Sesame Street: Sculpture with Jon Hamm (Word on the Street Podcast)

Hi. I’m Murray, from Sesame Street. And I’m looking for
the word on the street. What’s the word on the street? BOY: Sculpture. MURRAY: What is a sculpture? GIRL: It’s a type of art. BOY: It’s a piece of
art that you shape. WOMAN: It could be made
out of metal or rock. MURRAY: How would you
make it into a sculpture? GIRL: Carve it. MAN: Build a sculpture
with a hammer and nails. GIRL: And you can,
like, put it together into anything you want. MURRAY: Keep listening
for the word “sculpture,” today on Sesame Street. BOY: Sculpture. MURRAY: That’s the
word on the street. JON HAMM: Hi. I’m Jon. And this is– I said, I’m Jon. And this is– Elmo
you’re supposed to tell everyone who you are. ELMO: Oh, oh. Sorry– I’m sorry, Mr. Jon. Elmo can’t talk right now. Elmo’s busy making a sculpture. JON HAMM: Oh! Well that’s perfect,
Elmo, because today’s word is sculpture. ELMO: Oh, right. Sculpture. Oh, tell everyone what
a sculpture is, Mr. Jon! JON HAMM: OK. I can do that. A sculpture is a
piece of art that’s made by shaping or
carving something, or by putting things together. As you can see, Elmo is
carving his structure with a hammer and chisel. Elmo, why don’t you show
everyone your sculpture? JON HAMM: Oh, oh. Elmo’s not done right now. Maybe– maybe Mr. Jon can
show some other sculpture while Elmo finishes. JON HAMM: Other sculptures. Uh– right. I’ll go find some
other sculptures. [GRUNTING] OK, I got one! This sculpture is made out of
something totally different. This sculpture is made
out of pieces of metal. Very, very heavy metal. Can we please show your
sculpture now, Elmo? Please? Before I get a hernia. ELMO: No. JON HAMM: No. No. Wha– whoa! [CRASH] ELMO: There! Now Elmo can show his sculpture! JON HAMM: Oh, thank goodness. Thank goodness, Elmo. ELMO: OK. JON HAMM: Let’s
see your sculpture. ELMO: OK. JON HAMM: Wow. That is one beautiful sculpture. ELMO: Thank you. JON HAMM: Oh! And very lifelike. Sculpture! BERT: Almost finished, Ernie? ERNIE: Don’t move! Don’t move! BERT: OK. ERNIE: Almost got it here. BERT: I want to see it, Ernie. I want to see it. ERNIE: There we go! And it is finished! BERT: Oh, oh boy! Let me see, let me see. ERNIE: OK, Bert. BERT: OK. OK. ERNIE: Take a look at it here. How’s that? BERT: Oh, wow. That’s great, Ernie. Hey, but, uh– Ernie? ERNIE: Yes? BERT: It’s not quite finished. I mean, it looks
almost finished. But it’s not quite finished. ERNIE: Almost? What do you mean, Bert? It looks exactly like you. BERT: Ernie, Ernie. Part of the face
is missing there. See? ERNIE: Part of the
face is missing? What do you mean, Bert? Everything is there. BERT: Look at my face, and
then look at my face and see. ERNIE: Well, let’s see. It’s got, uh– it’s
got two eyes up there. BERT: Yeah, and I
have two eyes, too. Yeah. ERNIE: It’s got two ears. BERT: Two ears. I have two ears. ERNIE: You have two ears. Got a, uh– mouth. BERT: A mouth. I’ve got a mouth, too, yeah. ERNIE: It’s got eyebrows. BERT: Yep. Two eyebrows. I have eyebrows, too, yeah. ERNIE: It’s got a nose. BERT: Ah! Uh-huh. ERNIE: Oh, Bert. BERT: You forgot the nose. ERNIE: I forgot the nose. BERT: Right. ERNIE: How could I do that? Well don’t worry, Bert. I’ll just, uh– come here. BERT: Oh, tell me a secret? Ah! ERNIE: There we go. Perfect. [LAUGHTER] BERT: I don’t understand. [GIBBERISH] MAN: Ha! Yes! [LAUGHTER] KING: No, no, no, no no, no. MAN: Ha! No, eh? No? Ha! Ha ha! KING: That. That. No, no, no. MAN: Aw. Huh? Ah! KING: Go. Ooh. Yes, yes, yes. BERT: What is a sculpture? MAN: A sculpture
is an art piece. MAN: A piece of art that you
make by shaping or carving or by putting things together. GIRL: A
three-dimensional object. WOMAN: When you got o a museum
and you see a big, tall body standing still, like this– MURRAY: Like that? WOMAN: That’s a sculpture. MAN: You can use anything
to make a sculpture. You can use clay, cardboard– WOMAN: Stone or
marble or copper. BOY: A block. BOY: A sculpture
that’s made of ice. BOY: Sometimes you can
make a sand sculpture. GIRL: You can make a
sculpture out of a building. MURRAY: Yeah. GIRL: But you can’t live in it. WOMAN: I’ve even made
sculptures out of cake. MURRAY: Sculpture! That’ the word on the street. Haha! Nice likeness. GIRL: Usually it’s
in a nice shape. Either it’s in a shape
of you or of me– MURRAY: That would be lovely. A sculpture of me and
you would be awesome. Now that’s art, baby. That’s the word on the street! ANNA KENDRICK: Hi, I’m Anna. ABBY: And I’m Abby. ELMO: And Elmo’s Elmo ANNA KENDRICK: And
we’re here to tell you all about the word absorb. ELMO AND ABBY: Absorb!


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