Sculpting a dogs head #pawgustart #sculpture polymer clay

hello everyone this tutorial is going to
be a little bit different today never really sculpted animals I’ve always
wanted to but I just I guess I never took the time or I don’t know maybe I
didn’t think I could do it so I thought instead of being overwhelmed because I
was first looking at it oh my gosh I got to do the body and all this and armature
I don’t even know if I can do this you see how you get overwhelmed take take
your time break it all down now this is in reference to sculpting dolls also is
if you’re first starting out start out with just a face because when you get
into the whole thing it can be very overwhelming so I’m hoping that this
little project that I’m doing and I’m starting out just like anyone else is
going to give you the inspiration and to not feel so overwhelmed and to break
your your project down into pieces and into parts see if you’re going to like
it then is you start off with one move on move on to the next stage of it you
know I might end up sculpting this whole animal who knows but I won’t be doing it
on here because it’s probably going to take me awhile to figure this out now
I’ve already broke it down and I’m going to show you what I’ve done and I’ve kind
of like put a little bit of marks in there just to see what it is that I’m
doing okay now this is the way that I thought it out an egg okay
but now a dog’s face to me is going to be different than what my doll faces
b so i thought well okay now how can i do this well when I made the egg I
figured out where my eyes would be so all I did was I sliced it but what I’m
doing is I’m slicing it in the Halfmoon okay then I took it apart and I just
kind of like make some indentations for the eyes okay now here’s the other half and what I want to do is I’m going to
tilt it up just a little bit okay now I’m just going to kind of sketch it
in the center I think I better go over I really battled with myself of doing
this theme this month not only just because I really don’t know how to do it
but I have just recently my dog has crossed over and she wasn’t an Irish
setter and I enjoyed her so much and it’s been a little bit difficult for me
to even look at other animals and to get and then I’d get that feeling of missing
so after I thought this all aloud of how I could do it instead of doing the whole
animal just do a face I thought it was time for me to let go of those feelings
of missing because it’s it it makes you sad and you don’t want to feel sad and I
do believe that they are always with us and I’ve had many dogs in my life and I
believe that every one of them are still with me so time to let go let go of that
feeling but I’m taking a break from having an
amen’ why do have a cat and just going to take a break they do tie you down okay now I’m figuring the nose somewhere
in there I hope that this will encourage many of
you to step out of your box and if if sculpting you know a dog or an animal
isn’t what you want to do and you want to do a fairy or something like that I
hope it will encourage you and to break to break it down because that is the one
thing that I teach in my classes is to break it down
you know today we’ll just we’re just going to do a face and we’re just going
to practice we’re just going to feel it out and you know sometimes if you just
stay with that just for let’s say 30 days 30 days you’re going to do that
just to face and then move on and you might do it in a week but the most important thing is have fun because when I was thinking this out oh
boy did I ever get overwhelmed and I thought oh I’m not doing this and I’m so
I’m so excited that I found these artists because they are such an
inspiration to me on YouTube there are some wonderful people they love to share
they’re so talented and very kind you can really feel the love in them and I
like that okay I think it’s kind of looking like something I don’t think
it’s going to be a pedigree I don’t think that but I love little mutts I
like them all and I’ve had them all okay now need to put that bottom lip in I have no
clue what I’m going to do with this I don’t know if I’ll paint it I don’t
know if I’ll put hair on it it might be you know this is it and I want to bring this down more I
think I hope that some kids will watch this
and give it a try they could probably do better than me okay I’m going to just go off camera
make sure that I was in the camp the dog was in the camera you can see pretty
much what I was doing and I want to make sure my head wasn’t in the way so I’ll
be right back okay I got my head in a little bit so I’ll really try harder
this time not to not to get it in there okay I want to show you this part now I
haven’t even smoothed it out or anything but I’m messing with the eyes and I just
want to show you how I’m doing it because I wasn’t sure I just took some
wooden beads and I think they’re three three millimeters okay and what I did
was I put a little bit of putty inside of the hole there but I want to show you
this because I use this a lot and it’s India ink and what I do and I wanted to
just show you this part of how I’m doing it anyways I’m just going to go ahead
and just put this brown on it it dries kind of fast because it’s ink
and I also use this on my dolls too it does real nice eyeliner if you watch my
mermaid tutorial I did use that on use it on her eyes and what’s really nice
about it too is the on the doll is that you can wipe it off with acetone okay and that’s what I’m doing and I
have this one here that’s already dried and that’s what I’m thinking I’m going
to use for the eyes but I wanted you to see this now I’m going to go off-camera
let this one dry and I’m going to put some black in it and I think I might
just dab a little bit of maybe some yellow or something to kind of lighten
it up a little bit I don’t know and then I’m going to go and look at the dog so
I’ll be back okay I’m back all I did was I smoothed it out and I
put the eyes in just poke the eyes in the only thing that I can say that I did
anything that was really different was I added a ball of clay right up on the top
of the nose and the rest of it was just smoothed in with a paintbrush now as I
was looking at it I had the face it the face here it was flat on the table so
all I did was I raised it up and what I wanted to do was to give it kind of a
maybe like a neck so I just added some clay in here and I wanted you to see
that but I was really amazed I I thought it was going to be really more difficult
than this because when I started just smoothing it it was just all coming
together I mean I don’t know what kind of dog it is but everybody here says
it’s a bloodhound or a hound dog and then this this part here you can’t
really see but I think I’ve got it but routing too much and what I’ll do see
that the ears will come down but what I’m thinking is that I might just really
give this a try but now I would go smaller than this and
that’s something else that I wanted to mention I don’t know if I mentioned it
before if I did I apologize but when you start something for the very first time
always try to sculpt larger because it’s so much easier I think to do it larger
and that way you can see it you’re not struggling with the clay of being too
too soft you’re getting familiar with it and then go smaller but yeah it was fun
it was a lot of fun now I’ll pick this up and I’ll show you a side view now
remember this is my first time it’s up and I haven’t looked at it in the side but there’s the side view and maybe but see how I’m adding the clay where I
had the face flat on the glass and there you have it that you cute no name has
come to me so I don’t know what I’ll do with it but that’s it
umm I thought about putting it on camera if I painted it just for the fun of it
and then I thought about putting the hair on it and what I’m going to do is
I’m just going to let it the tutorial go from here call it quits and the whole
point of this tutorial is to encourage all of you to step outside of your own
box and try something really different look at how long this is taken me to to
sculpt this right here how many years and look it didn’t really take me that
long at all and I had a lot of fun with it you know it’s not like anything I’m
going to put out there and try to sell her anything like that but it was fun so
everybody I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and it was fun and you’ll get
your clay out and give it a try I’ll see you in my next tutorial thank


  • Karen Rankin

    Beautifully done!!

  • Rhonda Magee

    great job!! He's cute 🙂 hope to see you tomorrow!

  • Tzaddiel

    Barbara it reminds me of mcGruff the fire dog! I think it's great and you've inspired me to try to make my dog, cat and raccoon! Thank you for the inspiration! I really needed it.

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    This is amazing… you are one heck of a sculptor!Thanks for sharing your #pawgustart project! 🙂

  • DeeEll86442

    Hello, I just wanted to say that your pup looks really good. I'd love to see the final piece when your done. I have been sculpting and teaching polymer clay for over 20 years now and I have found when I try sculpting something that I've never done before it really helps to have several pictures of what I'm sculpting in front of me for a reference. Have you ever done that? If not you won't believe how much it helps. Then if I'm sculpting something that I can't find a picture of (something a little more abstract or unusual) I try to create my own drawing so I at least have something to work off of.

    I wanted to say that I can empathize with what you are going through, I recently lost my best friend too. You can see her picture in my thumbnail. She loved everyone and everyone loved her, including my cat. They were best buds and slept together every night. It's sad to see a cat in morning over a dog. Anyway, great video, take care, Dee😊

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  • Sharon Jackson

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