SCULPTURES – Greg Rabejac capture la magie d’une vague

Sculptures by Greg Rabejac This wave really encompasses the definition of a photograph. It shows something that, ordinarily is invisible to the naked eye, and which, in addition, will disappear in a matter of seconds. That’s what I like as well, with these moments. The outcome is completely unknown. In a sequence of the same wave, we will have ten photos. But looking closely, each photo is entirely different. The wave has its own characteristics; the texture, form, substance, colours are just incredible and unique, compared to a classic surf wave. The wave itself, the way it breaks, the way it crashes. It’s a truly timeless experience. There, it takes on a new shape, where the ocean meets the earth. In this primitive place, it will create something new; the wave transforms into a sculpture. Maison de surf since 1985


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