Sculpting Toejam and Earl in Chavant clay || Sculpture Geek Sessions Episode 3

well welcome back all right I know it’s
been a while between uploads but today we’re gonna sculpt two of my favorite
game characters I love these guys and I’m happy to see them return October of
1991 I was 10 years old my family had this television set that was inside of a
big wooden casing and it had these big doors on the sides so that you could
close it and it turned into a well it turned into a big decorative wooden box
for some reason those types of television sets were really popular in
the 80s and 90s it was technically a family TV but my dad seemed to get the
most use out of it he’d always watched these movies that he could only get
behind the curtain at her local Blockbuster Video I always wonder if
they had any good games back there and if they did why did it all have to
be such a big secret between the curtain that hid the special movies and the way
my dad would watch with the doors pressed tight up against his face it was
like there was a whole world of elite media that those in the know didn’t want
to share with anyone else even their own kids I was never allowed behind that
curtain especially by the employees so I rented toejam and Earl I couldn’t play
it on the big TV though since that was in use so I’d have to settle for the
small TV that was in my room and that was fine I’m not complaining I know most
kids back then probably didn’t have a TV so I was fortunate enough to have the
backup when the big box was occupied fast-forward to 2019 blockbusters gone I
know yay Oregon but the curtains been drawn
back and the doors are open I’m thrilled to see that we have a new toejam and
Earl game this isn’t a sponsored video and I’m not here to give a game review
there are plenty of channels that do that and do it well my own personal
opinion is that as someone who played the original
back in the day on the small TV it really and truly brought a smile to my
face I think human nature games has captured the charm and feel of the
original and I’m hoping this isn’t the last we see of these two it’s especially
fun with co-op of course I’ve been wanting to sculpt these two for awhile
and I figured now is as good a time as any and it’s time to get to work culture geek sessions so on toejam you
can see I made his funky fresh medallion out of styrene plastic by cutting a
quick disk on the bandsaw and then cutting out the letters and gluing them
on top of that shout-out to Musti my band saws name is Musti by the way
moving on then I cut the letters out of sheet styrene and glued them onto the
disk finally I made the little rivets or studs or whatever bye
how did it make those by sanding down the tip of a styrene rod and chopping it
off a bunch of times and then gluing those around the outside then just a
little bit of paint to tie it together I could certainly sculpt this piece out
of clay or another material but it was just faster and cleaner to make it out
of styrene the necklace band itself was made from two rolled out pieces of clay
that I twisted together and then bent that around into shape and the
medallions just stuck on there I used two little pieces of poster putty to
help it stick because I didn’t want to melt it and again the eyes were made
from white sculpey it was easier to just roll some out and then bake it and sand
them smooth and then sculpt the eyelids on top of that and aside from that just
give some contrast to the final piece now on Earl I waited till the antenna
antennas tenez antennas tena the antennas and 10i were finalized before
finishing the face just to be sure of placement I usually end up saving the
portrait until the very end it’s not usually the best thing to do that but
that’s just how I work burro’s glasses I made these the same
way that I made toe jams mendelian out of sheet styrene
I drew the rough shape on cut it out and then glued pieces of strip styrene to
the sides for the arms of the glasses and then just painted that black the
eyes underneath were just two little dots of sculpey as well I actually ran
out of armature wire midway through that’s why
Earl’s arms don’t have any wire running through them I figured since they were
just a big mass resting in front of him they didn’t really need the support that
much anytime I can sculpt something without an armature I usually take the
opportunity anyway because then you can usually remove the piece and it’s a lot
faster to clean things up and gives you a lot better access to certain areas
it’s all about that excess so in this case it worked out alright guys do me a
favor hit the bell and leave

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