Sculpture Geek Sessions || Episode 2 || Snow Day Sculpting Super Tyrant in Chavant clay

huh, warm in here today. *slow reading To my dearest
YouTube friends… that’s you. Despite answering the question of what material
I’m using in my last video I am still being asked the question of what
material I’m using it is not peanut butter or Nutella
it is a simple clay called Cha- There’s nothing here I just thought it felt official to
do that. hey guys welcome back who doesn’t love a good snow day? it’s like
the single use divine blessing gifted to us from Mother Nature which forces the
world around us to slow down regenerate and take some “me” time
I love snow days. except for shoveling shoveling sucks. I always get stupid
looks from my neighbor. my neighbor is kind of a douche. I always thought it would be
cool to gather up all the snow in the yard make a big snow a- it’s super cold I
don’t really like the cold like two big massive mounds I guess they wouldn’t be
that tall because I’m only five seven and a half actually they must make
ladders especially for that purpose cold in the studio clay doesn’t want to stay
warm but anyway I’d sculpt his face right in the middle and then coming out
of his mouth there’d be a big arc of sh sculpting is hard I don’t even like
sculpting huge droplets in his yard middle fingers sticking up and then
maybe invite some of you guys over to help and even if you can’t sculpt it
doesn’t really matter because the uglier the better just use ZBrush then watch
them come outside and laugh and laugh and laugh then I guess the only logical
thing to do at that point would be to put them on you
– for anyone that couldn’t make it here for themselves to see follow your dreams
kids snow days I usually take these opportunities to catch up on the
ever-growing list of games that I have that I’ve yet to get through a nice hot
cup of coffee and an escape to a virtual world I’d hate to find myself in in any
other capacity so this time instead of inciting a war with my neighbor I was
lucky enough to have a snow day right near the release of the Resident
Evil 2 remake I’ve always been a huge fan of Resident Evil ever since I played
the original back in like 95 96 back then it was mind-blowing even with
the silly dialogue the blocky graphics the poor voice acting Jill’s voice “you’re right” thanks Jill I spent many nights staying
up late exploring the world of Raccoon City and since then those games have
left a footprint on me that I’ll never forget …well some of them it’d be really
tough for me to pick a favorite Resident Evil game but the new remake is
definitely up there I’m a huge fan of 3 I loved nemesis in fact a few years ago
if you haven’t seen it yet I did a video of a pumpkin-carving for Halloween of
nemesis link that up here and I still have this little sketch here actually
that I thought would be cool to show since it’s sort of a Resident Evil
themed video but this guy you can only see him for a couple of seconds in the
video and this was actually sculpted with a little less dimension to sort of
try to get it to translate better onto a pumpkin and sometimes I’ll do that one
before carving a pumpkin to just work out the forms or whatever and since you
only have so much to work with before you break through the pumpkin I really
wanted to revisit this guy at some point but I thought he would make a cool
pumpkin too so I went ahead and did that I think I only I can’t remember exactly
but I think I only spent like an hour to an hour and a half it goes really fast when
you don’t have the rest of the head or the ears obviously doesn’t have a nose
or anything like that to worry about so anyway after my first playthrough with
Leon and being chased around the game the entire time by mr. X once I got to
the end and I saw that super tyrant crash down from that bridge
I was like yes so let’s get to it shit that was fast
so I couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw in a bunch of detail on this guy I
know it looks time-consuming and complicated but really it wasn’t that
bad as for this one being a sketch it was actually quicker to just add all
this texture all over one of the properties of oil-based clay that you
can use to your advantage sometimes is the ability to melt it I don’t really
use that technique very often because I always try to sculpt with intention if
something has to look a certain way then I’ll take the time to get in there and
tool it that way to get it as close to the source material as I can the thing
is you can try to do it methodically but sometimes the results of just melting
the clay can be sort of inconsistent so if I were so if I were doing this for a
company I might have gone about things a little bit differently but this way is
really a lot of fun and since it’s just a quick sculpt there’s no real pressure
to make it super accurate or anything so I went ahead and abused the torch on
this one now if you didn’t catch it the eyes teeth and claws were all made from
translucent sculpey and I like to use this stuff sometimes for a little add-on
pieces because it gives a nice little contrast and just kind of adds a little
bit of realism to the raw sculpted piece here a few extra teeth that I made all
you have to do is sculpt it bake it and then if you want certain parts you can
add a little bit of gloss for the eyes in particular I took a little bit of red
colored thread and just kind of pulled it apart so I had these little tiny
strands and just place them on the eye and then gloss right over them and you
get these nice bloodshot capillaries that they look real when you see them in
person another benefit of using sculpey or any polymer clay for that matter is
that you can sculpt it and then bake it and then being a little add-on pieces
and stuff like that you can either build on top of it and you can just work with
little fine pieces that you don’t have to worry too much about denting the
piece or messing it up or working on the area around that little part it’s good
stuff I wasn’t sure I was going to do the hand because it’s like 4 times the
size of the head once I blocked it in I thought it looked
cool so I included it the hand was sculpted in Chavant medium grade and
that’s just so that I could move the material around faster it was a lot
easier to tuck things in and push things around as for the texture on the head
and the shoulder I used a small lava rock bead that I
glued to a toothpick there now it’s focused you got to do this
my girlfriend watches a lot of those beauty tutorials and they’re always
doing this to get the camera to focus I guess it works but I always laugh when
they do it anyway I just glued that to the the tip of a toothpick and used it
as sort of a texture roller to cover the fleshy bits with a rough scaly
zombie-like texture and I think it worked okay well Resident Evil’s beat
got myself a super tyrant sculpted I’d say it’s been a pretty successful snow
day guess I’m off to do some shoveling say hi to my neighbor hey guys before you go don’t forget to
subscribe and hit the notifica- *Barry from RE1 voice* I hope this is not this is not Chris’ blood *Chris- no Barry it’s not
my blood it’s a hotsauce stain from a sandwich I had last week but thanks for
your concern *Barry- yeah don’t mention *Chris- it did you see the
surprise I left in your yard you should go downstairs and check it out *Barry how about
going down to check by herself *Chris-well I made it for you Barry I even got some
help from my youtube friends I know it might be tough to tell what it is but
some of them are still learning *Barry- what is it? *Chris- what is it? *Barry-what is it? *Chris- it’s the
equivalent of a 911 douche police now get out of here and check it out
*Barry -what? don’t scare me… uh … I had something I wanted to check
*Chris -something you wanted to check? in my studio? and what would that be? *Barry- duh sandwich
*Chris- the sandwich? the sandwich is gone dude I told you I ate it last week
actually I didn’t even eat all of it the restaurant put sun-dried tomatoes on it
and it just ruined the whole thing I threw it out *Barry- what the hell? what a
monster what a monster! I can’t believe! what the hell!? *Chris- what? I don’t know what to
tell you man I’m not into sun-dried tomatoes *Barry – perhaps that was the most
important part * Chris- look B I don’t have time for this right now I’m trying to make a
video here and you just come up in my studio and you keep touching stuff and
zooming around here like some sort of drugged up squirrel and then you watch
out for that garbage door shoot it’s wide open! are you alright? *Barry – I’m really
embarrassed *Chris- yeah me too *Barry- whoa this hall is dangerous wait I found something I
have a rope here *Chris- you can just walk out the… *Barry- Grab the rope *Chris- no! *Barry -damn you! *Chris- Barry
quit screwing around and get out of *Barry- there must be a back door somewhere *Chris- just
open the hatch and come back up the stairs * funny running up stairs sound *Barry- sorry I was really careless
*Chris-uh-huh listen why don’t you just go stand over there in the soldiers area
while I finish this video *Barry -I’m gonna stay in the soldiers area and take a look
around *Chris- fine *Barry -now where are we? *Chris- we? well you’re in the soldiers area buddy also
known as my cat’s litter box *Barry- does it work
*Chris- I don’t know Barry take it for a spin oh you better not be dude watch out for
my cat dude *Barry -I’m sorry
do you think we could see tyrant now? *Chris-yeah wash your hands first he’s on the
desk over there *Barry – look at this! look… at… this! just… take a look at this! oh my god!
*Chris – thanks man it’s it’s not that good it’s just a quick sculpt that’s not even
painted or anything *Barry – it looks like he was killed by a crow or something *Chris -yeah a
crow Barry a crow killed the tyrant *Barry – yeah I think I’m getting old *Chris- me too Barry
me too *Barry -don’t be angry ready to go? *Chris- yeah let’s get out of here oh and you’re
probably gonna want to grab that shovel over there.


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