ROTPUNKT Trailer | Alex Megos and the Art of the Redpoint

When you watch somebody
who is just miles ahead of everyone else you’ve ever seen, you almost can’t believe
that that’s possible. Alex embodies the philosophy
that Wolfgang began. Wolfgang was a leading force
in German climbing. He was able to powerfully do
almost anything. So the evolution of climbing went
from just getting to the top of something to how you get to the top of something. OK, you fuckers,
no more pulling on the pitons. It’s about style. It was absolutely counter-culture. He met a really good young climber,
that his name was Wolfgang Güllich. His story is one record-breaking climb
after another. Wolfgang… well, he became the legend he is. One day, this little guy came in. Pretty fast we saw that it’s not normal
what he is able to do. This is the difference
between other climbers. After a hard climbing day,
they need a rest. Alex, no. No rest. This is a daily struggle. All the falls and all the pain
and all the suffering. The hardest part is that
you feel like you’ve failed. It means for Alex everything. On one hand, he’s a machine. On the other hand, also just human.


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