Ryobi Paint Station

>>John: If you’re looking for fast professional result, check out the RYOBI paint station. It has a variable pressure
control that quickly matches pressure requirements for the material is being
applied. RYOBI paint station uses high-pressure
for speed and thick latex materials and low pressure for detail work rolling
and thinner materials. It also roller adaptable that means you
can be painting doors and cabinets and then quickly change to walls or stain.
The RYOBI paint station’s innovative and patented delivery system eliminates the need for the dilution.
So you can pour the pain and and get started. It has a 3.5 gallon tank
container with no spill contain lead this container can be replaced with a
five gallon bucket of paint and no spill it fit perfectly. The RYOBI think station has a 1/2 horsepower motor that delivers point 24 gallons per
minute. It includes RYOBI quality attachments and a professional spray gun accept
standard accessories such a spray tips extension pole and high pressure rollers. The
frame is made out of one an 18 inch steel tubing quality design
ensures durability portability and storage. It features a
quick release handle a tension never flat rubber tires and on
board access restored so whether you’re ready to conquer the
job site take your pain in past around the house to the next level 30 be
here with Paint Station is the perfect solution it’s durable enough to take the abuse at
the job site and easy enough to use for this weekend project we only pay station comes with a
3.5 gallon tank container container lid a 25-foot hose one elastic
strap pistol grip sprayer 415 reversible to by 15 reversible them external feed
roller attachment 98 roller and roller handle the bank
station from really easiest to use easiest to clean.>>Jim: available exclusively at the Home Depot

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  • Amir Rojas

    Que precio tiene en dólares americanos yo quiero una máquina dé ésas pero radico hasta México ciudad ?? saludos


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