Rózsás falikép Fiber pasztával // Rose sculpture painting with Fiber Paste

ROSE SCULPTURE PAINTING WITH FIBER PASTE Fiber paste is a water-base paste that contains
fiber lines. It remains hygroscopic after drying It retains its shape, so it is excellent to
create 3D patterns and exciting structured surfaces It can be used as a base material. Its texture is like
aquarelle paper, so it can easily be painted and decorated later Put two portions of Fiber paste to a plate and color one
of them to blue and the other one to yellow by pigment paste Apply these two pastes mixed to
the round base and spread it evenly… Put a diamond-shaped stencil on it (KSG 295),
and apply one more layer Fiber paste on it… and then take the stencil off Apply non-colored paste to the edges Take two bigger portions of paste, drip
yellow and blue pigment paste on one of them… and green color to the other, and then mix them thoroughly You can correct the colors during mixing Put one-one portion of both colors to a plastic board… and then pick paste to the spatula from two
sides of the mass, as if you cut its sides off… and then put it to the base by one definite motion Take paste to the spatula using both colors, and
place the leaves with a little cavity in the middle Correct it as necessary, and make little ribs to
the edges of the leaves by the tip of the spatula Put each leave the same way around
the bottom rim of the circle Mix red pigment paste to make a big
portion of Fiber paste to pink color Take a half of it, and add some more drip of
red pigment paste to make it a bit darker… and then color a little yellow portion by the pigment paste Shape the petals the same way the leaves were shaped,
but now take more pink paste to one side of the spatula Put the tip of the spatula down first and then
lay its edge down and pull it down and out Place petals tight besides each other,
with a little gap between them Put two petals facing each other,
and between these two… put a tiny yellow ball, and then form one more
petal besides it to cover the yellow ball slightly Continue making petals, around the
center of the rose this time, one by one Use the darker color to the petals near to
the center, and use the lighter color outside Correct the petals slightly Put more leaves to the empty places Color a portion of fiber paste to blue, and then
make four small petals on the plastic board… take one petal to the spatula, place it on
the base and push it off by another spatula Put the four petals facing each other,
and then make a similar flower besides it Put yellowish white paste to the middle of the flowers When the paste has dried, use dry brush technique
to coat the entire picture by white acrylic paint… Finally paint the edge of the base to white


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