Setting up a document | Placing in a drawing / Sketch Ep13/19 [Adobe Illustrator for Beginners]

[ Music ]>>Hello, and welcome to
this video tutorial brought to you by So now we are getting into the
project section of this course. In the previous 12 episodes, I
introduced you to Illustrator, showcased some handy tips, and we practiced some
essential tools and techniques. In this video, we are going to
begin our project by setting up a document in Illustrator for
our poster and T-shirt design. Then, we will be placing in
a previously scanned drawing and arranging the
layers in such a way to prepare us to
begin tracing it. I will be talking you through
some of the details you need to consider as we set
up a new document. Later in this project,
we are going to convert the scanned
drawing into better artwork by using the drawing
tools in Illustrator. Once converted into better
artwork, we will be able to apply effects to
it in the future. So currently I have
this document open. This is an example
of what we are going to prepare in this video. This image has been placed
in, and if you look carefully in the layers panel, we can see
the structure has been arranged to create an ideal set up
for us to start tracing. To follow along with
this tutorial, you will need this image to
place into your document. This can be found in
the project folder. If you’d like to see
this document I have open and take a closer look,
this can also be found in the projects folder. You can download the
project folder for free. The download link is
in the description. So I’m just going to
close this document because now we are going
to set up our new document. To create a new document, we
need to come to file, new. Now each time we create a
new document in Illustrator, we will see this
properties window up here. Before we create
the new document, we need to specify a
number of criteria in order to create the right
document for our work. So we’re going to create a
poster and T-shirt design here in Adobe Illustrator, and this
artwork is going to be printed. So we need to create
a document for print. Starting from the top
here, we have the name. So on this occasion, I’m going
to call this skull artwork. Next, we have a profile tab. So this is currently
set a custom, though if we click the
tab option, we can choose from a list of presets. Here we have print,
web, devices, video and film and basic RGB. Choosing one of these
presets will help us set up the right document settings. For example, if I pick web,
we can choose from a number of standard website canvas sizes and notice the units
have been set to pixels. If I click on video and film,
we have an array of canvas sizes for various video formats. Now, we are going to be
making artwork for print. So on this occasion,
we are going to choose print from
the presets. Now we can specify the
number of art boards. I’m going to set this to two because I know eventually I’m
going to create two pieces of artwork in this document. As soon as we specify
more than one art board, a number of options will become
available just to the right. Here, I can specify
the arrangement of my art boards
in my new document. We can arrange grid by
row, grid by column, arrange by row or
arrange by column. No matter what you
choose at this point, you can always change
this again later. I want my art boards
to be side by side. So on this occasion, I’m
going to choose grid by row. I’m going to put my
spacing up to 10 millimeters between my art boards and
set the column to two. Next, we can choose our size. So I set my profile to print. So now I can choose from
a set of print formats. I’m going to go ahead
and choose A3. Notice now the units have
been set to millimeters. This can be changed by
clicking on the tab, but since this document
is for print, I’m going to keep this
set to millimeters. I want my document
artwork to be portrait. So I will make sure my
orientation is set to portrait. Now, my document will be sent
to the printers upon completion. So I’m going to add some bleed. Bleed is normally
specified by your printer. In my experience, it’s
between 3 and 5 millimeters. For those who may not
be familiar with bleed, when we come to export
our artwork later to give to the printers, the artwork
will have a number of marks and guides to help the
printer correctly trim the poster artwork. If we create a full bleed
document, the bleed will allow for an element of over-trimming. So I’ll push my bleed
up to 5 millimeters. We also have a little
tab here called advanced. If I click this, this will
reveal some other options. We can see the color
mode is set to CMYK. That’s good as we are
going to be working with CMYK colors for print. The raster effects we
can leave at 300 dpi. This will guarantee any
artwork we rasterize will retain high quality. And we will leave preview
mode set to default. So once I’m happy with
the document setup, I will click okay. So upon click, Illustrator will
create the new document for us. And here we have
our two art boards. If we look closely, we
can see red lines are on the outside of
our art boards. This is the bleed margin. So now I’m happy
with my document. It’s time to bring
in my drawing. What I’m going to do now is
place an image into my document. To do this, I’m going to
come to file and place. Here, I’m going to navigate
to the project folder. This image can be found in the
test project folder, set up, assets, and I’ll select the
scan skull JPEG and click place. Now Illustrator will ask where
you want to place your image. I’m just going to click
once and there is my image. Right now it appears
to be quite small. So with this selection tool,
I’m going to click and drag on the bottom right square of
the bounding box holding shift to scale up like
so until I’m happy. So now we have an image
inside Illustrator. If we come across to our
links panel here on the right, if you cannot see your
links panel, come to Window. Scroll down and select links. In my links panel,
I have a new item. This represents my image share. You will be able to
see all the images in your Illustrator
document in this links panel. This makes it really easy to
re-link images update images and navigate the
images in the document. Okay, so this is a drawing
I have prepared earlier which I am now going to
trace in Illustrator. So at the moment, the
illustration is too dark. This is going to make
it difficult to trace. So I’m now going to prepare
the layers and treat the image. So first I’m going to select
my image, and I’m going to come over to the transparency panel. If you cannot see your
transparency panel, come to Window, scroll down
and select transparency. So I’m going to set my
transparency to 20 percent. Now we can see the
image is faded. Now this is going to help
because as we start to draw on top using the drawing
tools a little later, we won’t clash with the drawing. Excellent. So once your sketch is faded, I’m going to come
to the layers panel. I’m going to double
click on the layer name and rename this to
drawing guide. If we look closely, we can
see an eye symbol to the left. To the right of this
is an empty space. If we click this, we will
see a lock icon up here. This means I will not be
able to accidentally select or alter this layer in any way. Next, I’m going to come to the
top right, click the menu icon and select create new layer. I’m going to call this layer
trace layer and click okay. So this will be the
layer we begin to trace our scanned
drawing image. This is now a good setup. The background image is
locked, and we are now free to start tracing the
scanned drawing on top. So to finish off, I’m going
to save this document. I’m going to come to file,
save and save my document to the desktop and simply
save as skull sketch. Make sure you save your
document somewhere safe as we will be using this
document in the next video. So that is how you can set
a big document for print and import the drawing
into Illustrator and create the right
setup to begin tracing. Now, before we begin to trace
the image using the drawing tools, I want to
demonstrate an alternative. There is a way in Illustrator to
quickly convert a hand drawing into a vector graphic. In the next video, I’ll be
showcasing a particular tool called the image trace tool
known in early versions of Illustrator as
the live trace tool. I will also be discussing
why you may or may not choose to use the image trace tool over the tracing technique
using the drawing tools. So I’ll see you in
the next video.


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