Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Sculpture “Zimniy Vernissage” (Eng Sub)

Every other year Perm gathers the best masters of ice and snow sculpture from different corners of Russian and of the world. 2017 is no exception. 40 masters from 14 countries came to the capital of the Kama River area to compete for an honorable title “Laureate of the Russian Cup”. They had just 5 days to turn huge cubes of snow and ice into wonderful sculpture compositions. Welcome to the V Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Sculpture “Zimniy Vernissage”. The topic that joined masters this year is “Universe”. Every day the shift started at 9 o’clock in the morning and lasted till 7 in the evening. We can say that this art competition was like a marathon, that required maximum skills and physical abilities from the participants, it also dictated a need to work in any weather conditions. Many of the teams were international: participants from different countries joined specially for the competition. “Zimniy Vernissage” is a possibility for the sculptors to improve the carving skill on difficult materials, it is also a possibility to share experience and technologies with other participants. Every citizen and guest of Perm could follow this diligent and extremely difficult process of creating the sculptures just while walking in the main ice complex in the center of the city. On a question “What material is easier to work with: ice or snow?” the masters had the same answer: “Any material is difficult in work”. Weight of a small ice element can be up to 10 kilos, big block can be more than one hundred. Behind simple snow shapes there is a precise calculation of loading. For instance, that is why an arched dome of “3 to Infinity” is supported by a tree. As the first minutes of the video passed unnoticeably, the same way the sculptors didn’t notice 5 days of the Cup. Just couple of hours remained, and the masters continued to add new details to the sculptures, that seem completed for an eye of an ordinary person. It is interesting that there isn’t school of “winter” sculpture in the Southern countries, that’s why masters from Thailand, Malaysia and Mexico are carving masters. They learn art of carving vegetables and fruits in the hotels, and there they work with small ice forms which are used as an exotic decoration on the tables. For many of the masters topic of the universe became quite diversified. Here one could see Paganini, who takes you away to an unreal space of imagination with its music; some tried to present inventions in the quantum physics, thinking that a future human being can move, transfer and fly to other galaxies. Sculptors from snow area finished their works a bit earlier. Sometimes their colleagues came to watch and to take photos with the 5-day work results. Just several minutes more, and the ice and snow sites transferred into the art galleries, 40 best sculptors from all over the world finished their work. In the morning, while the Jury determined the best works of the 5th “Zimniy Vernissage”, the sculptors went to the architectural and ethnographical museum “Khohlovka” the first museum of wooden architecture in the open air in the Ural. Unique museum ensemble is spread out on a picturesque bank of the Kama river, in 43 km from Perm. At the moment it contains 23 monuments of wooden architecture of the end of XVII – second half of XX centuries. The main intrigue of the competition – who will become the laureates of the Cup – remained till the end. The Jury has done a difficult work, and chose the most emotional and technical works. In category “Snow” the best sculptors were recognized sculptors from Perm Rustam Ismaghilov and Lev Bezmaternyh with the sculpture “Datcha is Far but Facing the Earth”, about an astronaut, who went to Mars and watches down to the Earth sitting on a skit of things. The main prize in ice group was given to Yuriy and Vladimir Mistrukov from Ryazan for the work “Cosmical Dance of Shiva”, in which a godhood destroys and recreates the world. Apart from the main prizes each category had additional prizes. Polukarov Memorial Award (a prize in memory of a Moscow sculptor) is given to the Chinese snow thriller “Be Careful!”, and ice “Paganini” from duet of Latvia and Lithuania. The captains of ice competition decided that the best sculpture was created by the Kokorins brothers from Kurgan for the work “The Little Prince”. In category “Snow sculpture” the captains’ votes were given equally to the “Star crash” and “Be careful!”. A company “Proton PM” couldn’t stay away from the space topic of the Cup “Zimniy Vernissage”, and it gave a special prize to the works “Beyond the Horizon of Events” and “Secret of the Universe”. This how the project “Exciting Russia” saw the Russian Cup of Snow and Ice Sculpture “Zimniy Vernissage”, stay with us, adventures have just started.

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