SHINee World 2017 – Sketch Cut (EngSub)

Okay. Let’s give the dream to the audience… Here we go! SHINee… World!!! Fighting! Please take care of us! Fighting! [Did you have a haircut?]
A bit… I had a haircut but just a bit If you take a look closely you will see a combination of long and short hair It creates a very unique style What is it? He said ‘do your best’ English translation by [email protected]
*Note: The translations are not 100% accurate.
Please excuse me for any grammar/spelling mistakes The rehearsal is going to start! Please wait for the sign! The rehearsal was ended! Everybody worked hard! Everybody worked hard! It has been a year since February 6, 2016, there was no concert which was hold in Sun Dome, Fukui city. Comparing with last year… How to pronounce this? It’s more Ah… The LIVE perfomances will make everyone more excited. Please take care of us more this time too! Ah, I started too early No, it’s not. It’s synchronized Good evening, we are shining SHINee! I’m SHINee’s… Onew Firstly I would like to ask how everyone is doing Have you been doing well? Uhm Do your best Do your best Do your best, do your best Though I always say ‘do your best’ I still need to rely on my members Therefore while being on stage I would feel more confident I hold it in high regard Together, we do our best It’s gonna be fine He’s super handsome My photo here It’s the best picture which has ever been taken There’s one important thing to tell What’s that? I had prepared a beautiful smiley face It’s beautiful What’s that for? Why so suddenly… Onew-hyung got a solo part in Kimi no seide After finishing his part, the light was dim, wasn’t it? That was when he came to us and asked ‘I’m so good at it, I’m so good at it, right?’ And every time like that, we answered him ‘Wow! You’re very good!’ But I didn’t say that, I said ‘Wow! You look so cool!’ That’s right, that’s right!
‘You look so cool!’ Bang bang bang bang! Straight facial expression!
(Kimi no seide choreography) But the meaning of our thumbs-up gesture is ‘the best’ ‘Wow, you’re the best!’ ‘Wow, you’re the best! Onew-hyung is the best!’ ‘That’s right, I’m the best!’ Okay, next one! Rino-chan appears on the screen I always… …love you! About your lines… Wow, talking about your lines today Why did you do that? I always… I always… …love you! Why did you suddenly change the tone of your lines? The tone of your previous lines was totally different Unexpectedly, it sounded like a confession So I think it might be a typical dating progression Right, right! It’s so frankly, you know Please look forward to it tomorrow! There were so many romantic expressions that were shown today Who did it? I did What kind of expression was that? What? What kind of expression… It would be awkward if I do it now
without background music It’s bad, multiplied by itself n times The expression is so bad Whenever I looked at Onew-hyung,
that kind of expression was automatically shown It’s automatically shown? It’s been a while since we got a special penlight As we’re talking with everyone,
why we don’t take a look at it right now – Ah, that’s a good idea
– Penlight… Ah, there are two here After that, we would like to ask everyone one thing How can I say… ‘fiscere’ in Japanese? Catching fish… The one who catches fish… It’s about occupation Catching fish… Catching… Rowing traditional wooden boat… searching for fish… I can’t understand what you say Fishman… “ひょうじ、じょうじ” (Hyōji, jōji)
That’s what I can hear from the audience おり (Ori)? Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Kyoji? (Work) Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Kroji? Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Kyohi? Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Kyojin? (Giant) Kyohi? Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Kōri? (Ice) Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Coffee? Shawols: 漁師 (りょうし / Ryoshi) Ah, just leave it aside! Someone who would turn on red light stick! Someone attends this concert, whose birthday is today, who was born in 1990, and whose blood type is AB. I guess there are at least two people
who satisfy these conditions So Jonghyun-hyung also has to raise your hand Then it would be three people After counting 1 2 3,
please make your light stick turn red Ready… 1… 2! There are many? Yes, there… And there… First one there… Ah… second one there… It’s exactly three people! Success? Success! Success!!! Key gets all the success but why we have to do this?! Someone, who came here after eating
tsukemen in Hiroshima and you two are… a couple. It couldn’t be if you did it alone It wouldn’t be counted if you did it alone It has to be a couple (who did it together) If you satisfy the condition, you and
your partner, please raise hand together Failure! – Oh, one there…
– Two there A couple? A couple? You two are a couple? – It’s so suspicious
– There are so many… 1 2 3 4 5 5? 6… Ah, 6. 1 2 3 4 Yeah! Success! Congratulations! Because our stage performances
are setup with the penlight on your hands Can everyone hold it high until the end of this concert? Yes! Okay then, everyone puts the penlight in order now! Big brother, don’t give order! Please do it! He’s very strict! Please listen to the next song… View! Everyone, go up, go up, go up! Be careful! If combining each move into a choreography like this,
you have to create a style of choreography properly How is it? Dancers dance like this from behind 2, 2, 3, 4… We would join in after that That’s fine, it’s called freestyle choreography Do we do this move?
It had better be the feature of this dance What do we do after ‘yeah’? I raise my left hand, and yours is right hand… It doesn’t feel right. I don’t remember
we did this move at that time You guys are still doing well, aren’t you? Finally If I make it to this step,
I will do this move after that It looks good. Just do this. Ok, ok! And when I’m here and hyung is here Together, we have to do something more Just like this Make a V sign like this, V sign! After we join in… It feels so right! Back then, the dance break of Married To The Music, the choreographies that were performed by Taemin and Minho contained the past memories of SHINee and I have to clarify this kind of issue When I and my team members had just joined the company that’s the first choreography we had been taught That’s the choreography we had performed
when we were on stage for the first time Did you forget it? It’s not that choreography It looks like this… it looks like this… But that choreography… How about this move… It’s not! It’s not! It looks like this and like this It’s not! Stop dancing! It’s not! It’s not! Anyway, I always remember everything Ah, that’s right. That’s what I’d like to mention As always, thank you everyone! It’s been so hard for us to be on stage Though we always feel so nervous… Because of everyone’s support… so… it has become our strengths We really appreciate your support We’re really thankful for your support Thank you! I’m so grateful to you (okage desu) There is a shadow (kage) here, right? The ‘kage’ in ‘okage desu’, you mean ‘shadow’? Yes, that ‘kage’… It’s pronounced ‘kage’ Since it’s a lame joke,
it needs to be explained in more detail Right, right, right… But if it has to be, just let it be forgotten anyway It’s not that easy? It seems like everyone couldn’t understand I feel like I has also received a great strength this time I think that’s when I heard the loud cheering from everyone Thank you so much! Oh my god! What What is this? Wow! We already hit 100 concerts?! We completely had no clue about this, right? I knew nothing Did… everyone know it all? So… you had pretended all the time I think there was a notice about this up there
before the concert was started Now I’ve got goosebumps all over me! Right, goosebumps all over the body Since debut, we have hold 100 concerts within 5 years That’s amazing! I feel like I’m getting fatter when we hit the 100th The style of confetti and balloon is so cute.
It looks like sports festival in school How can it not? Everyone, thank you very much! The whole team actually knew nothing about this You successfully surprised us! Thank you so much! Ah I feel so happy that we can go together till the 100th concert It’s like birthday Aha it’s like ‘birthday’? No, it’s not. It’s like an event, an amazing surprise event It creates beautiful and happy memories for this concert I’m so excited Please keep enjoying during encore! Today is Jonghyun-hyung’s birthday! SHINee… World! Happy birthday! Next song is the song I’d like everyone to sing together Alright! Let’s be more fulfilled and joyful, everyone! Together! Stand By Me! Thank you! I was worried, I thought there was
a problem suddenly happening Yah! Thank you so much! Oh, be cautious! It looks alike Surely it looks alike,
HIS PICTURE was printed on the cake Everyone, please gather here! Yes! Thank you so much! Is this piece edible? It’s edible Thank you so much, everyone! Happy birthday to you! I hope that I and everyone, included
SHINee’s members, the staffs, the dancers All of us, all of you… would do our/your best
until the last concert of this tour Please! Woa! You’re incredible! Dirty! Is it dirty?! For now, it’s okay We are having fun, so it’s okay Because it’s fun, there is no problem And then Then what do we do… What do we do next? Restart again? We restart… the encore again! So this is how it feels The diamond. This is the shape of diamond The shape of diamond Right, it’s a pentagon Taemin would like to show us something As he asked to do it before The shape of diamond Though we didn’t use the gesture which Taemin suggested He said he still wants to do it while performing this song Everyone, please do it together So, when the song is started Please do this gesture Ha ha, please do this Diamond What? What? What are you guys doing? Wait, Minho-hyung is preparing something… What? It seems like he’s preparing something for everyone Please show it to everybody Please show it ~ A ring of love ~ ~ In the diamond sky ~ Ah isn’t it cool? It’s so embarrassing! Anyway, everyone, please do this gesture during Diamond Sky This gesture also has another meaning Another meaning? It’s got ‘S’ and ‘e’ of SHINee But it’s forced to be accepted My bad We’re going to take a group photo Please say ‘SHINee’ Are you ready? SHINee! Done! Thank you everyone! What are you laughing at? Move away! Hello! What are you doing here? Move away! Hello! Today, everyone together SHINee… World! Do your best! Yes! Do your best, Kibum! Do your best! Yeh… He doesn’t know… He doesn’t know Hide it like this, he cannot find it here… Minho-san, the stick was disappeared We have performed well so far Though this is the last show the feeling of anticipation is still high Our tour was kicked off at Yoyogi And once again the last show of FIVE tour is also hold here I think that means so much to me and the tour either We have performed 3 days in a row, I feel a bit tired but I will do my best [How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] The five of us did it separately
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] [How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] So it’s hard to say who is the best among us
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] [How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] We usually thought ‘who will be the best among us’ while practicing, like that…
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] [How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] The most striking performance
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] [How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] How to say ‘competitive’ (in Japanese)?
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] Kyoso
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] We’re competitive
[How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] [How did you practice Married To The Music choreography?] The last show Time passes so fast Please take care of us today too Good afternoon, we are shining SHINee! The tour was started in cold winter
and now we are greeting warm season We feel so happy that we’re able to meet
everyone and doing the tour as well Though it’s a bit sad that today is The last The last concert There were more than 100 concerts already Today is not an exception,
we will do our best for the show as always Please take care of us! Thank you so much! [What is the last line in Your Number?] It’s a secret
[What is the last line in Your Number?] [What is the last line in Your Number?] It’s a secret!
[What is the last line in Your Number?] [What is the last line in Your Number?] Let’s make beautiful memories together from this day on! Today I said
‘Let’s make beautiful memories together from this day on!’ It’s so touching It was written as a proper story for the whole tour That means so much… That’s right Yesterday you made a confession And today you say ‘make beautiful memories together’ He’s talking about their future Right Right, it’s just like that, the memories… They already hung out more than ten times before Finally, he succeeded (in his confession) Isn’t it good? It’s good That’s right Looking forward to next time Though the tour has come to an end, everyone together Happy moments… I’d like to spend I’d like to spend happy moments with everyone I want to do 100/100 challenge We still haven’t done it yet We have had so much fun through the tour.
Would you like to play it one more time? Do you want to play together one more time? Please turn off your penlight! Wow! Scare… scare… scare me Ah… Did we fail? Did we fail? There are still many Turn it off Thank you so much 100/100 challenge Success! Everyone, thank you so much! Thank you! At the last moment of Winter Wonderland,
we gather at the center When I say ‘arigatou’, together we will wave our hand Okay! I will slowly say ‘arigatou gozaimasu’ You will say ‘arigatou gozaimasu’ I say ‘arigatou’ and then waving my hand
but adding ‘gozaimasu’ for more formal When I say ‘arigatou’, you will say
‘arigatou gozaimasu’ then waving hand together Everybody is the best! Because of everyone’s fully support,
we were able to wrap up the concert successfully I’m really really thankful Everyone, definitely, we will meet again! Thank you! It’s always because of your support that
we could complete the stages Thank you so much! And from today, please continue looking forward
to SHINee’s next activities. Thank you! It’s always because of your support I’m so grateful for being on
such a big stage to perform to all of you In the future, I’d like to continue
to be with everyone like this Does everyone want it too? It’s all thanks to you, everyone has become our strength Therefore, SHINee will continue working harder and harder Please always take care of us! I feel super happy today. Thank you! Thanks to you, I’m really all gratitude I will always keep everyone in my mind. Thank you! I love you! Though we have hold everyday concert in Japan This time, I could stand on many different stages
all over the country, it’s so unforgettable to me We have already received everyone’s love and support SHINee definitely will work harder in order to return them to you Please give your support to us more. Thank you! Everyone, thank you so much You have supported us until the last And now, we really come to the last song I’m so sorry Please listen to it Thank you so much!

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