Sharpie Nails, Nail Art Life Hacks. 5 Easy Nail Art Designs for Back to School!

In this video I will show you an awesome back
to school mix & match mani using sharpies! This nail art is really easy and quick to
make so everyone can pull it off. Sam! Behave yourself! What on earth is that
on your nails? Don’t you know that nail art is not allowed in this school? I’m so sorry
Mrs. Smith, I was just so excited for school, it’s a back to school nail art. Show it to
me! Hm… Can you show me how to do it? Sure! Let’s do it now! Of course Mrs. Smith. Hey loves, I’m back with another nail art
tutorial and it’s a really special one because this is just the best nail art life hack ever.
Even if you’re a beginner you’ll easily make it, I promise. So I’m going to show you a
stunning back to school many using sharpies or any other kind of permanent markers. This
one is honestly done in five minutes and it looks so beautiful and professional, you really
have to try it! Okay, go grab your sharpies and let’s get started! Before we start playing with nail polish and
sharpies we have to protect our nails with a layer of base coat. This will keep the nails
healthy and it also helps against chipping, so our manicure will last longer. Now we have to paint all of our nails with
white polish. White base works best if you are using bright colored sharpies like I do.
However if you’ll be using silver or gold metallic permanent markers, you can totally
switch white base with a darker one, because black nails look fantastic with metallic accents.
Our nails are now all white and ready to be decorated! I am using blue, green and pink
permanent markers for my back to school nail art. First I am going to draw a colorful stripes
design. Starting with pink I am drawing a thin line along the center of the nail. Here
I am adding some more blue and green stripes. I really like how you get these imperfect
lines with markers – kind of look like doodles, which is even more perfect for a back to school
nail art. Here comes the last pink stripe and we are all done with our first nail. On my ring finger I am going to draw a bunch
of colorful letters. Starting with pink I put down an I, C and F. Then going in with
blue, here comes an H, S and T. An awesome back to school color combination would also
be dark green for the base and then white permanent marker for the design. It would
look like chalk doodles on a chalkboard in the classroom. Here we go, my letter nail design
is all done looking awesome! On my pinky I am making an easy and cute polka
dot design. First I am drawing a line of dots along my nail and I like to alternate between
my three marker colors while doing that. Continue drawing more dots on both sides until you
have your whole nail decorated with bright dots. This design would totally go great with
some birthday mix & match nails because It looks like confetti in the air! A very easy
and lovely design. On my pointer I decided to draw a a pretty
triangle design. You can also switch it with hearts for example, but triangles are a bit
easier to make because they consist of three straight lines. I like to make some half triangles
on the edges of my nails because this way the design looks more full. This is actually
my first time trying the sharpie nail art and honestly I am so positively surprised
with the results. I love how you can make the designs in seconds and they always turn out
so neat and perfect. I can really make designs that I could never pull off with a nail polish.
See how awesome the nails look already?! And we aren’t even finished yet. Now we are going to write a bunch of numbers
all over the thumb. Even if you are not going to school this year, I think this mani is
just so perfect for every day. But of course you can switch the numbers and letters with
some other design, like flowers, a chevron pattern, horizontal stripes and so on. The
possibilities are endless. I am just going to squeeze a little number one in this corner
and I am done! I am obsessed with how quick, easy and amazing this mix & match nail art
is! But it will look even better once we apply
a top coat. Because a top coat brings everything together and it seems like we used a nail
polish. In a way these also remind me of nail stickers.. Maybe because they just look too
good to be real, what do you think?! Anyway, I love this sharpie mani and I can’t wait
to try more designs on my nails! And this is my cool sharpie nail art perfect
for the new school year. I hope you’ll try it out and if you do so please send me photos
on my twitter, facebook and instagram. Also let me know in the comments, which videos
you’d like to see next on my channel. Thank you so much for watching, I love you guys
and I’ll talk to you soon. Bye! A sharpie nail art is definitely something
I will do again in the future. It is so practical especially when you are in a hurry, but still
want your nails to look awesome. Really a superb nail art life hack!

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