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hey guys welcome back to my channel I hope you’re having a great today if you are new to my channel than welcome today’s video is a makeup at all on makeup i’m wearing right now it is a chain Mitchell inspired makeup tutorial this is the makeup that she wore to the iheartradio event i believe it is and I saw her picture on Instagram and it was this picture right here and her makeup artist patrick top the whole post on all the makeup use all charlotte tilbury makeup which I don’t have any charlotte tilbury makeup so i substitute everything for stuff that you can either get out of the drugstore or easily at sephora ultimate I just really liked it so I wanted to recreate it’s very bronzy very glowy and it was really really easy so very simple i looked not super intricate I also included a hair tutorial on how i did these waves you like to see how I got this makeup look and how i did this hair which was also very easy then just keep watch I’m going to start by priming my eyelids with the benefit stay don’t stray this product is great for making your shadow last longer and I’m just buffing it in with the brush and then tapping it in with my finger and then i’m going to go in with the naked basics palette in the color foxy tapping it in to make sure it’s nice and opaque from the eyebrow down to the crease with this segment you 60 and then i’m going to use the Maybelline Color tattoo in bad to the bronze and my it cosmetics brush to put it all over the eyelid and then make sure fades into the crease and then i’m using my naked smoky palette and the color radar and I’m just tapping that on top of the eyeshadow that we just put down to make it more pronounced basically and making sure it’s all the way from the inner corner to the outer corner and all on the lash line and then up to the crease with my mac 242 brush and I’m just buffing out the edge of that so it’s not a sharp line i’m going in with the color faint and i’m just going to deepen up the crease here and this is with the mac 217 miss going in lightly to just give the look a little bit more dimension and prep kind of for the shadow that we’re going to put on top and then I’m buffing out the edge there and I got a little out of order and went ahead with the eyeliner and this is the Urban Decay 24-7 glide on eye liner and perversion i believe the black black obviously i’m just doing that the typical skinny fashion and then i’m going in with the black market shade and this is a crown pencil brush is just a little more stiff to try and blend it out i actually would use a different liner that smudged a little bit better for this purpose and then I’m going with that same black market shade in a mac 217 and incredibly lightly putting it into the crease to deepen up the look you can see that I’m barely touching my eyelid there with the black and then I am blending out the edge of that again I’m just sharpening up the eyebrow with the same foxy color and the sigma e60 brush then I’m prepping my flashes for false lashes with the colossal mascara by Maybelline and i’m going in with ardell demi wispies 120 and I was pretty proud of myself and I managed to get them on without too much trouble and then i’m using mascara again just to put my natural lashes with the false lashes then i will take off the tape and clean up the fallout that I had and then i am using the revlon stay skinny liquid liner just to clean up the lash band there make sure there’s no gaps and it’s all nice and beautiful looking then moving onto the face i’m priming my undereyes with this matchbox under eye primer tapping it in gently and then priming my face with the Makeup Forever smoothing primer this is one of my favorite primers it works with every look and then since this is a glowy look I’m using the lower mercier radiance primer and i’m putting that on all the places that i am going to put highlighter on later and then I’m going to blend it in with my finger this is going to give the look the extra glow that we are looking for and then for my under eye darkness i’m using the Mac prep and prime break forecast and I am stuffing that in with the it cosmetics airbrush concealer brush and I’m patting it in the rest of the way with my finger and for foundation I’m using one of my favorites the giorgio armani luminous silk foundation in the color 7.5 i believe i’ll leave it below and I’m just starting it all over my face and then blending in with the Beautyblender i find this foundation looks the best when you use a beauty blender or the Real Techniques sponge instead of the brush it’s funny how foundations are different how they look better or worse depending on what method of application you use and then for concealer i’m using the NARS radiant creamy concealer in the shade ginger this is ginger and also in the shade custard to brighten up the under-eye a little bit more than the gender ginger does and i’m using the custard shade also to put on the highlighted places and then i’m using the bare mineral stroke of light on the tops of my cheekbones and i will blend all that in again with the Real Techniques sponge adding the bare mineral stroke of light is just going to give us a little bit more highlight and that is what we are looking for for this look and to set the underlying eyes I’m using the laura mercier secret brightening powder and my japonesque beloved brush and then i am going to use this mix HD concealer to start contouring my face I did this because this is what the makeup artist did and I like the effect but this specific concealer is a little bit too thick it took me forever to blend it out so if i did it again i would use a different product instead of this concealer and i’m going in with the Kat Von D shade and light palette but mixing those two colors together to add some highlight to the under eye as well as down the center of my face again to add some more highlight and then to set the rest of my face i’m using the mac mineralize skinfinish this is an oldie but goodie i haven’t used in a while and I forgot how much I liked it has a really pretty finish and then we’re going back to the naked smoky palette and putting radar with the Sigma pencil brush to the lower lash line and we’re just starting to smoke this out and then i’m going in with black market and really pushing it into the lashes to define the lower lashline more and then I’m just blending all that out with the pencil brush and then I’m going back in again with the Urban Decay 24-7 liner and doing the upper and lower waterline and then highlighting the inner corner with the che hai out of the Urban Decay smoky palette making sure to get it really well into that inner corner and then popping the mailing cat I colossal mascara on to my lower lashes and then i’m going to start bronzing up the face with the shadow play shade out of the Kat Von D shade and light palette this is a very bronze look so I’m basically going to town in my typical bronzy fashion on my own below my cheekbones my neck up on my forehead and down the sides of my face and really bronzing everything up and then I’m adding a little bit more depth with this hombre shade just to my cheekbones then i’m using my favorite highlighter the laura mercier luminous light on the top of my cheekbones and then also down the center of the face on the nose and the Cupid’s bow and then up above the eyebrow and down the sides to add more highlight have lots of layers of highlight and then i’m using this beautiful Bekka blush to add some radiance to the cheeks i really like this blush because it has a really nice Sheen to it and then I always go over everything with my Sigma duo fiber brush I think it just really softens everything that makes it look so much better and then I’m carving out my cheekbones with the yellow shade out of the kat von d palette and then finishing up the makeup with the lips i’m using the Urban Decay lipliner in the shade naked too and just outlining my lips and then i’m going in with one of my favorites of october the Vice lipstick in the shade broken if you haven’t seen my October favorites video i will link it down below and then moving onto hair I’m going to curl my hair with my nume wand in the largest wand that I have I think it’s like two-and-a-half inch and the key to these waves is to put the hair like you see me doing here so it is not overlapped and then you get these really loose waves and then I always leave the ends out when i do this look because it just makes it look a little bit more natural when the Carl doesn’t go all the way down to the ends of your hair and then once it’s all curled you can fluff it up and make it look how you want to look and then I always spray my hair and today I’m using the market oil extra volume and kind of putting it up a little bit as I else my hair and hairspray so that’s it for the video and i hope you liked this shay mitchell inspire bronzy glow e smokey makeup love you did please give it a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already all the information for all products i use will be in the description box along with all my links to my social media my Instagram my twitter snapchat my facebook so be sure to follow me on those social media sites so you know what I I’m getting up to and when i post new videos thank you so much for watching I will see you in my next video 5 so another hair care product that i’ve been loving is this it’s a 10 miracle leave-in light i always use a spray I don’t like light leave-in conditioner detangler typing

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