Sculpting With Wood, Bronze & Clay : Sculpture Base & Armature

You need a base. Most of my bases are; as
a matter of fact, almost every base I create is made out of wood. So we want to take this
piece of wood, and then we’re going to build an armature out of this type of wire, and
this wire is going to hold the clay and keep the piece in in its shape. Now we have a thicker
wire and a thin wire. I’m going to be using the thinner wire, because I’m doing a small
sculpture. I’m also going to be using this little teeny weenie wire, because I want to
splice the two wires together. So the first thing we have to do is we have to decide what
size drill bit to use, so I stick these in the holes like that, and I’ve already taken
this drill bit out. I know it’s the right size. I put it in the drill. I’m going to
drill a hole in the center, because I want my piece to be in the center. And then I take
this here, and I cut it’; I’m going to cut it. I’ve already precut a piece. So this one
will go into the hole, and then I’m going to’ drill another hole next to this hole,
because this is going to be the top of the head of the sculpture. This one’s going to
be the top of the arms, which will represent the star. And we’re going to make it come
out the other end if I can; let’s see here, good. We want it to come out the other end.
And then I’m going to take a hammer, and I’m going to crimp it into the wood so there’s
no way we can pull this out.


  • Aram Sarkisian

    if it is not hard….. number your videos

  • Gail McDowell

    Hi Liam, I'm new to clay sculpture and would like to know if the wooden base needs to be made from a particular type of wood? I will need to put the sculpture in the oven and need to know what kind of base can go in the oven?


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