Sculpture Tutorial – Making An Armature For A Bust

The foundation of the sculpture is
called an armature. An armature gives support to the figure or bus and it
allows it to have a rigid form or in other words a skeleton without a sturdy
armature your clay would kind of fold under its own weight and make it really
difficult to form the proper shape that you’re trying to achieve in this lesson
we’ll be sculpting a 1/4 scale bust of a human head so the armature needs to
start off slightly smaller than the 1/4 scale in this lesson we are estimating
that our original head height will be about nine and a half inches tall
roughly what a normal human head is to get your 1/4 scale dimension for your
head simply measure and then divide it by four let’s take a look at all the
materials we’ll need for this process and get started building the armature
first place your wooden based upon the turntable so this example simply place
the flange in the centre of the wooden plank and tighten the screws down with
the screwdriver next place the pipe in the flange in
Tison be sure to not over tighten the pipe it may be very difficult to reverse
back out when you’re finished with the sculpture now you are ready to start
using the armature wire to form the foundation of the bus start with the
largest and smallest gauge wires and tightly wrap the smaller gauge wire
around the large gauge wire note this method is specifically to make
sure that your clay doesn’t slide up and down the wire as you try to form clay
around the wire now you are ready to start shaping the
head and shoulders of your body start by wrapping a sheet of aluminum paper a
little bit of foil into a ball and forming the foundation of the head as
the ball grows and size this is where you can estimate the size of the head
shoulders remember to keep the form slightly smaller than the actual quarter
scale but be sure to leave some wire exposed at
the base of the bulb just because you can tie into the neck and shoulders
easily with other wire now you’re ready to form the neck and shoulders with the
wire once again be sure to leave room for the
clay to be added to the size of the quarter inch scale armature the normal
human shoulder width is roughly the same size as two heads put into his
horizontally to use this method for measuring as you structure the shoulder
width now combine the head shoulders and neck together and wrap the wire very
tightly around the armature pipe so the armature doesn’t slide up and down or
left and right around the pipe finally wrap the wire base in pipe with
aluminum foil this will help transfer the heat from
the baking process to the sitter of the clay form and provide even baking
throughout the bust hey congratulations you now have an armature for your head
and shoulders but in the next lesson I’ll teach you a technique for preparing
the sculpey clay so that it looks and feels and has granular texture just like
human skin okay let’s see what you got submit a picture of your finished
armature to Jacob Mansfield com forward slash assignment and get constructive
feedback about your assignment


  • MyNeedfulThings

    Thanks a lot for this video. It's great

  • Jay 24cents

    Jake, I have a question. If we are using supersculpey firm, clays. And using your method of armature.. How can we bake it? I'm afraid it will explode or something? haha


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