Shoe-Lovers Design Their Own Shoes

– I don’t know, I’m so nervous. I also don’t like opening things. I’m scared. (gasping) Yo.
(laughing) (upbeat hip hop music) – Today, we’re gonna
take some old sneakers and make ’em cool again. Give ’em back some life. – I love sneakers. I probably wear them at
least 75% of my week. – I’ve never had a pair of
shoes of mine customized to specifically what I want. I’m a little nervous but I think they’re gonna be really cool. – Alright, I’m excited,
and let’s go customize these shoes. (upbeat hip hop music) – Hey what’s up guys? My name is Mike, you
guys are in BYN Customs. I started designing shoes by just being part of the 90s sneaker culture. We started off the store
with being just a total customizing store,
jackets and other apparel, but we specialize in shoes. Doing celebrities like
Madonna and Tom Cruise and a lot of Elton John’s shoes. – Who’s been your favorite
client to work with? – I liked working Tom Cruise. We did 16 pairs of shoes for him. – Damn.
– That’s a lot of shoes. – [Mike] Yeah. – I’m excited, this is gonna be dope. – Yeah. – Okay. Let’s check out the shoes. – I brought these Air Maxes. All white, that light up purple when I walk. – Perforated leather. Yeah, these are real customizable. Can add a lot of color to it. – I like color. I’m into letting artists
do whatever the hell they wanna do. – Definitely. Well take a look at some options of some past orders that we’ve done, and maybe that can inspire
you to get creative. – Since they light up, I’m
super into the 90s vibe. It doesn’t have to be the same, either. – Oh, each shoe? – Yeah, I don’t care. – Oh okay, cool. – I kind of actually like that. – You know what? You’re the first customer
that has said that. – Alright, well you run wild, honey. – Alright, Tristan, let’s
take a look at yours. – I brought these Shadow 1’s. 1’s are my favorite Jordan. These are kind of beat up so I felt like, let’s give ’em a new life. Some of the things I’m into right now are kind of like the Supreme LV collab. I too don’t think that
they have to be the same. You can do whatever kind of
street wear, street fashion thing that you wanna do on ’em. – Yeah, so Supreme meets BBC–
– Yeah, do your thing. – All the other hype beasts here– – Oh BBC would be dope, I love Pharrell. – Yeah. Okay, got you. – So about how long would this
take before we get the shoes? – Well each shoe would
be dedicated maybe three or four days, so I would
say about a week and a half, maybe two weeks for both pair. – Okay. I’m really excited that my shoes are gonna be cuter than yours. – They aren’t. – And that we’re getting these. – They aren’t. Mine are gonna be fire. Yours will be cool, too.
– I know. – Today is the day we get our shoes and I’m so excited, slash nervous. – I feel a little nervous. I’ve never had anything
customized specifically for me. – I am hoping that I’ll like them. I’m pretty open to a lot of style, so, I feel like it would be hard
for me not to like them. – Got you. That’s a beautiful box. – Ooo, this box is pretty. – Alright, let’s do it. Oh, shit. These are fucking fire. I can see like the vape in there, the Supreme on there. The laces are a nice color. No, these are awesome. Like, I definitely can wear these. This came out way better
than I fucking expected. This is really dope. (gasping) – Yo.
(laughing) These, these are fucking dope. Holy shit. With the little print. And you know what? He said at first that he was thinking about doing tiger
stripes and I wasn’t even down for tiger stripes, but I was like, whatever, I won’t say anything. And now it’s cheetah print
and I love cheetah print. There’s not one part that
I’m looking at right now that I hate. – I was like, kind of scared, because I do love the
shoes that I gave him, and I still wear them a lot. That’s really fire. – I don’t think people realize that you can like take old things
and make them new. It’s always just like, what’s the freshest type of sneaker? This is a dream. No one will own these
sneakers, except for me. – Yeah, I think if you have some sneakers that are like dead and you
wanna give them life again, you should definitely hit this guy up. This is amazing. – Customized sneakers are seriously bomb. This is fucking amazing. (upbeat pop music)


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