Sculpture in the City 2015

you know we try to changed how do you operate as an individual and
how do you wear your draw by by steel and glass and and and sculpture is a
very good membrane it says select a filter to humanize the city it makes me very proud that the city is
doing this that we’re putting on this fantastic art to see in the City of London in every supermarket we would have put
kids to put money for the disabled children so to see this
big statute but amazing while I these science fiction scenarios where a huge
environmental events is completely transformed the city so I like to think
that would be paddling through a flooded London cold concrete blast just nice to have
something that framing life everyday life City Line it’s kind of perfect in the city because
I started making these words at the beginning of the banking crisis be shown
in the city is perfect five years ago and this project just
grown and grown more importantly may be involved nine schools this fall 300 children will have come to faith in
the buildings that I’ve yet been privileged to visit but they’re very
lucky always excited about going in the buildings and looking down on the city
and realizing that actually they don’t live that far away from the city and
they always enjoy seeing the sculptures and they always always get a lot from
making these viewing structures I think the doing the making creating something that they don’t often
get to do and especially not on site outside and I think that’s probably my
favorite flowers baby-faced was just on serb because of school it’s like hope in the shower to bring
life to God

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