Romain Langlois – Sculpture | (2018) [Eng-Sub]

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Living materialMy name is Romain Langlois,I’m a sculptor and I’ve been
working mainly with bronze
for 17 years, now.During 12 years, I’ve been learning
as a calligraphy master would learn,
that is to say, learning the basics.And for me, the basics of sculpturemean learning about the body,
about the gestures, and all the techniques
proper to this work, whether it deals with modelling in clay, or working with bronze, granite, quartz
or even wood sometimes, and thus learning, learning
and still learning.I’ve been experiencing
an unrestricted freedom to create
for five or six years, now,
along with this responsibility
related to this subject
which is close to my heart:
namely, the coming
of the Anthropocene.
What does this Anthropocene
epoch mean?
It means that,
according to many scientists,
the environmental transformation
is now predominantly influenced
by humans rather than
by the natural forces,
which prevailed until then.Thus, the impact of man
completely remodels the landscapes
around us; it not only remodels the Earth,but also our immediate surroundings.My first step is to findthings and places
that we don’t look at anymore,
such as deforested areas,illegal trash dumps,a simple rock on a service areaand all that belongs to naturebut that has been forgotten
or trivialized.
What I’m interested in, now,is to take that stone
out of that service area,
or find an old roof beam
going through its cycle,
decaying somewhere
on the soil surface,
and look at this material differently,for it is, above all, a material,and being a sculptor,
I consider it a living material.
If I take a wood beam, for example,
my sculpture will show the beam
and the tree it was before,
at the same time.
And even as the tree
it might become in the future,
by completing its natural life cycle
and decaying.
So, what interests me actually,
is that moment in-between.
Because this space once created,
it allows the doubt to emerge.
And doubt is always productive.Doubt is always creative.Human beings are creative.From that moment on,
the spectator’s gaze makes the artwork. Space attractionis nothing morethan a stone by the side
of the highway.
It may sound absurd,but what mattered to me
was that the stone
was in an environmentwhere nobody could see it, in the end;it had become devoid of life.I felt the urge to say:“On the contrary, this stone
is a form of life.
Itisalive.”The fact that it is a polished bronze
makes it very solar.
You have a feeling that you’re watching
magma transforming into rock.
The idea was eventually
to break the stone
in order to let me see what lies inside.The bronze I’m using now
is a silicon bronze
which can possibly last for 10,000 years.Therefore, when I take a beam,
or a tree, out of…
its natural life cycle and place it
into another temporality,
namely, the temporality of bronze,I give it a kind of hermetic sealing
to face the flow of time.
It is thus stopped in a given temporality.The interaction between the spectator
and the sculpture
is far more significant to methan the sculpture itself.I think this is something
really important in my work : not the fact that I make sculptures but their ability to challenge
the spectators’ imagination.

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