Road Squadron Invades Lucasfilm

– This week, we’re taking a
look at the new “Art of Rebels” book. – Plus, you’ll get
to meet some fans who took their passion for
“Star Wars” to the next level. – This is my dog. He’s not in the show. [WHOOSH] [MUSIC PLAYING] – This is “The Star Wars
Show” from the Lucasfilm headquarters in San Francisco. Here’s your hosts,
Andi and Anthony. – Hello, and welcome to “The
Star Wars Show,” a “Star Wars” show that has only
nine more episodes to go until “The
Rise of Skywalker.” – Which, of course, is the ninth
movie in the Skywalker saga– – –a saga whose first episode
debuted in theaters in ’99– – –and whose final
film debuts in 2019. – So many nines. – What does it all mean? – Probably that our
writer is padding for time before we go to
the next segment. – Should we go to the news?
– Nine. – Was that another
mention of the number nine or were you saying no in German? – I’ll never tell. [ZAP] [WHOOSH] – “Star Wars Rebels”
may have left the air, but the art from the series
can live on in your home thanks to the new “Art of
Star Wars Rebels” book from Dark Horse
Books and Lucasfilm. – The book, which is
written by Dan Wallace, will feature
never-before-seen concept art and exclusive tidbits
from the show’s creative team. [DING] – Plus, has landed
a look at the limited edition slip case, which
will also include two prints of sketches from Dave
Filoni’s personal sketchbook. [DING] – “The Art of Star Wars
Rebels” will arrive on store shelves on March 17, 2020. Oh, hey, it’s Wednesday, which
means it’s new comic book day. – This week, we’ve
got your first look at “Journey to Star Wars– The Rise of Skywalker,
Allegiance, Number Three.” [DING] – The latest installment in the
Ethan Sacks-penned mini series finds the diplomatic
negotiations on Mon Cala upended by a street
brawl between Rey, Rose, Chewy, and the local Quarren.
[DING] – But if you’re looking for a
more macabre “Star Wars” tale, check out Cavan Scott’s
“Return to Vader’s Castle, Number Four,” entitled
“Vault of the Living Brains.” – The story follows
Jabba’s estranged cousin, Crakka, as he arrives
at Jabba’s palace bearing a sharp-toothed gift. – Spooky. – The full issues
of both comics will be available on October 23. But you can check out the
covers and preview pages right now on – Finally, this week,
people have been customizing their cars for decades. – From hot rods to magical
vans with space wizards painted on the side, people’s
cars are an extension of their creativity. – But would you believe it if
we told you that an entire crew of dedicated fans
have transformed their ordinary cars into
full-blown “Star Wars-ified” rides? – Believe it. They’re called Road Squadron. And this is their story,
thanks to our friends at Geico. [WHOOSH] [MUSIC PLAYING] – The Star Wars tribute
cars of Road Squadron have descended here to
Lucasfilm headquarters to take over the galaxy
and show off our art. [MUSIC PLAYING] Road Squadron is
a “Star Wars” art car tribute group that
was founded in 1999 by myself and by Katie Horn. And we’ve since
grown to 120 members all across the United
States who are trying to turn their passion
for “Star Wars” into a car club that
shows everything they like about “Star Wars” in
something that they can drive on the road on a daily basis. – This is Black 1X, and it is
based on Poe Dameron’s X-wing. We did the graphics with vinyl. It was super cheap,
super easy, super fast. I decided on this design
because Poe Dameron’s X-wing, quite simply, is the
coolest starfighter in the “Star Wars” universe. And it just really translated
well to the shape of our car. On the side, we’ve
got kill marks. There’s a TIE fighter
for every time we’ve exhibited the car somewhere. And I like to think
Commander Dameron would be proud that we’re
keeping track that way. – I think we just need
to keep adding to it– add laser cannons next,
do some more damage to it. There is never a time
to stop, and I love that we can do this together. – This is my 2006 Mustang GT. Blue is my favorite color. And of course, when the
“Clone Wars” came out, Captain Rex, being
such a star character, that was definitely
a key factor. Throughout the car,
there’s some small details. You’ll look around,
and you’ll see I have a dashboard hologram emperor. I have some custom seat
belts that are made. They look like a
trooper belt. I wanted it to be a little more subtle
than a lot of the other things. Of course, I’d like to
go a little more maybe, but this is what I enjoy. – What I’ve got here
is a T-65 X-wing. It’s patterned off of Red Two. Anywhere that I’ve been able
to go accurate to the studio scale model, I have. I started gluing
panels all over it, and that’s about 300
something of them. I’ve got autographs
all over the car. The best one I have
is Kenny Baker’s. That was really
lucky, and I’m very happy about getting that one. Some people golf. I mess up my car. [LAUGHTER] – It makes a lot
of people happy. – If I’m in my suit like
this and I get a little five-year-old, I can just
about convince him I flew in from the moon that morning. That makes it all worth it. – This is the Z-wing carfighter. We tried to find things
that are inexpensive but convey the sort of
kitbash nature of “Star Wars” that was used with all of
the space ships in the films. And so in my case, I’m using $3
pizza pans on the wheel covers. The laser cannons are
made out of baseball bats. All sorts of things you
wouldn’t necessarily think of as neat
“Star Wars” details are then reconfigured
to convey exactly that. Being able to take a
road trip cross-country and to be able to
show off what we’ve done for the people
who’ve given us so much cool stuff through
the “Star Wars” saga is pretty amazing for us
and makes us feel like part of the “Star Wars” family. And with luck, maybe
we can come back and do something like this again. [SCREECHING] [CLICK] – Hal Hickel and Rachel
Rose came all the way from ILM to hang out with us and
talk about “Galactic Builders.” So your episode of “Galactic
Builders” comes out tomorrow. It’s such a neat series,
teaching kids science through “Star Wars,” pairing up
with the first robotics team. Can you talk a
little bit about what you guys did with your first
students in your episode? – We had them come
in and tell us a little bit about the
program that they’re in and what they’ve done. And then we showed them how we
built K-2SO in the computer, how we handled the
motion capture. – And then we had a
great time showing them the stagecraft
system that we have for doing virtual production. – I got to do the magic
mirror thing once. It’s super cool. Anthony and I were
both doing it. And we were looking
at his wrists and like inside his arm pits
to see how his joints work and everything. I can imagine for a kid
who’s interested in robotics that was a pretty
interesting experience. – They’re engineering actual
robots that have to function and perform a task and all that
whereas we’re creating robots that we hope people will think
look very real and are real, but we get to cheat. [LAUGHS] Like all
that mechanics you were talking about inside
the shoulders and hips, it looks cool, and it
looks like it should do what it’s supposed to do. But it doesn’t really do
what it [INAUDIBLE] [LAUGHS].. Shh.
– You’re ruining the magic. – Don’t tell anyone. – You mean to tell
me K-2’s armpits are just for decoration? – Kind of, yeah. But they’re meant to look like– we drew inspiration
from the real world. – They were amazing at being
able to draw lines between what they were doing physically
with the real robots and what we were
doing digitally, even though, yeah, it’s not
always grounded in reality. – You guys are inspiring
kids through what you make. How important is it
to you and for ILM, you think, to partner
with kids in these sorts of organizations? – I think it’s really super
important for us to do this. “Star Wars” as a whole is very
inspiring to young children. So we have this great gift that
we can use as a way to help them get into more STEM. And it makes me really excited. – What they accomplish
in their robot building programs
is way beyond me. So I’m super inspired by that. And then I hope that what
we’re doing in turn inspires them and kids like
them to get into STEM fields or visual effects. Hello. That may not be exactly
what you were picturing, but it involves a lot
of math and stuff too. – It’s like art and
engineering all mixed together. – Yeah, and a lot of what
they’re doing when I talked to them was really mixing
art and engineering even within their robotics programs. – It’s pretty amazing
seeing these young kids who are already so into a field
and developing these skills. Do you have any
advice on how they could translate that into
maybe a career here at ILM? – Don’t wait. You can make flip books. You can write. You can shoot a
movie on your iPhone. There’s no reason to stop
yourself from getting on with it and making things. That’s usually advice
I give, because it’s easy to throw up your own
roadblocks that stop you. – What I always tell people,
especially people who are technical, is that
many of the careers that you might be used to
while you’re in school, there are many, many
other opportunities. And if you have that interest
in both the technical and the creative, there’s a
wide variety of different things you can be doing. And this just happens
to be one of them. Get out there. Talk to people that
are in the industry. Make some connections. You don’t have to have
everything in front of you completely spelled
out right now. There’s so many different
opportunities and ways in which you can explore the world of
the technical and the creative together. – Well, thank you guys
so much for coming by. And thanks for getting
involved with “Galactic Builders” and First Robotics. It’s super exciting. Check out their episode
of “Galactic Builders” tomorrow on
– You’re– – –watching–
– “–The– – –Star–
– –Wars – –Show.” [MUSIC PLAYING] – Ooh, that was a humdinger of
an episode full of “Star Wars” content. And speaking of “Star Wars”
and content for the internet, we want to see some
of your vintage “Star Wars” Halloween costumes. – That’s right. We’re talking homemade
Lukes, store-bought Ben Cooper flammable vinyl smocks. As long as it’s old and “Star
Wars,” we want to see it. – So send us your
old school photos of you cosplaying
“Star Wars” using the hashtag #SpookyStarWars. And we’ll feature our
favorites here next week – And as always, remember
to like the video, subscribe to the channel,
follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and
have your parents check your Halloween
candy before eating it. – Thanks for watching. And may the force be with you. [ENGINE REVVING] [BLAST OFF] [BEEP] – Halloween used to
be real dangerous. [BEEP] Candies were full
of who knows what. [BEEP] – My dangerous Halloweens
were because we would freeze to death in Chicago October. [BEEP] You guys never had to deal
with snowy Halloween, did you? [BEEP]
– No, hurricane Halloween. [BEEP]
– Really? – Yeah.
[BEEP] Kids were just
like, I don’t care. [BEEP] [MUSIC PLAYING]


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