Sacred Riana: Famous CREEPY Girl Magician Comes To America! | America’s Got Talent 2018

Hi, whats your name? Okay, Let me try again Welcome to America’s Got Talent anyway **Awkward Silence** **Dramatic Drum Beat** Oh my God! **Sinister music playing** Oh my God. God you’re scary. Oh my God **Gasp** Oh my God. Oh my gosh. Yes? (Girls voice echoing) Who caused the fire? Choose a name. I say Bob Why did you do that?? Why would you do that? Suicide victim to blame Oh my God My hand is shaking. And what’s under the Polaroid? Don’t even ask **Laughter** I just guessed a random name. He is here Who is here? Look I’m turning this over Awww my God! Bob is behind me Look at that. That is, you should go away, go away now That’s crazy **Cheering** Can i just say something? The magic is incredible But the horror is real You know what, you need to watch some Disney movies or something. Seriously, like Snow White That was the most original, creepy, wonderful, magic I ever saw. Yes. Heidi? I give you a yes too. Two yeses. I think if I say yes, we’re cursed. So I’m gonna say no. **Audience Booing** Even though I’m scared. I’m going to give you your third yes ’cause I wanna see what you’re gonna do next. I have to. Great so, Linda Blair wins Americas Got Talent Thirteen. Think about that. **Audience Laughter** Oh my gosh you got yeses, your moving onto the next round. How do you…..? I don’t like being scared. I like being scared. Why are you not watching scary movies? I’ve never watched. See. Oh no!

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