts for the unit. This is just an example of a few of the parts There is the piston rod, internal spring, and a seal kit. In that kit and those parts work in both of those guns. Okay, so if we’re going to repair the gun we are going to take it apart, obviously. It comes apart in different stages. You start by taking the cap off. This is where you’ll find the nozzle. One of the “O” rings that will come in the kit. Now we are going to take this barrel part off. Notice the screw. Careful when you take the screw out. It is small. Sometimes it is easy to lose. With any luck you won’t need to take it all the way out. As long as it clears the threads it will unthread completely. Okay in here this is where you’ll find one of the “O” rings and a vaccum washer. and this is the whorl. The whorl plate or the whorl nozzle actually is a backwards thread. So to undo it you actually have to turn it clockwise. It maybe a little snug because they do use a lock tight on it. Just work it back and forth a little bit. To help break the seal and it’s out. So that’s part of it. now we’re going to break this free The rest of the barrel. If the barrel does not break free that easy and you end up rounding the corners off just go out and buy a new gun. Another part that’s in that seal kit is the seat. You have to pry this out and then tap it back in with a hammer. I’m not going to take it out but all the parts, all the seals, are in this bag here. That would be the kit that you would order for the seals. Now, to get at this piece you need to take off this trigger bracket and undo the nuts at the back here. Now there is a nut back here.This is where the packing is in behind. You need to pull this off as well. Now, you just push out the stainless steel rod and the internal spring hand the internal spring Now inside here that there is the uh… packing so that it doesn’t leak out the back of the gun. All parts like I said are contained in this package. So once you put all your new parts in You actually just go in reverse. Snug that up with your fingers temporarily. Put your new spring and your new piston in Put your new seal in. Thread this back on. You’re going to need it use a little forced to push it to get the threads to catch because of the spring. Being careful not to cross thread it. As your are tightening it up you’ll see the thread of that piston coming out. You tighten it back up with your wrench making sure that it is snug. You replace the screws on the backside or rather the nuts. One thing you need to know is on the back here where the arm pulls you have to leave a little play between so that it it’s not really tight. So that you have a little bit of movement before the trigger opens otherwise you could continuously run on you. Make sure you got a little bit of movement about a threat or two. Then you just jam the nuts back together. After you have finished jamming them up, take another look to make sure that you have the play there. You can pull this back if need be you can tighten this up a little more. Generally when it’s new you can get away with just hand tight and little twist with the wrench before before putting the cage back on. Now like I said the whorler is reversed thread so when you go to put it back in it goes back in counter clockwise. When you put it back in use a little bit of loctite. Don’t over tighten it. It’s brass. It will snap off very easily. Now note on here that the “O” ring and this little nylon washer, back washer the position when you go to take them off place them back in the same position. The nylon washer will go on first then your “O” ring. Then you put your cover barrel on your adjustment barrel tighten the screw back down. Make sure that you get it seated all the way. That’s what’s stops the barrel from coming off and catches the threads as it’s going up. You can replace your nozzle new “O” ring that comes in the kit. And your gun is all repaired. Now in the next part of the video we’re going to show you some of the adapters to change up the trigger. Most guns can be used like this You’ll go from a pencil stream from a fine mist stream If you open it up all the way up it’ll be a nice pencil stream. You can get about ten to fifteen feet depending on the volume that’s coming out of your pump and the size of the nozzle. Let’s say you want to do a bit of weed spray with this gun it’s not really good that way. So just get yourself a brass wand like that. You would take this cap off. Everything else stays there. you purchased one of the adapters here for the brass wand. Thread that on Then you would thread on the brass wand like so. and then you have your choice of nozzles, and screens. You’ve got plastic ones, ones with check valves You can tell they have a little spring inside that holds a little ball in place, then there’s a slotted screen, and then there’s a slotted screen with mesh on, with no check valve. Nozzles are generally are the flat ones and a cap. Put your nozzle in whatever choice of screen you chooseT the screen sits in like that. Thread it on like so. Now this is a fan spray so it be out like this. So you can either have it facing that way and get a coverage this way or you can adjust it so it will sit sideways and you can do a full rate this way or a full rate that way or you can go to an adjustable cone jet nozzle. That’s this one here. Once it’s tightened down and you can’t keep a screen in there are some products that I don’t recommend you can use a screen for but generally most products I would put in a screen just so the nozzle doesn’t plug up. Once you’ve got the conejet nozzle in place it’s as simple as turning the nozzle body itself to go from a fine mist, cone mist to a nice little pencil stream. You can get a little higher reach so that would be good for applications for weed spraying or if you got some little area you need to get into and need to get a little closer. Like I said the brass wands vary. You can get straight ones even longer. Okay, so that’s a couple of the uh… wands that you can use on it. Now this gun is rated for eight hundred psi so it also becomes a favorite for using it for a root feeder. So basically we have it down like this. What we are going to do is take this body off. We are going to change this gun into a root feeder. Now the root feeder is a kit that you can buy. Look for it online. It will have the part number that you need to order. Root feeder comes with the adapter of course. You notice that this adapter has no threads uh… threaded bolt in it. You just tighten this up and you do not twist it after you get it tightened up. Because the open flow in it it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t have to be adjusted. We put that on. Then we take our stainless steel tube one end will be threaded inside. The other end is threaded outside. Obviously this end will go in here when we finish our connection. But first what we are going to do we’re goin to put the step plate on. This makes it a little easier when you go to put it into the ground You can put your weight behind it a little bit. So go around and tighten all four of the uh… set screws. Now we are going to put the “T” handle on. Consist of this large washer device with threads in it. You get two of the uh… Hex bolts here that are threaded. Consist of making up a “T” handle for you. This can be adjusted up or down. Take it up to about this height for now. The other thing now we will put our tip in. Threads into the bottom has an “o”ring on it. You’ll notice it has just two holes in it. There are four hole ones, two hole ones It comes with the two. Just take a pin or a small nail to tightening it up just push through tighten it up. Now we are going to attach the trigger. When you attach the trigger and any threaded part always use tape pipe dope or silicone tape. And there you have a deep root feeding gun now. Now to use this obviously you would push it into the ground. Hold on to the handle and use your foot to push it in. Squeeze the trigger and do your count. Let go of the trigger Pull it out and you’re ready to go again. Now like I was saying This gun is the GreenMaster. It is identical inside and out except this one only comes with the large nozzle. If you require to have a small nozzle, medium nozzle you have to purchase a separate nozzle to go with this. And all our parts are available online; the guns are online; Go to Rittenhouse www.rittenhouse.ca and you can just search through you can get the information on the nozzles. It tells you what the gallons per minute are coming out of each nozzle. The approximate gallons per minute and it tells you, gives you the information and describes each gun, each part that you may need. So if there are any questions, you can always call us, at Rittenhouse and we will be glad to help you out.


  • Chris Reppert

    Thanks for this helpful video. Another one on a JBS 785 rebuild would be extremely helpful as well! I can't find anything on those!

  • Bull Sh

    Just what I needed. Beats buying a new sprayer just because the old is sticking. 👍


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