RoseArt Graphic Skinz Design Studio | Fab or Fail

-Hi, guys! It’s Brooklyn and
Bailey, and today we’re going to be doing a new
type of video series called “Fab or Fail.” And we’re going to be
reviewing products and stuff that you guys suggest– -Exactly. – — or that we decide to do. And we’re going to
be giving it a rate on our “Fab or Fail” scale. And our scale is 1 to 10,
1 being an absolute fail, and a 10 being an absolute fab. And today we’re going to be
reviewing the Graphic Skinz Design Studio by
Rose Art, and we’re super-excited to show
you, so let’s get started. -When you open the box, here’s
what you’re going to find. There’s a vacuum
chamber and a sponge to go along with it,
along with a few toys that you can skin if
you decide to you. They also supplied you
with a few skin designs, but there are some other kinds
if you want to get those. And then they also supplied
you with a smoothing brush. -To start off, I decided to
skin this heart-shaped necklace, because Bailey and I use
jewelery all the time. Next up, you’re supposed
to trace out your design onto your skins and cut it out. Since the skins
have three layers, I’m just going to peel off
the first plastic layer, so that my skins can stick
onto my heart necklace. Now, in order to
get our skins layer to stick to our
heart necklace, we have to wet down
our yellow sponge, squeeze out a
little bit of water, and place the heart in
the middle of the sponge, then place the sponge
inside the vacuum chamber. Press the button down until
all the air is squeezed out of the vacuum chamber. After pulling my heart
out of the chamber and peeling off the white,
thin layer of paper, I was really impressed
and surprised with how well the
skins layer worked out. And last, but not
least, take your brush and smooth out your design,
so it’s nice and perfect. -I thought it would be fun
to try out a phone case, so I’m just going to trace and
cut out my phone case design. Now I’m going to do the
exact same thing Brooklyn did earlier, and I’m going
to peel the clear layer off my skin, and then I’m
going to go ahead and lay it on top of my phone case. And then after I
finished that, I’m just going to repeat the same
steps Brooklyn did earlier. I feel like the phone case
turned out really cute. And I think that if I used a
more masculine-looking skin, even my guy friends
would like this. -Using the same
steps as before, I’m going to decorate my
Christmas hot chocolate mug with this cute blue
B. Since our mugs too big to fit into our
vacuum, we decided to wet it down and just
peel off the layer, and ta-da, we have this cute
Christmas hot chocolate mug. -And just for the
fun of it, I thought I’d show you guys how I
skinned one of the toys from the actual kit. And just using the
same steps as before, I’m just going to
add my own pop to it. This project would make a great
Christmas gift or birthday gift for kids anywhere
from six and up. -Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. Some of the other things
we were able to add skins to– mugs, sunglasses sides,
water glasses, necklace, phone cases, -A key chain, hair accessories,
another mug, and a ring jar. -I think we rated the Graphic
Skinz Design Studio as a nine on our Fab and Fail scale. It worked really well. It really kept the
kids preoccupied– Kamri and Rylan were
playing with this for hours. -Oh, for forever. -I swear. Just designing anything they
could get their hands on, it was a ton of fun. If any of you all want
to try this project out, you can get it at
Walmart or Target. And if you want us to
see your recreation, be sure to hashtag
#GraphicSkinz with a Z. And we’ll see you
guys next week. -(IN UNISON) Bye! -For my first cheer outfit, it
revolves around warmer weather. So to start off, I have
my cheer tennis shoes on, which are just some Nike
tennis shoes that I have, and then I am also wearing– -How come you’re all
wrapped up in the blanket? -(IN UNISON) Because I’m cold. -Oh. What’s it doing outside? -(IN UNISON) Snowing. -It is? What’s your favorite
Christmas song? -Um. -Hungry hippos. -“All You Want for
Christmas Is a Hippo”? -Yeah. -And mine’s, uh,
(SINGING) All I want for Christmas is
my two front teeth. -Those are good ones. Hey, I love you guys. -I love you. -I love you too. -Bye. -Bye. -Bye.

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