Satirists Try to Tackle Climate Change and Fail | A Nice Shorts’ Sketch

(piano music) – So we haven’t really done a sketch about climate change. – Yeah, we should do something about that. – It’s good territory, people love it online when you slam a right wing climate science denier. – What about a sketch
where a climate denier doesn’t believe climate scientists, but then also doesn’t believe other experts, like
dentists and neurosurgeons. – Like cashiers at supermarkets- – Yes, yes. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – So it’s like, that’ll
be $38 please madam. – Uh, why should I believe you? Maybe it’s $20, where’s the consensus? – Yes. – I have to say, I’m really glad we’re doing a sketch about climate change because I personally
don’t do much to help. – What do you do? – Cups. – To be fair, what would
any of us actually do? Actually? – I, uh– – So, right wing people aren’t doing anything about climate change because they don’t believe in it but, we believe in it and yet we’re not doing anything about it. – So, oh yeah. – Is that worse? – That is worse. – That’s
interesting, that’s worse. – Are we with the bad guy? – I think we are because at least right wing people are consistent. – Yeah, but okay, no, but that’s, wait. It’s not on us, is it? Like, so the change we could make if we did something better would be pretty small in comparison to say, if a corporation did something about climate change. – Okay, so do we orientate the sketch towards corporations, it’s like- – Like, oh I love profits but, oh no, all my customers are dead. – Yeah, corporate guy. – Hang on, are we just saying that we don’t have to anything because corporations do it for us? – That’s what we’re saying. – Yeah. – Well the onus is on them, isn’t it? – So I could go out and punch a dolphin in it’s blowhole because oil slicks are, you know, dumping oil into the oceans. – That’s not necessarily the– – I could just get into a headlock and repeatedly punch a dolphin in it’s snout, ’til it’s got black eyes. – Jesus Christ Bjorn! – Put it in the duffel bag, zip it up, chuck it on a pile of bricks. – F*ck me. No! There’s no more dolphin violence. – Tape’s too much. – What so can’t, what because, okay. – It’s hard to know what the right angle of the sketch is without one side being a giant hypocrite, so, it’s something to think with. – Okay. – So let’s do nothing
and not make a sketch. – Yes. – Okay, yeah. – Is that all right? – After lunch. – Yeah, let’s get lunch. – Let’s get lunch. – Let’s get lunch, I’m real
hungry. – Yeah, yeah, cool. – Can we not get Uber Eats? – Uh, Bjorn! – It’s
deliveries on scooters. – C’mon man. – I can’t help it, all right. – I’m gonna turn right wing so I can have a sandwich. – I would rather cut my dick off than be pals with you
outside of this room. – And I’d rather eat it
after it was cut off. – Yeah. – F*ckin- (man laughs) – F*cking lefty.


  • Fishpest Aussie

    Can you have all the shark nets removed from the beaches please, I'm into whale hunting for food, and the nets are interfering with my boats propeller, and sometimes l find a whale caught up in a net thrashing around which makes really difficult to harpoon and drag the carcasses away. I'm only resorting to fishing because the lack of road kill on the sides of the roads has diminished as many farmers have failed to water the paddocks and grow feed for the wildlife, much appreciated

  • Reptilian Cow


  • 1sttperson

    hey this ones pretty good

  • akaroach1

    hahahah amazing, clever and funny
    Would you consider doing a sketch where a group of guys find a magical item and get turned into cute girls? Would be funny to see what would happen to them and what situations will they get into, as it is acted by the girls. With your style you'll probably come up with something very interesting and entertaining! Anyways, keep up the good work, love your videos and looking forward for the new content!


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