SFlow™ 275 & 450 Manual Airless Spray Gun in details | SAMES KREMLIN

Hello I’m Christophe, Communication Manager for SAMES KREMLIN, I would like to present you the brand new SFlow AIRLESS gun from SAMES KREMLIN. This gun is especially designed for high duty industrial
applications. AIRLESS is the world where you need clearly sustainability, it means
that you need a gun which has got very high productivity and very high
sustainability: these two points are clearly in that gun plus the quality of
atomization because this is one of the key quality of SAMES KREMLIN, means
this AIRLESS gun is especially made for premium AIRLESS market, high duty industrial applications and high quality of application with also one key point in
AIRLESS which is the ROI because of a very high transfer efficiency, the
highest of the market with 81% transfer efficiency.

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