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you you [Music] [Music] hi my name is Sharon Britt and I’m from Israel I was a few years in America and there I started the spirit of sculpture I’m going to show you my art works are abstract organic sculptures all of them have a different story to tell from each angle my work is created out of the internal drive as if it’s emerging out of itself what intrigues me how I marry myself you know the process to create spontaneously and iteratively opening the layer to search for what lies behind overt what is hidden within the inspiration for vision reflected in my work comes from the sea and the sea has always been an integral part of my life I often go to the beach for swimming and stroll and take in its natural beauty my being on the beach I feel that my son’s are all active and working together which appears later in my works the work posit is long it’s all started on the wheel there and make many forms of porcelain I twist and fold them but only after at some times I open them again to walk deeper on a few I find interesting I dig inside open the layers and emphasize the shapes and the lines I want to the work are sanded with various grades of sandpaper from rough to smooth before and after being fired even though the person is tough to work with its final looks were the challenge I like its elegant and inner glare that come out at the end of the works the work process included different steps of spontaneous and intuitive work along its path that are strict and meticulous in the process I’m trying to combine harmony these two opposing parts I’m always enjoyed seeing how different people react differently to the sculptures and how each one of the sculpture reflects the viewers on inner world in a different ways and always feel great satisfaction for their response

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