Sharp pencils like pro artist

Today I am going to give a solution to a common problem of all artists, that is “Lead Break” This is the sharpener, which most artists commonly use. The problem with this sharpener is, with efflux of time, the blade wears out resulting lead break you can see it here So, this is not the correct way to sharpen a pencil This pencil had a flimsy plastic between the lead, which makes the blade blunt, Also, this sharpener gives a very small lead, due to which you do not get a good view while drawing You are not able to view what you are drawing If we are able to sharpen the pencil till here we shall be able to get a clear viewpoint to draw For this, you would require this tool This is called Pen Knife, you may get it easily at any stationery store Also called a precision knife Also used by medical students, easily available in drug & stationery stores And this is how I sharp First of all, you have to remove this upper layer, without touching the lead You have to remove this portion carefully We will just concentrate on removing the upper layer, not touching the lead at all You have to slowly rotate the pencil, as you sharp in the layers After getting this long lead, then we will move on sharpening the lead, like this you have to be cautious of your hands while doing this You have to slowly rotate your pencils while sharpening the lead If not comfortable in doing this on hands, you may keep it on any surface like this and sharpen You may keep it on a surface and lightly sharpen without applying any pressure like how I am doing here So, our tool is now ready you may draw anything you wish to You can see here the difference between the two Sharpening a pencil like this is very useful, as you may get a very clear view of what you are drawing you may hold it from a distance and draw with light strokes too It becomes very easy If you loved this video do give a like below and do comment. Share it with your friends assisting them to sharp pencils well And if you have made a similar awesome tool, dig it on the Subscribe button below, as you would get to see similar useful and fun content every week


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