Secret Coloring Technique Revealed!

Hi everyone, This is Jennifer Stay from Coloring
Pages Bliss, and I am so excited today to reveal to you my latest, and greatest new
secret coloring weapon. I discovered this about a month ago, and i’ve
been experimenting with it, and using it, and actually Im quite obsessed with it. I don’t know if ill ever go back to not using
this new secret weapon, and i’m excited to share it with you because i think you may
be just as obsessed with it as me by the time Im done here. Make sure you stay tuned until the end of
this video, because we’re going to do a giveaway and i want to make sure you have a chance
to participate in that giveaway. Without further ado, I will reveal the Secret
weapon, and here it is. Highlighters! Its just simple highlighters. You may even have some of these sitting around
in your junk drawer, right now in your office, or in your desk, you probably have some. you may even have tried coloring with them
before. They’re pretty fun little things, and i’m
going to show you what i’ve been doing with them, and i have been using them in a way,
like I said, that you may not expect. So the way we’re going to use our hilighters,
is as a base layer. Okay, so base layer basically is when we lay
something down first before we go to our main Coloring tool. Its going to give us professional results. When you watch a professional illustrator
or artist work, they almost always lay down something first that kind of gives them a
base to work off of. as I started watching more and more artists, I started seeing this
pattern, and i realized that this was a step that i wasn’t using. So the highlighters, have became this step
for me, and its pretty exciting what you get. One of the things i dislike most about pencil
crayon, and have always disliked most about pencil crayon is that when you use it, the
white of the paper comes through and you have to work pretty hard, and theres lots of steps
you have to take in order for that white to go away. Now, in future tutorials i’m going to be posting,
i’m going to go into a lot of depth about why that white is there, lots of different
ways, and techniques to get rid of it. There are lots of ways to get rid of the white,
how to use the white. basically the white is the ridges of the paper,
which in the art world is called tooth, the pencil crayon goes across That paper and lays
the pigment on the top ridges of that paper on the tops, or the tips of the tooth of the
paper, and the white or the bottoms of the ridges of the paper shows through. So if you want those white specks to go away,
you have to press down harder to press the teeth of the paper down, to get that color
to go down into those ridges. theres lots of ways to fill in those teeth,
but its not my favorite look, the white coming through. Ive been trying to embrace that white more
often, and be happy with it, but it just comes through. Thats the nature of pencil crayon. So thats one reason I have avoided pencil
crayon in the past. So when you use a base layer, you can at least
when you use highlighters as your base layer, it can help take away that white, without
damaging the tooth of the paper. Now the tooth of the paper is going to help
your pencil crayon lay onto your paper better, if you had no tooth, then there’d be nothing
for your pencil crayon to grab onto. The tooth is so important. And so, you have to have a little tooth, or
you wouldn’t be able to get the shading, or the effects you like from your colored pencils,
so we cant eliminate the tooth all together. You have to have a happy medium, So this base
layer takes care of that problem for you. So now, if you watch, when i come over this,
obviously as I have my highlighter base layer on underneath there, Anywhere where there
would’ve been white now we’re going to get a glowing yellow coming though, which is so
exciting! Thats why its secret. Because its hiding underneath. our highlighter hides underneath, and its
a secret. Nobody knows its there,except for you, and
what happens is you get this really pretty deep, rich color, and it looks like you’ve
worked for hours to build up layers of color, when really its just a quick layer of highlighter
I layed down. Cool! Im going to show you the close up here in
just a second. so where you might think, well, this is a
whole extra step, I don’t know if i like that. Actually, you’re going to save time, because
you are adding that layer down, you’ll have to work less to build up your colors, with
your colored pencils, so you’re going to save time, and save on your pencil crayons, your
expensive colored pencils, because you already built up that base layer suing the cheap highlighter. SO cool! This was done really quick, just to show you,
so i’m going to bring it up closer, but you can see immediately it almost looks like you’ve
used 3-4 different yellows to build that up. Same with the blue and the green. Let me hold this really still, and you can
see what happens. So cool. Lets first talk about highlighters a little
bit, and why they intrigue me so much. Let me show you here. First of all, one of the reasons I like highlighter
so much is because they don’t bleed through your paper, and they dry really fast, which
is really fun for when you’re coloring. Let me show you, I hit the store, you know,
its back to school time right now, and so i hit the store and i bought a whole bunch
of highlighters, so i’m going to pull them all out here in a second, and i bought a bunch. This is just really wimpy regular paper here
for kids at school, and I bought a bunch of different styles, Ill show you here. I tested them because I wanted to make sure
that they didn’t bleed through, and they don’t. some of the pens, do smear a bit though, they’re
usually the water based pens, so you want to be a little careful of that as you’re coloring
with them. but, for the most part, they don’t smear or
anything, they don’t bleed though, so thats really neat. The other thing is that they don’t damage
your paper. Especially if you use them the way they are
intended, which is one pass at a time, so they don’t damage paper, in fact, when you
draw your hand across them, you cant hardly tell at all, where you have been with them. Now of course, if you went over your paper
several times with the pen, you could start pilling up the fibers of the paper with your
sharpie highlighter, or whatever brand of highlighter you have, but if you use them
the way highlighters are intended, with one pass, you’re not going to damage your paper,
which is really cool, especially if you’re coloring in a lower quality coloring book,
your highlighter isn’t going to hurt that paper. The other thing thats really fun about the
highlighters is that they come in some really fun, crazy fluorescent hues. They don’t come in a huge variety, This is
what I found as i was shopping, basically i came across the sharpies, they call these
their pocket set. These come with a really nice, Ill bring it
up close to the camera here so you can see, but its a nice chisel tip, so you can actually
get pretty detailed with them. Thats really nice. Most of the pens are just like that. Then of course theres the really run really
big ones, which i like, and sharpie calls these their chisel kind, and when i pulled
them out, it was really funny cause i had a flashback from when I was a little girl,
I pulled them out of the package and i was like, I remembered immediately making them
into really long swords and playing with them like this in really long sticks, which is
hilarious to me, i don’t know if i was the only one that did that. so you’ll have to comment if you guys also
played with your sharpie highlighters like that. as i’ve been working with them, I really actually
love this style of the highlighters because you get a lot of coverage, let me show you,
you get a lot of coverage with not too much trouble. which is really cool. So i’m a fan of this kind of sharpie highlighter.
and then i also found that Bic was selling a set in the back to school section, and these
were the least expensive, and their colors kind of came out the most , I don’t know,
kind of dull compared to the sharpies, so i wasn’t too happy with them, but they were
only like 2 bucks for this set, so that was really good, I thought, you know for 2 dollars. and then, I was at Walmart for my shopping,
so I found they were selling Their store brand, Which is Casemate, and they had these markers,
these highlighters, which i was quite surprised with, If you can see, Ill bring it up closer
to the camera, and let it focus in, Heres the Bic line here, and the Sharpies, and the
Casemate. as you can see, the casemate had quite vivid colors, and they even threw in
this, the package shows it as being sort of a red, but its more of a watermelon type color,
so thats kind of fun to have an extra color, so the Casemate was quite fun, but they came
in these, let me show you the red one, they came in these, They call it the retractable
pens, so you hit the button here, and it feels really flimsy. Really flimsy. like you know, maybe after pushing that button
30 times its going to break. when you look inside, you probably cant see
it, but when you look inside, its just a plastic flippy door here, so when you push it, it
flips open. so i don’t know how long its going to last,
but the colors are pretty and fun, I Think it was another like 5 bucks or so, and you
get eight in the set, so pretty decent deal. SO ill play with them. See how vivid? Really fun colors and they lay down really
pretty. SO i think it was worth the five dollars to
play with it. On sale around 5 bucks. so i think that was worth it, so that’ll be
fun to try. So lots of fun colors, and the fluorescent
hues, they add lots of depth and richness, Ill show you, they’re inexpensive, and they’re
available everywhere. You can pick them up at your grocery store,
the dollar stores have them, so you can get them even cheaper, you can get them of course
at your office stores, and Walmart, target, those type stores, you can find them. They lay down, almost looks like water color
as it comes out, you can get different textures and by overlaying them, you can get different
depths of color, so theres a lot of variety of things you can do with these inexpensive,
little markers. so highlighters, I think, Are underrated. so like i said, i’ve been always wanting to
try to find a way to use them in a productive way. but, you are kind of limited on your colors,
and so as i experimented with them, I found a way to use them that is fantastic. Thats what we are going to talk about here. Okay. so here we are, I colored with a Prismacolor
cerulian blue a sphere here, just the one color of blue here. I didn’t use several different colors of blue,
this is just one blue, same here with the grass green Prismacolor. and underneath my
little post its here, is the same sphere , but with a blue highlighter base layer, and here
is a green highlighter base layer. You’ll see the huge difference, and its the
same, I tried to do exactly the same amount of pencil crayon layed down. and if i had
worked this, I would have to keep going in order to hide all that white. Because it doesn’t look finished at all to
me there. and so here, lets look at what the difference
is. Look at how amazing that blue is. Its just stunning. With that base layer, it totally changes that
sphere, and gives it so much depth. And theres the green. Its so pretty. so just by adding the highlighter as a base
layer, we add a ton of depth and richness. We are going to save time, and we save on
our most expensive products, which is the Prismacolor colored pencils. SO cool! It truly is a secret weapon. Because nobody knows what Idid there. Now this is a coloring page I posted on my
Facebook page, oh a few days ago, and I mentioned there was a secret weapon underneath this,
and basically what Idid tho this coloring page is I went over everywhere where you see
blue, I hit it with the blue, everywhere where you see green, I hit it with the green, and
so on, through our this whole coloring page, I prepped it with the highlighter base layer
on the whole page, and then i went over it with the coloring pencil, over the whole thing,
and did some layering up and didn’t work too hard on it because with the highlighter underneath
it you don’t have to spend as much time or lay down as much colored pencil, and then
i went over it some more with some gel pen to give it some pop, and some highlights on
top of that. When you’re done, you spend less time, and
you come up with this coloring page that is so vivid, and so full of depth, and people
are just like what did you use? what tools did you use? and its so fun, because
you know there is a secret weapon inside that you used that was so cheap and easy, and you
get all this depth out of it. SO cool! That is such an easy way to do it. let me show you some more of what we can do
with this. So here, I wanted to prove out the theory
for each color, and i wanted to prove it out for multiple tools. I have a small set of Faber-castell Pollychromos,
so thats on this side, so if you’re a Pollychromos person, then here you can see how your Pollychromos
will work with your highlighter, and if you’re a Prismacolor person, here you can see how
your Prismacolor premiers Are going to work, and in every situation, let me bring it up
close, and hold it still, in every situation you can see how without the highlighter, you
can see the white, but when you add the highlighter behind, not only does it take the white away,
but the color becomes more dynamic, and it becomes richer, and fuller, and really pretty,
it just makes those colors really pop. and then i wanted to prove out that we can still
use our blending agents, like out mineral solvents, so i pulled out my odorless mineral
spirits that i’m going to teach you how to use in another tutorial, we use it to help
blend the pencil crayon, and so here you can see I went through and i blended it to make
sure it didn’t hurt the highlighter, or make the highlighter go funky or something, and
here you can see, not only does it work just fine with our highlighter underneath it, but
it even works prettier too. The highlighter helps make it more dynamic
as well, so you can go ahead and use your odorless mineral spirits, without worrying
about that, let me show you the Pollychromos side as well, for you Pollychromos people
as well, so you know it will work great for your pencils. Lots of options. these are going to open up all kinds of options
for us. Okay, so that shows us what happens when you
layer up in the same hue. yellow on yellow, green on green. Then i got thinking, what if we layered up
with other hues, and so i made this crazy chart. Ok, so this chart is a little hard to see. Ill kind of walk you through it. This one is blue highlighter strip, green,
yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Then i took my Prismacolors, and i went across
this way with a whole bunch of different colors. Theres the numbers, I even used some metallics,
are in here, and theres white, and i went over it all to see, you know, if i took this
bright pink, and i layed a blue underneath it, what would happen. because i thought, wow, could you lay blue
down, and come up will all different kinds of shades? and the answer is yes! so base
layers can change your existing colors so if all you have is a set of say 36 colored
pencils, you can use your highlighters to change those colored pencil colors into new
colors, and make your existing pencil crayons look like you have all kinds of new colors! So a base layer does not have to be in the
same hue, it can be a different hue. Let me bring this up a little closer so you
can see. This chart is a little crazy, I admit, because
of all of the stripes going on, but if you want to try this out at home, and see what
your different tools will do with the highlighters, I really recomend this because it was really
fun to see, you know, what my favorite purple would do on top of all of the different colors. I even made a little card here to help me
isolate each line, so i could say, lets look at my favorite purple, and see what it would
look like over yellow, and what i kind of discovered, is that yellow
in general, really helps, it brings out the different colors, and so I think i’m going
to end up sung yellow a lot, kind of if i don’t know what highlighter to use, i think
ill default to yellow underneath almost anything, because it really brings out, and makes things
really deep and vivid. And then, I wanted to try this to show you
one more time, here you can see I really exaggerated the highlighter colors in each of these flowers. I colored out three different colors of each
sharpie, you know, really obviously, so when I went over it with the yellow Oquirrh, you
could see how it changed the colors of the yellow Oquirrh with having the base layer
of these highlighter underneath. Just to show you that there are so many different
combinations that we can go after with using these highlighters underneath them. It turned out really cool. I was really pleased, especially with the
green with the yellow Oquirrh over it, and the blue, i tired to do some shading there,
and it was really pretty. So many different combinations with this secret
weapon underneath it. so fun. and of course, we cant have this discussion
without talking about my favorite tools, the gel pens! we have to talk about how we can
use the highlighters and the gel pens in combination, we cant leave this without talking about that,
so i did the same sort of chart with the highlighters and the gel pens. so here we have the highlighter
here, yellow, green, blue purple, pink, and orange, and then I went with the gel pen going
this direction, and i did some glitters, I did some metallics, I did some regular pastel
type colors, and i even threw in a white here at the end so we can see a little bit of everything,
I tried to do the colors in sets here, so you can see how the highlighters bring out
the colors of the gel pens. And it was also really exciting for me because
sometimes when you color with these gel pens, Again, The nature of the gel pens sometimes
show the white of the paper through it, and so when you lay it over the yellow, it really
popped the color, if you can see, ill try to hold it really still. so sometimes when you’re drawing out with
these, you might do it imperfectly, and you get a little bit of the yellow will pop through
a little bit more than what you may have intended, but you end up with a really neat effect,
and so it turned out to be really fun, and with the glitter and the metallics, anytime
you move them int the light, you see even more so the errors in your coloring, you can
kind of see, especially in this metallic line here, some of my strokes aren’t quite consistent
and stuff, but the highlighter base layer, my secret weapon, helps hide some of those
problems, and will even make the coloring look prettier because in any of my mistakes,
that highlighter comes through those spots and makes it look really pretty, and will
enhance the coloring, and again, thats why this one turned out so pretty, and people
don’t know that thats what they’re seeing, because when I layed the gel pen on top of
these, and they’re catching the yellow highlighter popping thorough and underneath these, and
they don’t know that thats what they’re seeing. but, that is exactly what they are seeing,
is ever so often, the gold would open up a little bit, and the yellow peeks through. so thats pretty cool. what we/re going to do here, to sort of prove
out what i’m talking about, i have a flower that i pre drew, and we are going to hit fast
forward for a minute here, I chose out some gel pens out of this gel writer set, i have
this nice big gel writer set, and i’m going to use these that i picked out, that looks
nice with our highlighter, and i’m going to go ahead and color each petal, the orange,
then i’m going to do orange again here to show you how cool it is, and how the base
layer really makes a big difference, and we’ll color up this cute flower, and you can see
how it works. Make sure you stay tuned, because at the end,
I want to do the giveaway, so sit back, relax, enjoy the coloring, and ill talk to you about
the giveaway in just a minute. Okay! we got it done, and let me tell you,
the spots that didn’t have the highlighter are of course the smaller petals, and those
ones took longer, and they took more ink than the bigger ones, and i kept stopping and wanting
to reach for the appropriate highlighter feeling like, oh my goodness, i need that highlighter. let me bring it up closer and you can see
for yourself on the spots that didn’t have highlighter the white peeking though, you
can see colors don’t feel as deep on the spots that have no base layer on them, and i think
we have proved our point that a highlighter base layer is the way to go. It doesn’t soak through our paper, its inexpensive,
and it is a fantastic way to add depth and beauty to our coloring pages. so fantastic! so get your highlighters out,
and start using them because this is going to change your coloring pages, wether you’re
using colored pencils, or gel pens, or markers, pull out those highlighters and use them. i’m definitely going to be adding them to
my regular stash, and like i said, i think this size is my favorite, but i think the
smaller ones are going to go into my regular bag here, i’ve actually had them in here for
quite a while, and i’ve been hiding them from you for my other videos haha, i keep pulling
them out, hiding them because i didn’t want you guys to see that that is what i’ve been
hauling around with me as my secret weapon, and ill show you another one this one here
that i posted on my Facebook page was also done with the highlighter base layer! and
this one here was all highlighter base layer, with the yellow Pollychromos colored pencil
on top so it really makes a huge difference, really makes those colors pop. Its really worth playing around with, those
base layers with our highlighters. I hope you enjoyed this tip, I hope you learned
something, and i hope that it will make a difference in your coloring. Thats one of my goals, is to inspire you guys
to enjoy your coloring more, and to get more bliss out of it. I hope that this has done that for you today. So lets get to my giveaway. Thank you for sticking with me to the end!
the prize is this: your very own beautiful set of sharpie highlighters. Ill mail it off to you. So heres what you need to do to be entered
into the giveaway for this beautiful set of sharpie highlighters to get you started on
using these secret weapons in your own coloring. Its just three easy things. First, you need to subscribe to my youtube
channel. Second, you need to like this video. just hit that little like button. and third,
you need to comment in the comments below this youtube video, and in your comment you
need to use the phrase “sharpie highlighter” and
i’m going to select the winner from the comments below, so you have to make sure you have done
that. So three things. subscribe, like, and comment with the phrase
“Sharpie Highlighter” and ill send you this beautiful set of Sharpie highlighters so you
can start adding a base layer of highlighter to your coloring, and guess what? this giveaway
is open to everyone! thats everyone. Even international colorers! Thats right! i know you guys have been wanting
to be in my giveaways, and you finally get to be apart of it! YAY! Im so happy for you guys. So, make sure you do that. Subscribe, like, comment “Sharpie Highlighter”
and I will probably give you guys a few days, and i will post another video with a
watch for it, and I hope you guys really enjoy using this new secret weapon, and making your
beautiful coloring pages just pop with lots of color, i hope you have a beautiful and
colorful day. Bye!


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