Scrapbooking Techniques & Supply Advice : How to Use Colored Pencils for Scrapbooks

Hi! My name is Leslie Moselle and I’m from
Tampa, Florida. On behalf of Expert Village, this is the essentials of scrapbooking. Chapter
twelve: colored pencils. Although colored pencils are a classic and a lot of people
don’t always use them anymore, they’re still a fun way to decorate your scrapbook. Just
to show you a great way to use it here, I’ll just go ahead and draw an example. My friend
loves frogs so I drew a little picture of a frog. This is the best method of using your
colored pencils. I like to use the dark ones. Just do an outline just like this. Colored
pencils are very easy to use. You can get nice detailed lines. A lot cleaner than markers.
Make sure you keep your sharpener around to keep you pencils nice and sharpen. They work
a lot better when they have a sharp edge. You just outline your frog or whatever you
decide to use. You can use multiple colors. Plenty of colors to choose from in your colored
pencils. Then use the lighter shades to fill it in. The best thing about colored pencils
is you can really get details with different colors and get a more realistic looking picture.
Of course, the best part is it’s erasable.


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