Hey! Welcome back! We’re ready for Module Three! Hopefully you’ve had a good time finishing Module One and Two, and now we’re going to delve right into sculpture and architecture. These are two of my favorite topics. When we look at sculpture, we are moving from two dimensional art to three dimensional art, but you don’t have to wear special glasses. Although there are different types of sculpture, like sunken relief and low and high relief, the first picture in our mind when we hear the term “sculpture” is sculpture in the round. A statue that we can examine from all angles and that we can walk around. Just like in painting, there’s representational and abstract sculpture. Often the human body is the subject matter in the sculpture in the round, including famous works like Michelangelo’s David and Pieta, or The Thinker by Rodin. Modern sculpture might seek to reveal a message along with the subject. A protest against technology or an accommodation with technology. As in painting, there are some sculptures that an educated person should just know and be able to recognize. And here they are. Okay! But of course… I don’t know why there’s a question mark after that. That’s what threw me!

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